Chapter 1523 - Threatened to Challenge Spade Z

Chapter 1523: Threatened to Challenge Spade Z

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Bo Jiu leaned over. Holding her chin with one hand, a lazy smile was spreading across her face. “With such a good-looking face, it’s difficult not to be noticed.”

Lin Feng was speechless. “I thought you were looking at the little boy’s technique.”

“What little boy?” Bo Jiu glanced up, correcting him seriously, “She is a handsome little sister.”

Lin Feng’s eyes opened wide. “Little sister?” She didn’t look like it.

Qin Mo didn’t think so. After all, when a certain someone saw a good-looking child, she would treat that child as a girl – and it had been that way ever since she had been young. Hence, her words weren’t reliable.

In order to increase the reliability of her words, she added, “If you don’t believe me, you can ask her later when she comes over.”

“Regardless of her gender, I wouldn’t let you bring her home to raise. So…” With that, Qin Mo reached out and pinched her chin lightly. “Look at that result and give your score.”

Bo Jiu turned the pen in her hand. “Brother Mo, forget about the score, you saw that little kid’s hand speed. It’s comparable to Zhao Sanpang.”

Zhao Sanpang, who wasn’t present: … What?!

Qin Mo replied slowly, “Sounds like you admire that kid.”

“Brother Mo.” Bo Jiu suddenly inched closer. “Don’t be jealous of a little kid. Behave.”

Qin Mo paused; the tip of his pen slightly bent. “Sit down.”

Bo Jiu smiled and continued to talk about the little kid’s strengths indifferently. “Outstanding maneuvering, the ability to turn the tables, and the flow of consciousness carries rhythm. This child is wilderness material. Once she joins, she can improve the appearance of the entire team.”

Lin Feng interrupted her praise. “If we improve the appearance of the team anymore, others will accuse Supreme Alliance of choosing members based on their appearance.”

Bo Jiu glanced over. After a moment’s thought, she added, “Based on your pretty face, you should understand that we are.”

Lin Feng: … Communication breakdown!

The new players were still in the midst of the test and had their headphones on, completely unaware of what the three of them had said. But based on the footage on the screen, they knew that the ID Bey was an amazing player. They weren’t sure if it was deliberate but she targeted only one person.

The candidate that had challenged Spade Z was clearly infuriated. “The person at the other end, what’s happening!”

Little Mo Bei didn’t reply and continued forward. He wasn’t qualified enough to challenge her Almighty Z.

The candidate hadn’t expected to be trashed before passing through the internal selection match. Besides, he was trashed by someone he hadn’t heard before.

He was, after all, a player with a fanbase. He was still thinking of launching a counterattack to give the opponent a lesson – but the match was put to a stop.

The first kill rule meant that the first person to take down the first kill would win.

The candidate was upset because he had assumed that he was still young and had a bright future ahead of him. After removing his headphones, he stood up and requested for a rematch.

Bo Jiu swept him a glance and stood up, her silver hair falling forward. “How do you want to compete?”

The candidate took a step back in shock. He couldn’t understand how she had such a strong and sharp aura even though she was just one year older than him. But he wouldn’t take back his words. “A 5v5.”

Bo Jiu shifted her armguard and replied slowly, “Forget about the 5v5.” With that, she lowered her glance. “Bey, come over and team up with me, we’ll have a 2v4.”

Almighty Z knew that person?

Just as the crowd was wondering, a “little boy” carrying a backpack stood up from in front of the computer…