Chapter 1526 - I Can Make You Call Me Father even when I’m Using a Support

Chapter 1526: I Can Make You Call Me Father even when I’m Using a Support

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A loud cheer erupted among the crowd. On the screen, the public could clearly see that their red buff area had already been cleared.

Spade Z’s motive for coming to her opponent’s blue buff area hadn’t been to steal their blue buff. She had been playing a game of diversion. She had used herself to lure her enemies over so that Little Mo Bei was able to make a clean sweep of all the neutral creeps in the other half of the wilderness.

The audience was already exploding with excitement.

That wasn’t all because after clearing the minions, she took the chance to jump into her opponent’s red buff area. She stopped her opponent’s adc and used her hero’s skill to stun her opponent. All three of her opponents were hit.

At this moment, Mo Bei jumped in after taking down the red buff and directly attacked the adc until he had low HP!

The newbie realized what was happening and hurriedly went to reinforce his teammates. There was nothing wrong with the adc’s orb walk. He sprinted and retreated immediately. Then he hurriedly pressed the recall button and returned to his base. That was how he prevented himself from becoming the first kill.

The opponent’s sorcerer got scared by this brutal method of fighting and didn’t dare to step out of the tower.

Mind you, Spade Z was really fierce. This kind of fierceness would take you by surprise. You never knew when your enemy would suddenly jump up and attack you. She might even do morbid things such as jumping over the tower.

But precisely because they understood her thoughts, Bo Jiu didn’t show any signs of retreating. When she saw the newbie coming, she moved in an agile manner and evaded her opponent’s attack. Then she rushed into the bushes and jumped out. The assassin was stunned. He stood frozen on the spot.

Little Mo Bei noticed what happened and charged in again. Her jungling skills were at full level so she was able to slow down his enemy’s hero.

Her enemy was slowed down right after he had gotten stunned. Then he got hit by a whole series of attacks. The newbie didn’t have much HP left. Before he even shouted for someone to reinforce him, his team members had already started rushing over to help him.

But they were too engrossed in stopping Spade Z at the start so they weren’t able to get the resources in their wilderness. They also didn’t clear the minions so their financial circumstances weren’t good. This affected the items they could get. In addition, their attention wasn’t on the newbie and their speed wasn’t fast enough either. Hence, they were half a beat slower in their reinforcement.

The newbie gritted his teeth and was about to execute his full level jungling skill to decrease his opponent’s speed. But to his surprise, he got stunned again!

Spade Z used her support skill. When the skill was used, a rod-like object shot out. Even at a long distance, she was able to cause damage.

The newbie wanted to wait for his hero to recover but in the next second, he froze. He saw the hero flying towards him. A full level jungling skill decreased his speed once again. Then, immediately after that, the hero dealt critical damage at him.

His hero, who was known as Jump Jump, didn’t even have the chance to jump. This hero was one that was known to rule over the wilderness zone.

A deafening special effect sounded in the game instantly.

First kill! The first kill! Who managed to get it?

The audience instinctively took a look at the screen. Words had already appeared on the screen.

Spade Z!

She used a support hero to take down the hero and the hero she killed was even her opponent’s assassin!

Ear-shattering cheers sounded in the small competition area. This was a true acknowledgment of the words Bo Jiu’s fans used to describe her. “Who says that I want to hit your neutral creeps? The one I want to hit is you. The red beast is just a bonus.”

The other party felt a little numb because of these astonishing operations.

In the past, when they had been watching the competitions, they hadn’t felt anything. After all, they had always thought the main reason why Spade Z was able to play so well was because of her position and her maneuverings.

If it was them, they would never do such maneuverings. Mind you, some of Spade Z’s skills could be broken. But when they really sat there and fought with Spade Z, they finally realized that there were some things they couldn’t think of. Even if they managed to think of a way to break her skill, they couldn’t catch up.

This was a different feeling compared to watching the entire game from the audience’s point of view, where they could see everything that was happening.

They couldn’t even predict what Spade Z wanted to do. At first, from her maneuverings at the start, they had thought that she was being reserved because they were having a 2 v 4 competition. Hence, she mustn’t press forward too much.

Yet they hadn’t expected that the person she had had her eyes on was none other than their assassin.

There was a saying in this game: As long as you are able to suppress your opponent’s assassin, the wilderness is basically yours.

It looked like Z didn’t have any worry.

They were the ones who had analyzed her methods using the normal way and gone in the wrong direction…

Someone shouted, “First Kill King, God Z!”

Only this shout could be heard around them.

Bo Jiu’s opponent wanted to stop Spade Z but when they noticed that her HP was still almost full, the thought of stopping her disappeared immediately.

However, if they didn’t stop her, it didn’t mean that Spade Z wouldn’t attack them proactively.

She already had one kill so her finance was higher than her opponents. In addition, her little assassin was hiding in the bushes beside her. Thus, Bo Jiu didn’t hesitate. She jumped and did her orb walk. Her stun skills were executed beautifully.

At this moment, the audience finally realized that a seemingly simple execution contained an astonishing amount of techniques.

That was because until now, no one had been able to hit Spade Z with their skills accurately. On the other hand, she was able to stun two people with one move. None of her attacks were wasted.

It seemed like a simple thing to do. However, to reach this level, all your techniques had to be at a high level; your speed, prediction, game instinct, passive techniques, the familiarity of the map, and even the main points of your opponent’s skills were important. The player must be extremely familiar with everything!

Not everyone could reach this state nor was everyone Spade Z.

Even though this was the first time they played together, Little Mo Bei was able to jump out the moment Bo Jiu stunned the two players. Their cooperation was amazing.

Her target was the glass cannon adc. The adc didn’t have the red buff on him. Hence, even when he resisted, he could only deal a little damage.

Bo Jiu followed after him and used her full level jungling skill to force the person to slow down once again. This time, the adc didn’t manage to escape.

Little Mo Bei moved her wrist and attacked with a beautiful orb walk. She successfully got the kill.

Did you think that everything had ended? How was that possible?

Bo Jiu was just warming up. When she sat in front of the computer with her earpieces and lifted the edge of her lips, it meant that she had already locked in on her next target.

Her opponent’s tank needed to stop their path of retreat. This was to protect their sorcerer. But what the tank didn’t expect was that Spade Z didn’t plan to chase after their sorcerer. Instead, she turned around and threw the stun skill on him.

Little Mo Bei noticed this and collaborated with her without speaking much. After her whole series of attacks, even the tank’s HP had started dropping.

The newbie, who just got revived, hurried over when he saw this. Even if he couldn’t kill Spade Z, he planned to bring this arrogant little child away and get some of his ego back! After all, an assassin was useless after they had executed all their skills.

But just as he was about to jump in with his pike, he froze. He was hit with the decreased speed jungling skill again. Why did these two people carry jungling skills? Had they been planning to use it on the neutral creeps or on them!