Chapter 1538 - I’ll Take It that You Agreed

Chapter 1538: I’ll Take It that You Agreed

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Xiao Jing didn’t reply immediately. He seemed to be designing his reply. He was a strict and precise person. He was different from Qin Mo, and different from Bo Jiu. He was different from Yun Hu and Lin Feng too.

“I have never thought of dating.” Xiao Jing’s hand was still on Luoluo’s hair. “I only thought of it these few days. If liking someone means that I’m unable to concentrate when I’m studying or training after knowing that you went to see someone else, I think that that’s me.”

Luoluo could still feel the warmth on his hand. Her face was a little warm but she understood what Xiao Jing said.

She also knew that she liked him much more than he liked her. Someone had said that a lady mustn’t like a man too much because if she did, she would suffer.

However, she finally got a chance. This person was confessing to her. Luoluo was hesitating. She didn’t hesitate because she liked him more. It was because… “I don’t have a high educational background.”

Xiao Jing replied, “Yes, I know.”

Luoluo: … Was I asking you whether you knew?

“I love money too.”

Xiao Jing looked at her again. “Do you want me to give you gifts during your live stream?”

Luoluo knew that her captain EQ was low. His brain was all used for gaming and his archenemy, Qin Mo.

“Yes, give me gifts when I’m live streaming!” Luoluo smiled. “Give me more gifts. Captain, I think that you don’t understand what I mean by I love money. For instance, your mother gives me five million and asks me to leave you. I might not succumb to the temptation since my savings is around five million too. However, if your mother said that if I don’t leave you, I won’t be able to get the five million and still have to compensate ten million to Xiangnan for breaching the contract, I might leave without any hesitation.”

Xiao Jing furrowed his brows. He couldn’t control himself and asked, “Have you started reading that kind of novel after interacting with Spade Z recently?”

Bo Jiu’s ‘Overbearing President Falls in Love with Me’ and ‘Little Demure Wife, Where Are You Going’ book list was famous in the entire discussion group. Luoluo and Jiu had always been close. It was normal that Xiao Jing thought this way.

Just when Luoluo was going to give up communicating with him, Xiang Nan gave Luoluo a precise explanation. “My mom studied medicine too. Normally, she has many lessons and she doesn’t have much money with her. She’s probably not as wealthy as you. Even if she has the money, she wouldn’t do such a thing. Now, she just suspects that I’m a gay and has a strong attachment towards Qin Mo. She’s dying for me to find a girlfriend. Xiangnan will not ask you for compensation. Even if they do, I have enough on my card. Your educational background isn’t high and you love money. Coincidentally, I have both of them.”

He paused for a moment and continued with his calm tone, “Do you need to speak so much in a relationship?”

When she heard the last sentence, for some reason, Luoluo wanted to laugh. “My family is not in Jiang City. It’s a small county a little far from here.”

“Your information is all recorded when you entered the team.” Xiao Jing glanced at her pale lips and lifted the blanket with his hand. “I’ll take it that you agreed, patient.”

Luoluo’s heart skipped a beat because of his dominance. He was just sitting beside her so they were very close. Thinking about it, their captain probably acted swiftly because he didn’t want to speak anymore.

She took over the bowl of brown sugar soup and watched him as he threw the painkiller into the dustbin. She still felt as though she was in a dream. That was because she felt that their way of interaction was still the same before and after he confessed. There didn’t seem to be any changes. Other people’s relationships shouldn’t be like this…