Chapter 153 - All Team Members’ Gay Meetup

Chapter 153: All Team Members’ Gay Meetup

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Xue Yaoyao said yes, and she felt braver in her heart when she saw the youngster’s smile.

Fu Jiu hooked up the corners of her lips and handed the lunch box in her hand to Xue Yaoyao. “The breakfast made by that god’s family tastes delicious. You have a taste.”

“This…” Subconsciously, Xue Yaoyao looked at the car behind the youngster and said to herself. Highness Jiu, you’re giving the breakfast from Almighty Qin’s family to me. Aren’t you afraid that Almighty Qin will feel unhappy when he sees this?

Luckily, the car just stopped for a while before driving away indifferently, confirming the character of its master.

It seemed indifferent from Xue Yaoyao’s perspective. But the car driver thought that their young master’s eyes were so cold that the temperature around them also cooled down.

Qin Mo rested his chin on one hand and used the rear-view mirror to look without warmth at the two figures that were getting farther and farther away.

At this time, Xue Yaoyao started wondering, breakfast from that god’s… Did…

“Your Highness Jiu, did you sleep in big god’s house yesterday?”

Fu Jiu stretched out her waist and said yes.

His Highness Jiu was so handsome that many students were constantly stopping to look at him excitedly.

But… Highness Jiu unexpectedly stayed in the house of that god?!

What relationship did they have to reach such a good point?!

Xue Yaoyao remembered the scene of the two playing tennis, especially the scene of Almighty Qin lowering his body to pinch Fu Jiu’s lower jaw… But wait a moment!

No! She couldn’t think too much. Even if Highness Jiu stayed in the house of that god, it didn’t mean that they were in a relationship…

But in case… If something really happened…

Xue Yaoyao was very serious, and her eyes lit up. “Highness Jiu, congratulations to you and Almighty Qin!” It was very suitable that the two equally handsome people got together. Even if many people didn’t understand, she would support Highness Jiu as long as this was what he wanted.

Fu Jiu felt strange about how she was being looked at by Xue Yaoyao, so she simply changed the topic, “How was your practice in <Hero> yesterday?”

“Just so-so, but I can’t speed up.”

“Practice it a few more times to get better. Which internet café do you usually surf in? Let’s make an appointment today to meet another friend in our team, Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure.”

Xue Yaoyao: “…”

Fu Jiu understood why Xue Yaoyao had such an expression when she heard this name, and she placed a hand upon her shoulder. “You just need to get accustomed to it.”

Xue Yaoyao was still in the midst of accepting it. After all, she didn’t think that she would be connected with that real local tyrant in the game who molested girls and threw away money.

“Your Highness Jiu, how do you know that guy Award You A Slap of Pleasure? I heard that he only plays games with girls…”

Fu Jiu smiled casually, “I met him in the competition, and he also invited me to have hot pot together.”

“In the competition?” Xue Yaoyao paused, seeming like she suddenly thought of something. She said, ” Highness Jiu, have you played <Hero> for a long time already?”

Fu Jiu unwrapped a lollipop and placed it into her mouth. “Just so-so.” For her, any game could be used to practice her hand speed.

“So what’s your name in the game?” Xue Yaoyao now remembered that Highness Jiu taught her beautiful finger techniques yesterday, showing that he must be a master among masters. But in the team broadcast, she didn’t find any player of a similar type to Highness Jiu… Highness Jiu… just who was he?

Fu Jiu heard her words and stopped. She stretched out her right hand and smiled beautifully, “Have a new understanding of me then. I’m Spade Z.”