Chapter 1524 - Spade Z Retaliates

Chapter 1524: Spade Z Retaliates

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The “little boy” wasn’t tall and was dressed in an outdated manner, in sportswear from an unfamiliar era.

Fortunately, she had a fair and handsome face. Otherwise, she wouldn’t attract much attention with that getup. But that wasn’t the main point. The main point was that this little kid is the aggressive attacker Bey. No one could have told! Besides, wasn’t she too young?

Everyone had to lower their eyes when they looked at Mo Bei.

Under normal circumstances, twin fetuses would generally receive less nutrients than others. They wouldn’t be very big when they were young.

Moreover, she looked like she was wearing borrowed clothes, which made her appear younger.

Everyone watched with disbelief, unable to associate this little kid in front of them with the assassin in the game.

Bo Jiu smiled and signaled her over.

Little Mo Bei walked over with her emotionless little face lifted. “If it’s a 2v4, I’ll have to use the keyboard I brought.”

“You’re used to the red keyboard? Sure.” Bo Jiu reached over and took out the keyboard from her back. She leaned forward and randomly picked a computer, changing the keyboard. Her actions were so fast it seemed as though she was a professional.

Changing the keyboard was considered a daily affair for Bo Jiu. Thus, after the adjustments were made, she restarted the computer, leaning over with a smile. “Who wanted to compete? Come.”


The candidate had been watching and wasn’t sure why he felt like giving up. He believed that his skills were outstanding amongst those of the same age but he hadn’t expected a little kid to have defeated him. And now, the two of them were competing against him.

But, in the event he won, he could say that he defeated Spade Z. That was too tempting. Thus, the candidate smiled and replied candidly, “It’s me.”

“Sit.” Bo Jiu tilted her face, her silver hair flowing behind her.

The candidate sat down and found three good friends he played with often, whom he had arranged to meet at the internal selection. In the face of Spade Z, the candidates were both excited and afraid that they couldn’t control her. They turned to look at each other, the anxiety visible on their faces.

“What are you guys afraid of? Our skills aren’t bad. We aren’t professionals only because we haven’t participated previously. Besides, this is a 4v2, we might not lose.” The candidate had a good idea. “Moreover, they are both assassins, which are conflicting characters. There is a limited amount of resources in the jungle. As long as we encircle and suppress them together, they won’t be able to escape.”

The candidate seemed to have forgotten that Spade Z was an all-round player and could play any character. Hence, when Spade Z chose the tank, they were startled. What was happening?

That wasn’t all. She didn’t just choose the aid – she was still going to the jungle?

Wait a minute, both of them were going to the jungle!

The crowd stilled, all of them turning towards Bo Jiu and the little kid. The top 20 players in the internal selection grounds stretched their necks and looked at them.

Even Lin Feng was excited. “Captain, isn’t this the first time Little Spade is an aid to someone other than you?”

Qin Mo replied faintly, his tone sounding like a noble young master from the high society, “Why are you asking when you already know it? Lin Feng, do you think I’m in a good mood right now?”