Chapter 1534 - Wanting to Confess to his Goddess

Chapter 1534: Wanting to Confess to his Goddess

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“What the f*ck, is there something wrong with my eyes? Luoluo and Feng Yang are having a duo?”

“Why isn’t it with my fatty brother this time?”

“These two people are playing as a duo even though they are not from the same team. There must be something going on.”

“Did my God Yang achieve his dream and finally managed to play a game with Goddess Luo?”

“Let me imagine what my God Yang is feeling now. He must be elated.”

“The era of young and cool guys is here. My God Yang must have done something!”

Actually, all Feng Yang’s fans knew that Feng Yang’s goddess was Luoluo. After all, their God Yang’s Weibo was only filled with his goddess’s posts. Mind you, Feng Yang was so shy in front of Luoluo but during normal times, he wasn’t like this. He was quite a cold child.

However, Luoluo didn’t guess wrong. He was indeed very young. He had just turned 18.

Their fans didn’t dare to think too much when they saw the two of them playing together. But, once they started thinking too much, they felt that their combination was a little sweet.

This young man was finally able to get close to his goddess. People were anticipating what would happen in the future.

Although these two people didn’t turn on their live stream, it didn’t stop people from flowing in to watch their game. On the other hand, the people that got matched with them were stunned when they saw the two game IDs.

“Two professional players.”

“Do you still want to fight?”

“Let’s fight. Don’t forget that we are high-level players too! Have a proud face!”

It was obvious that they were consoling themselves. If not, those people wouldn’t use the public channel to say this. However, their conversation wasn’t what caused a huge commotion online.

One of their fans screenshot an image of Luoluo and Feng Yang standing together. She drew a heart shape around them and sent the image. “I keep smelling the smell of a relationship.”

The moment this was sent, some people started mocking though.

“Thank you, our God Yang disagrees. He purely likes that person’s skills. He has never thought of dating her.”

“All these years, Luoluo has laid her eyes on many young men. Honestly speaking, she’s already retired and she isn’t young anymore. If she wants to leave, she should make it clear-cut.”

“In the future, if I can’t find a boyfriend, I will go and play a game. After all, there are so many people I can lay my hands on around me.”

At first, no one took much notice of this mocking. In the past, these things had been said too. But, unexpectedly, Spade Z updated her status. “This is my first time being a matchmaker but Luoluo only knows how to play games. She’s too obedient.”

Lin Feng followed closely with his status. “Someone even asked me what he should say to his goddess just now so that it won’t be awkward.”

Zhao Sanpang’s retaliation was even more direct. “Please don’t come and play games just because you want to find a boyfriend. Not many men will like you. Listen to me. This is an era where appearance is the most important. Do you think that all the men who play games are blind? Do you think that we can’t see who worked hard and who didn’t?”

People that liked you seemed to be able to see who you really were.

When Feng Yang was having an interview, the interviewer asked him who his goddess was. He said that it was Luoluo. At that time, a bunch of fans mocked him for looking at a person’s appearance. Some female fans even said that he should clean his eyes and check the gossip posts in the past. That way, he would know what kind of person Luoluo was.

Feng Yang thought that he understood clearly what kind of person she was. When everyone else had given up on training, she was still training her hand speed. Also, she would never look down on people who lost to her. She wouldn’t want to drag someone down when they reached a higher position than her either.

Now, she was going to retire. Feng Yang looked up at the lady who was lowering her head and playing the game. He took a deep breath and clenched his fists. Just as he was about to open his mouth…