Chapter 1529 - Jealous Almighty Qin

Chapter 1529: Jealous Almighty Qin

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The numb feeling engulfed Bo Jiu liked a wave.

This time, his strength was much stronger than before. Also, he purposely chose her soft spots to tease her.

This was probably the punishment from the Almighty.

The frosted glass blocked their vision. Outside, the weather was still cold. However, the temperature of the room was extremely hot.

When Qin Mo leaned over again, one could see the perspirations dripping down the side of his face. Whenever he saw this person wearing the squad uniform, he felt like breaking her and locking her in his arms.

Bo Jiu didn’t know where to put her hands. She could only hug his neck. Her mind was blank and the only thing she felt was her accelerating heartbeat.

They rocked back and forth slowly. Their heartbeats could be heard. Their bodies were so hot it felt as if someone placed a campfire under them. Even the mole under Bo Jiu’s eyes seemed to be stained with perspiration.

Qin Mo’s gaze turned deep as he looked at her. When it reached a certain depth, he stopped his action and hugged the person. He buried his handsome face in her shoulder and breathed heavily. “After you enter University A, I will not stop. There are still two more months.”

Bo Jiu’s squad uniform was cushioned under her body. Besides that, the white shirt she was wearing was lifted till her waist. Her fair arms drooped beside her body and her beautiful eyes were a little misty.

She looked like a black swan that just came out of the water. Her silver hair and fair skin made her so beautiful Qin Mo really wanted to continue. He moved his fingers and pulled out his squad uniform. He used his uniform to cover her body before hugging her in his arms again.

Bo Jiu felt the warmth coming from his body. She knew that at a moment like this, it was better not to move.

His body cooled down. However, it wasn’t easy to let his thoughts disappear. Qin Mo glanced at that person again. This time, he stood up directly and walked into the bathroom within the office.

Bo Jiu heard the sound of water coming from the bathroom. She could guess what he was doing. This was one of the rare times her face turned red.

She decided to divert her attention so she took out a bottle of ice water from the small fridge and drank it.

After the temperature of her body had dropped, Qin Mo came out from the bathroom. His hair was cold and he wasn’t wearing his shirt. He wore pants and his abs were still dripping with water. His gaze was so deep it was hard to shift your gaze away from him.

Bo Jiu drank another mouth of mineral water instinctively. She mustn’t be enticed by beauty so easily. After all, in the end, she would be the one having a backache.

However, she couldn’t go out like this. There were marks on her neck and collarbone. Her shirt was so crumpled it was obvious what they were doing.

Bo Jiu was a smart person so she knew that the Almighty did it on purpose.

Qin Mo didn’t ask her to sit there alone. He lifted his hand and snatched the bottle of mineral water from her hand. “What are you thinking of? That child?”

“No.” Bo Jiu smiled and leaned over. She wanted to take advantage of the Almighty. It was hard to resist the Almighty when he just came out of the bathroom. “I’m thinking of you.”

Qin Mo moved his pupils and turned sideways to look at the lady. Then he suddenly smiled and freed one hand. He raised Bo Jiu’s chin and closed in slowly. But he didn’t kiss her. His breath just landed on her lips over and over again. “You should think about your physics result. We will have a revision later.”

Bo Jiu: … Was this her real boyfriend?

Qin Mo pinched the slightly frustrated face and hugged the person in his arms. His voice was calm. “In the future, stay away from that child. You can do one less question that way.”