Chapter 1522 - Jealous

Chapter 1522: Jealous

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Under normal circumstances, the recruitment wouldn’t be publicized. It had been the same the year that Spade Z had joined. But this year, Supreme Alliance was stronger than before.

Being the national champions and the winner of the Asian Cup, Supreme Alliance was a team that almost all the teenagers who loved esports wanted to join. It was more sought after than the past Xiangnan.

Many people said that the all-star era of esports was coming. Spade Z and Qin Mo had become popular names by now.

There were many reporters in front of the Qin building. They were all waiting to see who could pass the Supreme Alliance’s internal test.

Because of the influx of newcomers, the internal test was divided into three batches.

Everyone who entered the field would be able to see Qin Mo and Bo Jiu sitting in front of them at first glance. If the players had met such overwhelming presence in the wilderness, they would definitely not dare to compete.

But there were some who weren’t afraid. For instance, there was a newcomer who claimed he wanted to replace Bo Jiu’s position. He believed that he could also achieve the effect of “your wilderness, my home”.

Everyone wondered what sort of expression Spade Z would have when she heard that remark and turned towards her. However, she was eating her lollipop, looking as though she hadn’t heard anything, both her eyes landing at a spot.

The newcomer felt underestimated and was visibly upset. “Just you wait, I will definitely show you my capability, Spade Z.”

When Lin Feng heard it, he couldn’t help sharing it in the group chat. “A newcomer wants to challenge Little Spade.”

“Newcomers are young. They haven’t been tricked before so it’s normal for them to think that way.” The Number One Most Handsome Fatty sighed. “What did Little Spade say? Did she trash him till he called her daddy?”

Lin Feng sent an emoticon that shook his hand. “She didn’t say anything but she seemed to be day dreaming, probably thinking about what to eat later. She has already finished all the candies in Captain’s pocket.”

Coco: “Why are you being a lightbulb over there?”

Lin Feng: “… Don’t be so hurtful.”

Number One Most Handsome Fatty: “It’s simple. Yun Hu go over.”

Lin Feng locked his phone but it lit up again. “Chat normally.”

“I’ve heard about that newcomer; he isn’t bad,” someone sent a text over.

Number One Most Handsome Fatty: “The ID looks familiar; he seems to have come to Xiangnan before.”

“A two-timer?” Lin Feng raised a brow.

Number One Most Handsome Fatty: “No, he didn’t think our team was enough for him and said he was going to the champion team.”

Lin Feng: “Somehow, I feel silly and naïve. Why didn’t I have such thoughts when I was younger? Wait a minute! There seems to be something happening!”

“Something happening? What’s happening?” Zhao Sanpang was so anxious he turned to private messaging. “F*ck, Lin Feng, how can you stop halfway!”

“Did Little Spade and the newcomer start fighting?”

“Tell her not to go easy on him, youngsters have to be beaten ruthlessly.”

“Lin Feng?”

“Little Submissive Lin?”

“A submissive raised by Yun Hu?”

“F*ck, what are you saying? I’m the one who raised him, understood?”

Zhao Sanpang smirked and was just about to mock him when another voice came through. “Hahaha, the newcomer was trashed by a little kid.”

Zhao Sanpang: “Little kid?”

Lin Feng didn’t reply because he was watching the screen excitedly, turning to ask Bo Jiu, “You have been watching that little kid since just now?”

Beside her, his captain’s eyes turned frosty. Little Spade, you’re good.