Chapter 1536 - Do You Really Want to Date?

Chapter 1536: Do You Really Want to Date?

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“That is my little fan.” Luoluo lowered her head and tightened the white gown around her waist. “I can’t disappoint him.”

Xiao Jing remained silent. Luoluo knew that their captain had always been uninterested in this kind of affair.

At the start, she had still been thinking of inquiring why he had appeared here. Now, after he had mentioned this, however, Luoluo just felt sticky everywhere. It was very uncomfortable.

She had known that her menstruation would come within these few days but she hadn’t expected it to come today. Just now, she had even drunk a cup of cold brew coffee. She was definitely looking for death.

“I want to buy something first.” Luoluo lowered her voice. “Captain, I don’t think that your white gown can be cleaned properly.”

Xiao Jing glanced sideways. His voice was still very calm. “Coincidentally, it’s my last time wearing it. Let’s go first. You can call for delivery later from the supermarket after you return to your hotel.”

Luoluo didn’t persist any longer. If it was in front of other people, she might feel a little embarrassed to ask for other people’s help but in front of him, she didn’t feel so awkward.

The reason was very simple. The members of the squad lived together almost every day. This wasn’t the first time he saw her having her period.

Luoluo still remembered the first time he was around her when she had her menstruation. He had treated them to a meal after they had won a competition.

Halfway through the meal, when she had been carrying a tray of meat over, he had placed his jacket over her. “Wrap this around you.”

That had been during Summer. Thus, she had been wearing a pure white chiffon dress that day. She hadn’t known that her period would come that day.

Just like today, at the start, she hadn’t known what he had meant. She had only realized it later and felt extremely embarrassed.

At that time, Zhao Sanpang had even asked her why she had a jacket wrapped around her when it was summer.

That was why people always said that the young men in the esports industry were all straightforward and pure. They weren’t gentle or thoughtful at all. All their minds were filled with only gaming. Moreover, they were used to calling each other brothers so they really didn’t care about her gender.

At that time, she had still been sleeping in the attic room in the squad’s dormitory. Because her stomach had been hurting, she had laid down right after she had gone back. She hadn’t even eaten the dessert Zhao Sanpang bought back.

Then she had heard someone knocking on the door. Xiao Jing had come in with a bowl. The bowl had been filled with brown sugar ginger tea. He had been holding a box of Wuji Baifeng pills as well.

At that time, Luoluo hadn’t understood why their captain knew about ladies’ issues. After some time, however, when she had gotten to know that he was studying medicine, she had been enlightened.

She had pulled her blanket. When she had just started interacting with Xiao Jing, she felt a little awkward.

Zhao Sanpang had teased her before when he knew that Xiao Jing was taking care of her. After that day, he would wink whenever he saw her and he had even nudged Xiao Jing with his elbow. “Captain, do you have other thoughts towards Luoluo because you think that she’s pretty? That means that I need to get some wedding candies first. With the wedding candies, I will help you to keep this a secret.”

“What do you mean?” Luoluo had heard this reply. It had been very calm and indifferent. “If you have menstruation too, I will do the same to you.”

Zhao Sanpang had replied, “I am a man. It’s a little hard for me to have that thing.”

“Then, don’t think about all these meaningless things. I will inspect your hand speed tonight.”

“Oh no! Captain, let’s discuss again. Let’s change it to tomorrow…” Obviously from that day onwards, Zhao Sanpang’s mentality had collapsed a little. Because he had said the wrong thing, his training had increased by an hour every day. After that, he had never teased the two of them anymore.

It had been from that day onwards, Luoluo understood that he took care of her because she was his team member. He just took care of her with extra patience as she was a lady.

Thinking about this, Luoluo couldn’t help but press her fingers against her abdomen. She was probably immersed in his gentleness, unable to extricate herself from it.

That was why this situation happened now. She knew that she mustn’t like him but she still couldn’t control herself…

“Get in the car.” The other person’s voice floated into her ears again.

Luoluo raised her head. She saw a small sports car. When she opened the car door and entered the car, she could smell the fragrance of a perfume. Her hands froze in mid-air. She didn’t sit on the passenger’s seat. Instead, she sat on the back seat.

It was obvious that this car was driven by a lady. There was still a photograph pasted at the front. A row of medicine books was arranged neatly on the back seat. Luoluo had seen the person in the photograph before. Because she had seen the lady before, she tilted her head and looked out of the car window.

Many times, she wondered what he would be like when he had a girlfriend. Now, she probably knew the answer. Fortunately, she had already retired. That meant that she didn’t need to face it directly. A blessing a year was still something she could give.

After she stopped playing games, she would probably meet someone too. Maybe meeting someone who wouldn’t look at the internet to see what other people said about her or finding someone that didn’t look down on her past profession, as well as her educational background, was a little difficult. But she would find that person.

Luoluo smiled gently when she thought about this. She had predicted this multiple times already. Hence, when the time really came, she felt that she was able to handle it. After all, she didn’t need to attend his wedding at this moment.

In the past, when she had gone to his university and seen him sitting together with that lady, she had felt that their aura was compatible.

It had been three years. Her instinct had been right. Somehow, she heaved a sigh of relief.

In the future, she needed to maintain her distance. Even though she was his team member, she couldn’t hold on to that gentleness just because he was good at taking care of people. After she went back to her team and they gathered for a farewell meal, she would have to prepare to leave.

Actually, she was really worried that she would receive his wedding invitation in a few days. For people like them with a high educational background, their marriage might come as a surprise.

After they reached the venue, Luoluo didn’t portray her pain as she did in the past. She smiled and wanted to go up. However, Xiao Jing pulled her back. “Does your stomach hurt?”

“It’s alright. It doesn’t hurt that much.” Luoluo didn’t forget his profession but she still rejected his kindness. “I’ll be fine after lying down for a while.”

Xiao Jing’s gaze landed on her pale lips. “You don’t look like you can go over after lying for a while.”

“Really?” Luoluo touched her face. “I look a little weak because I didn’t wear makeup today. I want to go up and have a rest. I’m really sleepy.”

Xiao Jing released his hand after hearing this. He didn’t say anything else.

Luoluo thought that she had managed to fool her way through. After entering her room, she washed up and changed her bloodstained pants. She wore her sleeping pants and swallowed a painkiller. The moment she lifted the cotton blanket, she saw him walking over slowly while holding a packet in his hand.

Luoluo wouldn’t ask him how he got the card to her room. As their captain, he had a copy of everyone’s room card.

On the other hand, when Xiao Jing saw the box of medicine placed on the head of the bed, he frowned slightly.

Luoluo was still holding a glass of hot water in her hand when her phone lit up. She didn’t have the time to speak to him. She just looked down and replied to the message.

Xiao Jing glanced at her phone and saw the name: Feng Yang. His gaze turned dark but his tone was calm as he asked, “Do you really want to date?”