Chapter 1535 - Almighty Xiao Is Here

Chapter 1535: Almighty Xiao Is Here

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Suddenly, a slender and long figure came over. The scholarly aura around the person was very strong. The person stood behind Luoluo with his half-unbuttoned white gown as well as the gold-rim spectacle on his high nose bridge.

For an instant, people were unable to link this person with Almighty Xiao, the person who was also known as the soul of the group.

However, everyone in the esports world was familiar with this handsome face. Feng Yang froze on the spot. He looked at Xiao Jing, who had just appeared. As a man, his instinct told him that this person’s appearance wasn’t coincidental.

Even though the other person was a player he had always respected, there were still some things that he didn’t want to give up.

However, Luoluo, who was playing the game, noticed that someone came up behind her too. When she glanced at the person sideways, the astonishment in her eyes was obvious. “Captain?”

“Yes.” Xiao Jing’s voice was very calm.

Luoluo hid her hero in the bushes before opening her mouth again. “Were you having a meal in this area with the other professors?”

Xiao Jing half-leaned against the chair. He didn’t reply to her. Instead, he tapped on the screen with the tip of his finger and asked, “Rank?”

“Yes.” Luoluo didn’t understand why her captain appeared here.

Xiao Jing continued, “We can talk after you finish playing.”

As someone was looking at her, Luoluo’s maneuvering wasn’t as smooth as before. Why did her captain appear here? What was he doing at this place?

Halfway through the game, Luoluo finally realized something. She glanced at the person opposite her and introduced, “Captain, this is Feng Yang.”

“I have seen him.” Xiao Jing nodded at Feng Yang. His gaze was a little deep.

Feng Yang suddenly understood what his gaze meant. His fingers froze in mid-air. At first, he thought that Almighty Xiao came here because he was worried that Luoluo would meet a bad man like the previous time.

Just as he was about to prove himself, he suddenly realized that this wasn’t the case. As her fan, he could see clearly that whenever Luoluo looked at Almighty Xiao, there were many emotions hidden in her eyes.

There was respect, yearning, and maybe a little of something else. But he had never thought that the something else would be love. This was probably because she hid her emotions too well in public.

Almighty Xiao was the same. Both of them hid their emotions well. Everyone thought that their relationship was just that of a captain and a team member. No one would think of them in another way.

Only today, in such a private setting, Feng Yang finally realized that the intimacy between these two people was very natural. It was different from the interaction with other people. This was an atmosphere that could only be achieved after many years of interaction. Even if it wasn’t love, other people would have a hard time integrating into it.

Xiao Jing was still watching Luoluo playing the game. When he noticed that her attention wasn’t here, he opened his mouth and said, “Let me play. It will be faster.”

Indeed, Luoluo couldn’t continue playing anymore. She placed her phone in his hand while looking at his side profile. Then she looked at the slender and fair hands as they moved over the screen. He seemed very serious. Hence, she wasn’t able to ask him where the other professors were.

For players like Qin Mo, Xiao Jing, and the other professionals, they always had their own special skills when they played games. This was their unique way of playing based on their orb walk and their hand speed. Normal people weren’t able to learn their skills.

In the new round of team fights, Xiao Jing went around his opponents. At the start, he dodged the attack from his opponent before charging into the crowd. Amidst all the pulling and pushing, he formed an array and successfully got two kills.

In that instant, the people spectating the game were a little surprised.

“Wait, did I see wrong? This orb walk doesn’t look like our Goddess Luo’s.”

“It’s extremely swift and fierce. It makes me think of my Almighty Xiao.”

“Why do I feel that the person above is speaking the truth?”

“The three lethal chains. It’s definitely Almighty Xiao.”

“Why is Almighty Xiao using Beauty Luo’s account to play?”

“This is indeed a good question. Why do I feel heart pain for Yang Yang?”

“My God Yang has been anticipating a collaboration with his goddess. Yet, he’s playing with Almighty Xiao now?”

“But based on what God Lin Feng said, my God Feng should be having a date with Goddess Luo now. I don’t have enough brain cells. I can’t understand what’s happening.”

“What’s so difficult to understand? Can’t Almighty Xiao follow them to the cafe and interrupt their date! Hurry up and call me the God of truth!”

“That’s impossible!”

“I agree!”

“Don’t think too much. It’s impossible for anything to happen between Almighty Xiao and Luoluo. They are just from the same team.”

After what this person said, other people started to throw away their guesses before this.

Very soon, the game ended. Feng Yang knew that even if he continued to sit here, nothing would change. He felt his heart hurting a little; he was still a little unwilling to accept it.

After seeing all those conversations online, as a fan, he just wondered why his goddess wasn’t worthy of other people’s love. Thus, using the chance when the two people were leaving in a hurry, he suddenly opened his mouth and said in a voice that wasn’t loud but loud enough for the three of them to hear, “Luoluo, can I continue contacting you?”

Luoluo stopped for a moment and smiled. “Of course, you can. We can contact each other on WeChat. In the future, we can play games together using our side accounts. Our main accounts are too striking.”

“Okay.” Feng Yang was a cold person to begin with so when he finished speaking, his face was a little hot. However, he had achieved his motive. Whether that person was Almighty Xiao or not, he should know that many other people liked their goddess too.

Just like what he had expected, when Xiao Jing heard this sentence, some emotions could be seen faintly in his eyes. He thought that the two of them only added each other as friends in the game. They were friends on WeChat too?

Luoluo didn’t understand why her captain had suddenly appeared. Just as she was about to open her mouth and ask him, she noticed that he suddenly took off the white coat he was wearing and threw it to her. “Wrap this around you.”

Luoluo wasn’t used to her captain being so thoughtful. Also, she wasn’t feeling cold so she just blinked. She didn’t move.

Xiao Jing looked at her. He knew that she hadn’t realized what had just happened so he thought for a moment and bent down slightly. He touched the white gown in her hand with his fingers again.

Luoluo was stunned by the sudden intimate distance. The two of them were too close to each other. From her position, she was able to see the hair whorl on his head. Her nose was filled with the refreshing book smell exuding from his body.

Xiao Jing didn’t say anything. He just held the two sleeves of the white gown and tied a bowknot on her waist.

After realizing what he did, Luoluo’s gaze changed abruptly. She looked at him with her face slightly red. “My menses came?”

“Yes.” Xiao Jing rarely saw her like this. When he looked up, he seemed to be smiling a little. “There’s a huge red patch.”

Luoluo lifted her hand and covered her face. The structure of the bone is what makes a beauty. This sentence was probably referring to her. “How embarrassing. My image is all gone. Captain, did Feng Yang see it just now?”

“Is it important whether he saw it or not?” Xiao Jing placed one hand in the pocket of his pants as he spoke. When he raised his head again and looked at the lift, his gaze had turned darker…