Chapter 1531 - Little Spade Will Be in Charge of You

Chapter 1531: Little Spade Will Be in Charge of You

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The little kid’s genes had exceeded his expectation. Hence, Lin Feng let the other four leave first.

Lin Feng and Mo Bei were the only ones left in the archive room.

Little Mo Bei was still carrying her backpack. It was the third time she glanced up to the hanging clock on the wall.

Lin Feng sent a series of question marks and exclamation marks to the discussion group, just to ask them what he should do if they discovered that their youngest new team member was an emotionless girl.

The dorms couldn’t be arranged and they would have to watch their smoking. In addition, she looked very young…

“Are you thirteen yet?” Lin Feng asked.

Little Mo Bei replied, “Thirteen and a half.”

“When I was younger, I would consider myself older out of habit as well since it made me seem more mature. I understand.” Lin Feng behaved as though he had been through it and subconsciously stretched out his hand, wanting to clap her shoulders.

In the end, he retracted his hand when he remembered the difference in their gender. “Your family allows you to game?”

“My mom doesn’t care.” Little Mo Bei paused slightly. “My brother supports me too; he will come to get me with my mom.”

Lin Feng raised his brows. “What about your father?”

“He doesn’t agree.” Little Mo Bei glanced up. “He thinks that gaming is a waste of time and that only boys are allowed to game.”

Lin Feng paused.

Little Mo Bei knew that her words would have a certain impact and continued to speak, “He won’t care about me too much though, as long as I can make money.”

Originally, when he had seen the child’s maneuvering, Lin Feng had thought she would be similar to Little Spade. But from the looks of it, everyone was born in a different environment.

Strangely, he was reminded of the first time he had met Luoluo. It had probably been like this as well. That person had also been short of money at the beginning, when she had been a trainee. But nobody wanted to be short of money.

Lin Feng kept the file. “Report the day after tomorrow. There will be a contract to sign and from then on, you will become a trainee of the Supreme Alliance. The salary is not very high, but it is definitely the highest among all the other teams since our captain is rich.”

After listening, she asked, “Does that mean I can join?”

“Isn’t there your mother and your brother for parental consent?” Lin Feng laughed. “In the past, my dad didn’t agree with me gaming as well but my mom could call the shots.”

At this moment, Mo Bei looked a little like a child. As she carried her backpack, her short black hair pressed a little bit low. Her entire being was small and icy.

“From now on, Little Spade will be in charge of you,” Lin Feng said as he divided the kid into a group. He couldn’t let a man take care of her. She was a little girl after all.


Speaking of which, why were little girls so much fiercer than boys nowadays? In the future, would Hero turn into a woman’s world? It sent shivers down his spine.

Unlike Lin Feng’s thoughts, after hearing his words, Little Mo Bei’s mouth turned up slightly, and she stretched out her hand to touch her head.

If Almighty Z is in charge of her, wouldn’t that mean her head would be touched often?


On the same day, the Qin Group released the hand speed statistics. This was to prevent the media from digging deeper.

There were some who noticed that Supreme Alliance had only mentioned age and not gender. Hence, there weren’t many people who knew that Bey was a little girl.

After saving the data, Lin Feng briefly explained the child’s situation to Bo Jiu. Finally, he added, “She is similar to the past Luoluo.”

Bo Jiu’s eyes trembled. “It’s time to meet her. What about today? After all, Xiangnan is still in Jiang City. Call your friends out.”