Chapter 1527 - Handsome Jiu

Chapter 1527: Handsome Jiu

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Before their opponent could reinforce their teammate successfully, they gave a kill to their enemy again.

The newbie wanted to escape when he noticed that his sneak attack had failed. But when he turned around, he realized that he had been too stupid and naïve.

Spade Z had already executed her ultimate skill. So, how could she let him escape?

She jumped forward and used her hero’s array to lock her opponent firmly on the same spot. The newbie couldn’t move at all. It was as though he was electrocuted.

Also, Little Mo Bei was there too. She didn’t have any more skills left but she was still able to wield her sword and cause some damage. However, the highest damage came from Spade Z’s ultimate skill.

The newbie watched as his HP dropped all the way. He didn’t even have a chance of retaliating, much less an opportunity to jump around.

“No wonder Spade Z chose this hero. This support can suppress assassins! Anyone who plays assassin heroes will know that the worst thing is to be controlled.”

“I just want to know what the person is feeling right now. He can’t jump even if he wants too. That’s sad.”

“He’s probably contemplating his life now.”

“Spade Z is using a jungling skill as a controlling skill.”

“This tells us one thing: Never challenge God Z rashly.”

Throughout the entire game, either Mo Bei or Bo Jiu would hide in the bushes and snatch all their opponent’s resources in the wild. Then they would split up and clear the missions.

They didn’t even care about their own territory. They brought down the tower on the upper lane and changed to HP absorbing items. They didn’t have any plan of returning to their base.

The words the newbie had said at the start were like slaps to his face. After all, he had said that he wouldn’t let his opponent get any neutral creeps. Now, however, he was the one who wouldn’t get any neutral creeps.

In the end, his mind finally cleared and he wanted to go to his opponent’s wilderness but he forgot that this would take up too much time. Hence, before they reached the middle stage of the game, the gap between the finances of the two teams reached a lethal distance.

Lord Jiu didn’t plan to drag the competition to the last stage. She only knew three words: Fight, bash, charge!

The adc of her opponent shuddered in fright. God Z, is it alright for you to play the support so fiercely?

Actually, anyone who was able to calm down and analyze professional competitions would definitely realize that it could easily be a crucial factor in winning a game how good the support was.

This was a game of mutual restraint. It depended on how a person used the heroes.

Everyone thought that they would just push all the towers. Yet, to their surprise, Spade Z and Mo Bei hid in a bush beside them simultaneously. They hid there without moving. No one knew what they wanted to do.

At this moment, they saw the newbie jumping over and wanting to push this tower. But before he could jump, Spade Z stunned him on the spot.

Basically, after Bo Jiu stunned someone, she would kill the person. From the start until the end, her opponent’s score had been zero.

As an assassin, the newbie hadn’t released his potential at all. He had been suppressed too fiercely.

When his base got destroyed, his face turned green. Even at 4 versus 2, they still lost. Don’t even talk about a one on one combat. The newbie knew that if he had competed with Spade Z one on one, his ending would have been worse. Now, Spade Z had used a supporting hero. What if she had used her most familiar assassin?

The newbie didn’t dare to think too much. He took off his earpiece. The scorching feeling on his face never dissipated.

Bo Jiu smiled lazily and wanted to ask her opponent to call her father. But when she saw the little child sitting beside her, she put her hands down. After all, it was not good to teach bad things to a child.

More importantly, the Almighty was sitting behind her and watching her. She felt as though there was dual surveillance on her…