Chapter 1533 - Goddess

Chapter 1533: Goddess

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The weather at the start of April was extremely suitable for a date. Jiang City wasn’t so cold now; you just needed to wear a jacket.

Luoluo’s attire became more refreshing. Her long hair flowed behind her like silk. Her appearance was outstanding so the moment she entered the cafe, she attracted everyone’s gaze.

She glanced sideways and pulled up her sleeves. After looking around the cafe, she planned to send a message to the other person to ask him where he was. Before she could do that though, someone raised his hand and helped her hold her bag that was about fall. He smiled and seemed a little shy as he said, “Goddess Luo.”

Luoluo paused and looked at that person. He was obviously younger than her. His face was very pleasant to look at. When he smiled, she could see his two canine teeth protruding out. Lin Feng had this kind of friend?

“The seat on the left,” the person spoke again. Then he placed his hand in his pocket.

Luoluo finally noticed that when the person stood up straight, he wasn’t short. He was at least 1.8 meter1 in height.

The two of them sat down opposite each other. The person’s face was still red. This made him seem even younger. Luoluo laughed softly and asked, “You aren’t very old, right?”

The person looked at her sideways. “I’m an adult already. Do you want to drink something?”

“Sure.” Luoluo felt that she was old just by looking at that face.

The person took the menu and pushed it over to her. “You can order.”

At first, Luoluo hadn’t believed Lin Feng when he had said that his friend really treated her like his goddess. But now, after seeing the young man’s performance, she believed it. “What do you like to drink? Do you like sweet drinks or unsweetened ones?” Luoluo asked the other person as she opened the menu.

“Not sweet.”

Luoluo ordered two cups of Americanos. Then she smiled gently when she noticed that the young man didn’t really dare to look at her. She suggested, “Shall we play a game?”


This was probably the only interest of all professional players. When two professional players didn’t know what to talk about, they would start a game.

Luoluo thought of something and asked, “Why don’t we add each other on WeChat first? I haven’t even asked you how I should address you.”

“Feng Yang, my ID.” The youngster’s face started turning red again after he finished speaking. After all, he had never imagined that one day, he would be able to get his goddess’s WeChat.

Luoluo had heard this name before. She had fought with him in the past. At first, she had thought that this should be an older player since his fighting skills were explosive and skilled. She hadn’t expected him to be this kind of man in real life. As expected, in their circle, you could never analyze a person’s personality, age, nor appearance from his fighting skills.

The friend request was sent. Luoluo wanted to raise her hand but she saw the other person’s picture. That thumbnail…

It was her picture. There were two words in the picture: My goddess. Luoluo froze for a moment.

Feng Yang seemed to have realized that something wasn’t right too. He immediately stretched his hand out and pressed her phone down.

Luoluo smiled gently and said, “Many of your peers use this thumbnail of mine.”

“That’s right.” Feng Yang’s neck was red too. This was a little incompatible with his overall image. “My entire team is your fan.”

Luoluo put her phone down. “I can’t embarrass myself in front of my fan. I will have to fight properly later.” This sentence alleviated the awkwardness at that moment.

When Feng Yang entered the game and was choosing his hero, he couldn’t help but glance sideways at the person opposite him. He couldn’t tell if he was feeling more like a fan or if he just liked her purely. No matter what it was, he didn’t want this person to retire.

Two professional players were going online to play games. What’s more, they were from different teams. Hence, it was very striking. The moment these two people entered the lobby, they gained the attention of the fans from the two teams…