Chapter 1532 - Blind Date

Chapter 1532: Blind Date

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Lin Feng sent an ok hand gesture. “No problem.”

“I’ll seek permission from Almighty Xiao.” Bo Jiu Bo Jiu smiled. “After all, Luoluo is from Xiangnan. We have to be polite when arranging a blind date.”

Lin Feng smirked. “You are clearly trying to cause trouble.”

Bo Jiu didn’t deny the accusation.

Lin Feng was very interested in setting people up. “I’ve talked about it in the chat group but I told the guy that even if they met, Luoluo would only treat him as a friend. The guy agreed and said he wanted to fight for her. Luoluo was very open and was rather pleased to know there were little fan boys in the chat group.”

“Can they meet this afternoon?” Bo Jiu asked.


She directly switched into another chat and sent a message to Xiao Jing.

Indeed, not all the members of Xiangnan had returned. The club had several matters to attend to after the competition. Moreover, Xiao Jing’s medical discussion was here as well.

Zhao Sanpang stayed as well because had some interviews to do.

The three of them had booked flights back for tomorrow.

Luoluo still didn’t know how to tell her teammates about the retirement when she returned to the team tomorrow. It was probably good to go out for a walk to sort out her thoughts.

When Xiao Jing received the text, his fingers paused and he sat at a university exchange center. As a special guest, he would give a speech later.

The assistant followed him. After watching him take the stage, he originally planned to take note of the professional knowledge that Senior Xiao would be presenting about, but he didn’t expect this speech to be shorter than ever.

The school had originally allocated one hour. However, Xiao Jing used a drawing of a human structure and twenty minutes to clarify the main points. Many students wanted to hear more though.

The school was ecstatic since the shorter the duration, the better it was. After his speech was over, a group of professors came over together, inviting Xiao Jing to eat together. Amongst the group were experts in the medical field.

After putting down the information, Xiao Jing replied, “I’m sorry, I have an urgent matter to attend to. I will invite you next time.”

The school wanted to keep him and continued to convince him but it was futile. Hence, they could only let him go.

Xiao Jing didn’t change out of his white coat. Instead, he got a bunch of car keys from his assistant. “I will return it tomorrow.”

His assistant was a girl with a good family background. She flashed a faint smile. “Brother Xiao, you can take it, my house is nearby and I will be discussing academic matters with the others. But is it really alright for you to leave like this? Those people are all big players in our industry. What are you going to do today? Isn’t your competition over?”

“It isn’t the competition,” Xiao Jing replied faintly. “Someone is going on a blind date.”

The female assistant stiffened, suspecting she had heard wrongly. The next second, she remembered the female player that had come to find Senior Xiao. She smiled. “Being the captain must be tiring, you have to concern yourself with your female teammate’s relationship issues. Are you worried she will meet someone bad?”

“Mmh,” Xiao Jing replied briefly.

The female assistant watched him leave, not taking it to heart. She had heard that the female teammate had announced her retirement. She wouldn’t be appearing by Senior Xiao’s side anymore.

Esports was a young man’s career. She had once told that person that Senior Xiao would eventually become a doctor and wasn’t like them. That female player must have understood what she meant…