Chapter 1525 - 2 Versus 4

Chapter 1525: 2 Versus 4

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Lin Feng felt a chill down his spine when he heard this and silently took half a step back. Their captain was so possessive in his relationship. Coco and he had discussed this question in the past. They had wondered which unlucky person their captain would lay his eyes one. That person most likely wouldn’t have any freedom.

But after some time, they had noticed that their captain treated Little Spade quite well. Basically, he would let Little Spade do whatever she liked. Hence, they didn’t think about it too deeply. From the looks of it now though, he had never stopped being jealous.

Qin Mo didn’t look at Lin Feng, who was standing beside him. Instead, he walked slowly towards the spot where everyone had gathered. He could faintly hear the pure voice that was filled with smiles. “Don’t be nervous.”

It was Bo Jiu. She was wearing her black earpiece and moving the mouse with her right hand. She moved towards her enemy’s wilderness while still comforting the person sitting beside her.

Little Mo Bei acknowledged Bo Jiu. No emotions could be seen on her face; she was like a little poker face. She clicked her mouse and followed Bo Jiu.

Through the huge screen, the audience could see the entire situation of the game.

However, Qin Mo didn’t seem to be interested in it. He pulled a chair over and sat diagonally behind Bo Jiu. His legs were long and slender and his side profile was handsome. Although his presence seemed calm, no one dared to walk over anymore.

In an instant, even the surroundings became much quieter. To a certain degree, this allowed the players to think clearly. If there were too many people walking around them, the attention of the players would be more or less affected even if the noise couldn’t travel through their earpieces.

In the game, Bo Jiu had already passed the river. She hid among the bushes and aimed at her opponent’s blue buff.

The commander on the other side was still hesitating because he was unable to predict whether his opponent would come or not. After all, there was mist everywhere in the game. You could only see your opponent’s locations when you walked past a certain territory.

Since he didn’t know where his opponents were, as a newbie, it was better not to act rashly and blindly. But, based on Spade Z’s methods, she would definitely wait for her opponent in the wilderness for a chance to attack.

Thus, the situation now was that they didn’t know if their opponent would wait for them at the red buff or the blue buff. These neutral creeps weren’t in the same territory.

While the newbie was in a dilemma, suddenly, a stun spell struck him.

Bo Jiu was indeed in the wilderness. However, she didn’t snatch the red or blue buff. Instead, her first attack landed directly on her opponent’s assassin.

The newbie hurriedly gave an order to gather. The other three people all hurried over in fear that Spade Z would kill their team member. After all, everyone that had played in Zone C knew how fierce Spade Z was when she killed people.

At the start, the newbie had taken a step back. Now, when he saw his members arriving, he immediately moved forward and wanted to retaliate. Just like what he had said; if they dared to come to the wild, he would surround them.

But unexpectedly, Spade Z changed her fierce style of fighting and retreated to the tower instead. What did she mean?

No one understood what she was doing. If it wasn’t for the fact that Spade Z was sitting right in front of them, they would think that they met a fake. After all, Spade Z would always kill one of the neutral creeps from her opponent’s wilderness every time she acted. Why didn’t she dare to start a fight today?

“It looks like Spade Z is nothing to be afraid of.” The newbie happily took down his own blue buff. “In the past, I’ve never met her but now I have. We won’t give you any of the neutral creeps in our territory.”

However, the moment he finished speaking…