Chapter 1530 - : Supreme Alliance’s New Member

Chapter 1530: Supreme Alliance’s New Member

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He was this jealous? Strangely, Bo Jiu found the Almighty extremely adorable.

Ever since he had grown up, she had never seen him behave in such a manner. There had only been a tiny trace when Hoshino was around.

The feeling the Almighty gave her wasn’t that a boyfriend; he seemed more like a tutor.

But now, it appeared that the jealous Little Princess Qin from back then was still here.

Bo Jiu had never forgotten how he had threatened her back then. For instance, he had once said, “Little Bo Jiu, don’t ever play with me again if you are going to play with someone else.”

The method now seemed to be the same.

Bo Jiu smiled evilly. She wasn’t concerned about being disciplined. After all, after all these years, it wasn’t easy to have someone discipline her again. Even her heart had a safe place now…

We often say that when you are in love, you shouldn’t give yourself to someone else.

Bo Jiu was certain that was because you haven’t found the special someone who remained the same ever since young. They would allow you to eat a piece of candy when you wanted to and would never force you to do something you didn’t like. Outsiders could say all they want but, in their heart, you would always be you.

Bo Jiu had spent a long time worrying what she should do when he found out about her identity. Now, she finally understood that regardless of what she was, he would accept her entirely.

It felt good to be in his embrace – even if it was doing her most hated physics test papers.

She could still smell the faint minty aroma.

In hindsight, she had lost too many things. Her entire world had once been shattered. Fortunately, he was still around…

As compared to the warmth in the office, the atmosphere during the internal selection tests was much more tense. The top 5 positions weren’t easy to get. Everyone was looking at their results.

Lin Feng leaned against the table with one hand and looked at the data records. He cast his eyes down, wearing his battle uniform, and started calling out the members from the fifth place.

The candidate that was called was full of disbelief.

The fifth to the second position were about the same age and had probably just entered high school. What they were all curious about was the first place!

“Bey.” Lin Feng retracted his hand and glanced over at the “little boy” carrying her backpack, a cheeky smile on his face.

Little Mo Bei paused slightly before walking over. Only then did the people around understand the kind of monster they had been competing against. First in hand speed. How did this kid achieve such startling results?

“Alright, those who I’ve called out, fill up the application form.” Lin Feng clapped his hands and brought the five newcomers over.

Halfway through, he suddenly tilted towards Little Mo Bei. “Interesting.”

Little Mo Bei felt that his gaze had a lot to say but she had a poker face and didn’t express much.

Lin Feng’s smile thickened as he wondered how his captain would react when he found out that the “little boy” had entered the team.

“According to the form, fill in your name, age, gender, contact information, and home address.” Lin Feng placed five pieces of paper onto the table. “There is also an emergency contact phone number.”

It was a very ordinary procedure.

Lin Feng glided over to the “little boy” and saw the little kid with a reddish face circling the gender ‘female’. His mouth formed an o-shape. Little Spade had been telling the truth…