Chapter 1521 - Almighty Qin Is Jealous of the Little Kid

Chapter 1521: Almighty Qin Is Jealous of the Little Kid

The smile at the corner of Bo Jiu’s mouth grew stronger. “As expected, it’s the same.”

“What’s the same?” The little kid was confused.

Bo Jiu drank a mouthful of water and leaned back lazily. “My boyfriend was like you when he was a child; a small poker face that was adorable.”

The little kid moved around, carrying the schoolbag. “I am a girl.”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu lowered her gaze, sweeping past the little kid’s short hair. “I couldn’t tell.”

The little kid noticed her gaze and touched her head. “I cut it so that it’s the same as my brother and so that we can do things alternatively.”

“You have a brother?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.


Bo Jiu liked children, probably because she was influenced by the Almighty when he had been a child. The more she looked at the girl, the more intrigued she was. “What is your name and how old are you?”

“Mo Bei. Thirteen and a half years old,” the little kid replied with the same expression.

Bo Jiu teased the emotionless kid, tapping her face lightly. Her voice was lazy. “Supreme Alliance doesn’t recruit minors.”

As expected, the little kid frowned. “Can’t I start as a trainee?”

“A trainee is fine.” Bo Jiu couldn’t help but reach out and caress her head. Though before she could reach her hand out, a cold and frosty voice came from behind. “You haven’t bought your drink yet?”

Bo Jiu paused and turned, looking straight into the face that was handsome enough for the newcomers to be instructed. “I’m about to be done but I met an interesting little kid.”

Qin Mo followed her hand and looked over. He saw a “little boy” holding his head up, waiting to be touched by a certain someone; the kid’s face was expressionless.

Others might not be able to see it but as a personal profiler, he could clearly see that the ‘little boy’ wasn’t calm. This could be seen from the mineral water bottle he was holding. Otherwise, that hand wouldn’t be clenching the bottle so tightly. The pair of eyes was so deep it seemed to be anticipating something.

As Little Bo Jiu had always been defenseless towards good looking children, Qin Mo stretched out his hand and pulled a certain someone over. His voice was still low when he said, “Don’t touch people others like a strange auntie.”

Strange… auntie? Bo Jiu was struck by the description. How could a person as handsome as herself be called a strange auntie?

“Alright, since you are done buying you water, let’s go back.” Qin Mo held her hand and took a step.

Bo Jiu turned over, not forgetting to flash a faint and mischievous smile. “See you in a while.”

Qin Mo noticed the red keyboard on the “little boy’s” back and guessed that she was a player who came to participate in the internal competition. Hence, he didn’t say much.

Bo Jiu was still talking though. “The little kid’s face feels so good.”

Qin Mo arched his brow and turned to glance behind him. The ‘little boy’ had raised her hand and was poking her own face, seeming reminiscing something. This made the Almighty’s eyes deepen. “How old is she?”

“Mmh?” Bo Jiu arched a brow.

“How old is the child?” Qin Mo asked carelessly.

Bo Jiu smiled. “Thirteen and a half. The kid managed to enter the recruitment even though she is younger than the minimum age limit for the recruitment; seems like she isn’t too bad.”

Qin Mo remained silent, turning towards the ‘little boy’ with a hint of warning in his gaze.

Little Mo Bei stood there with her school bag; her cold face remained unchanged even after receiving Almighty Qin’s gaze. She was supposed to be touched by her idol but now, she hadn’t been touched. It was such a pity…