Chapter 1528 - Dragged into the Office for a Private Conversation

Chapter 1528: Dragged into the Office for a Private Conversation

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“Have you finished playing?” Qin Mo’s voice rose slowly. If you listened to him carefully, you would be able to hear a hint of coldness in it.

Bo Jiu moved back while thinking of something. She used the rollers on her chair to move back to Qin Mo’s side. After she had stood up and placed one hand on the handle of the chair, she leaned forward and tilted her head. In front of everyone, she kissed Qin Mo’s cheek. Her silver hair fell and she was still the handsome and proud youngster. “I have finished playing. Captain, I would like a reward.”

This time, Qin Mo smiled. He dragged the person up and pulled her to his side. Then he looked at the newbies and said, “The top five players can stay behind.”

Little Mo Bei stood up. She carried her school bag and stood in front of the entire team.

Qin Mo glanced at him. He didn’t say anything but Qin Mo knew that this little kid was in a good mood.

Little Mo Bei was indeed elated. There wasn’t any emotion displayed on her face but she was filled with happiness.

She had never expected that she would be able to play games with her God Z. Also… God Z touched her head just now. Thinking about this, Little Mo Bei lifted her hand and touched her head.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned deeper when he saw this.

As Lin Feng would take over from here, Qin Mo dragged someone to the office on the top floor and locked the door. Before Bo Jiu could comprehend what was happening, she was pressed against the office sofa by the Almighty and got kissed.

As she breathed, she could smell the faint smell of mint.

His thin lips were placed against her ear. Even his voice was a little numb and itchy. “Just now, were you very happy when you were playing? Hmm?”

“Normal.” Bo Jiu shuddered. She could feel his hand sliding over. Her eyes turned misty.

Qin Mo pressed against her waist and lowered his gaze slightly. “Whenever you see a pretty child, you want to bring them back to raise. When can you change this habit?”

“There’s only one child I want to raise.” Bo Jiu understood his thoughts.

Qin Mo raised his eyebrows. “Why did you still support him?”

“Brother Mo, it’s a little girl.” Bo Jiu felt that she needed to explain herself.

Qin Mo snorted. “When you saw me the first time, you said that I was a girl too.”

Bo Jiu: … Did you bear the grudge for so long?

“Lin Feng is still there. You can ask him to ask her,” Bo Jiu suggested.

Qin Mo leaned over. “He will ask. As for your problem, let’s solve it slowly.”

“What other problems do I…”

The rest of Bo Jiu’s words were all replaced by the other person’s kiss and hand. Qin Mo was really jealous. Even when he had been young, he hadn’t liked to be surpassed.

A numb feeling came from her tailbone. Bo Jiu was locked in Qin Mo’s arm. If she moved, she would just get closer to him. His hands were under her clothes. The strength of his kneading made it impossible for her to resist. Even the rubbing of her skirt was the same.

Bo Jiu wanted to move but Qin Mo pressed down on her long legs and spoke beside her ear, “In the future, don’t anyhow touch other people’s heads. Do you understand?” His breath was a little heavy.

The air in the room turned warmer.

The more he acted like this, the more she was able to see his seductive side. Once the handsome face was tainted with other emotions, he looked like a noble immortal that fell from heaven. There was a faint evil aura on his face. It unconsciously made people want to be controlled by him.

Qin Mo didn’t plan to let her go just like this though. He pulled off the black squad shirt she was wearing and leaned down on her. He held her back with one hand and his kiss landed on her shoulder. Then he slowly slid down…