Chapter 1539 - Bo Jiu and Her Little Disciple

Chapter 1539: Bo Jiu and Her Little Disciple

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There was no change in his appearance. Basically, he watched her as she tilted her head back and drank the huge bowl of brown sugar soup. Then he continued sitting with her and did his own things.

The number of words he said was still the same. He didn’t speak much. But this was a good thing. If her captain suddenly became like Sanpang and kept inquiring about her well-being, she would find it strange too. Even now, she found it weird that this person had become her boyfriend.

In the past, she would lift her blanket immediately and go to the washroom to change something. Now her heart quickly pounded no matter what she did.

Her actions probably attracted his attention.

Xiao Jing put down the medical book he was reading and glanced at her. “Why aren’t you going to the washroom?”

Why was she feeling shy? As her boyfriend, was it appropriate for him to ask his girlfriend this question?

Luoluo gave him a meaningful gaze. At first, she just wanted him to think about his EQ problem. But unexpectedly, he walked over directly and bent his back. He carried her off the bed in a princess hug. From her angle, the edges and lines of his side profile were very distinct.

Luoluo’s fingers froze. She tried her best to stabilize her voice even though her heart was beating so fast she could hear it loud and clear. “What are you doing?”

“What do you think?” Xiao Jing raised his chin. “To go and change.”

Luoluo softened her voice. “I mean, why did you suddenly hug me? What are you trying to do?”

“Just now, you looked at me,” Xiao Jing replied simply with a few words.

Luoluo understood that her captain had misunderstood the intention of her gaze.

After she finished using the washroom, to prevent awkwardness, Luoluo splashed some water on her face and walked out. She saw Xiao Jing holding his phone so she walked over slowly towards him. “Are you playing a game?”

If she didn’t see it, it was still alright. The moment she looked at the phone, she saw him posting a sentence. It was just one sentence but he used their official platform to post. After tagging her, he wrote a few words behind: ‘We are together.’

All of a sudden, Luoluo didn’t know if she should move her head back or not. Her entire body seemed to be soaked in an unknown sweet and refreshing water. The taste of the brown sugar soup lingered on the tip of her tongue. For the first time, she felt that brown sugar soup was delicious.

She wanted to pretend that she didn’t see anything and go back to her bed to feel happy secretly. Yet, Xiao Jing raised his eyelids and said, “I’m informing everyone. Is that alright?”

“Yes.” Whenever Luoluo felt nervous, she liked to tidy her hair. Her actions were beautiful but her ears were already red.

He continued looking at his medical books. It was as if he had just done something he should do casually.

Luoluo’s state of mind, on the other hand, was completely different now. After she laid on her bed again, she took out her phone subconsciously. She looked at the official message that caused a huge uproar on the internet. She secretly made a screenshot of the post he had created.

But one could predict the upheaval that would occur after Xiao Jing posted his message. Just this sentence alone was enough to make many fans appear. Besides, he had tagged Luoluo.

“What the f*ck! It must be because my method of eating dinner is wrong. What on earth did I see?”

“I’m rubbing my titanium alloy dog eyes. I didn’t see it wrongly. My Almighty Xiao is dating my Goddess Luo!”

“We’re together. It’s definitely not what I think!”

“How is it possible for the two of them to be together? That’s impossible. It must be because April Fool’s day is arriving so my Almighty Xiao made a joke!”

“Above, you are the one who’s joking. Do you think Almighty Xiao knows an unimportant day like April Fool’s day?”

“I can’t see any hints in the previous interviews at all. Goddess Luoluo said that she won’t find someone in her circle. Hmph, she even dared to lay her hands on Almighty Xiao. They are from the same team.”

“So, what if they are from the same team? Supreme Alliance has a couple too. Why can’t the members of Xiangnan date each other? I feel that some people should end their mocking. I support Almighty Xiao. Rather than letting another woman snatch him, I rather he dates Luoluo. They knew each other for so long so it’s normal that they have feelings for each other.”

“Let me carry my Almighty Xiao away. I don’t support this kind of relationship but it doesn’t affect my love for him.”

“I will not accept it either way.”

“I give my blessing.”

“The two people that I like are together now.”

“Almighty Xiao, treat Luoluo well.”

When she scrolled with her finger, these were the comments Luoluo saw. There were both good and bad comments. At first, she thought that it would end like this.

Unexpectedly, very soon, a new message from Xiao Jing appeared on her feed. “I’m just informing everyone.”

That meant that he didn’t care whether the other people accepted this relationship or not. Some fans were extremely sad. They claimed that they wanted to stop being his fan.

Luoluo didn’t say anything when she saw these comments. The longer you stayed in this circle, the clearer you would understand that when other people said they liked you, they didn’t like you so much. They would change their opinions of you based on what other people said. They would also express disappointment when they knew that they couldn’t get you.

Actually, these were all understandable.

When she had been young, she had used so much effort to make everyone like her. One bad comment would affect her mood for the entire day.

After experiencing so many things, she understood that this wasn’t possible. She just hoped that the people she liked didn’t hate her. Just like now; everything was fine…

Luoluo shifted her gaze to look at the man who finished sending the message. He had placed his attention back on his medical books.

He probably noticed her gaze because he raised his head and waited for a second before saying, “Luoluo.”

“Yes?” Luoluo felt a little shy after Xiao Jing noticed her gaze.

Xiao Jing replied, “I don’t have any experience in having a relationship. If I don’t do some things well, you can tell me earlier.”

Luoluo wasn’t expecting this sentence. She couldn’t control her emotions and hugged his waist. Her face was a little warm. “No, you’re already doing very well.”

Xiao Jing wanted to hug her or rub her long hair like how he had done in the past. However, when he saw her pajamas sliding down, his hand suddenly froze in mid-air. His gaze was extremely deep. “Your strap.”

What strap? Luoluo thought to herself as she followed his gaze. Then she saw her bra strap. Her scorching face turned even redder. She lifted her hand and pulled her pajamas up. There was a moment of awkwardness.

Fortunately, there were no emotions on that handsome face in front of her. If not, she really wanted to find a hole and bury herself in it.

Xiao Jing turned his body and grabbed the edge of the blanket with one hand. He exerted some force and covered her body entirely. His tone was still different. “Don’t wear this kind of pajamas in the future.”

“Okay…” What else could she say? She grasped the blanket. Her heart was beating violently.

The situation was different on the other side.

The discussion online was still ongoing.

The most important information came from Lin Feng’s shared post. “Poker Face Xiao’s actions are amazing. It looks like Little Spade and my matchmaking stimulation is still a success. Thanks to our hero, Feng Yang.”

Some netizens mocked, “Who said that our God Feng likes Luoluo just now? Now, everything is clear. My God Feng is just helping out.”

However, very soon, Feng Yang posted on his Weibo personally. “Ever since I entered the esports industry, I have been Luoluo’s fan. In the past, I was. In the future, I will still be her fan. It’s good that she’s in a relationship with Almighty Xiao. I hope that Almighty Xiao can treat her well. If not, Luoluo’s fans might snatch her away from you.”

This post stated his attitude clearly.

Bo Jiu sent a private message to Lin Feng when she saw the post. “Your friend is not bad.”

“Of course.” Lin Feng gave a proud face. “Birds of a kind flock together. He is my friend. How bad can he be? Luoluo and Poker Face Xiao’s ending is quite satisfactory. This is my retirement gift to Luoluo.”

Bo Jiu lifted the corners of her lips after reading his reply. She sent him a message with some evil intention. “They have a satisfactory ending. What about Almighty Yun and you? Beauty Lin, you haven’t forgotten what I said that day, right? The person who takes the initiative will get to choose his position first.”

“Who says I have forgotten what you said? I’m not afraid to tell you that I’ve already made ample preparations. I will act today. Just wait and see. Wait for my good news tomorrow.” When Lin Feng typed this message, he was looking for some credible shops around him.

On the other end of the phone, Bo Jiu was smiling very brightly. “Go ahead. Hope you dominate successfully.”

“Dominate successfully?” Little Mo Bei, who was sitting beside her, just finished playing a round of the game. She took off her earpiece. There were no expressions on her face but she was still wondering what this phrase meant.

Bo Jiu felt that she shouldn’t teach bad things to a child so she tilted her handsome face and replied, “Huh? Did I say that? You must have heard wrong. Little Mo Bei, are you hungry?”

Mo Bei shook her head. Then she looked up and said seriously, “Captain said that we can’t eat in the practice room.”

“Captain always has so many rules. You can just listen to him but you don’t have to abide by all of them.” Bo Jiu smiled slightly. She stretched out her hand and pinched Mo Bei’s face. Her actions were gentle. “Little Mo Bei, you are a lady. Don’t learn from your captain. You should have more expressions on your face. Come, show me a smile and tell me what you want to eat.”

Since the esports player she liked was so close to her, Little Mo Bei’s ears turned red. She tilted her head and asked, “God Z, what do you want to eat?”

“Meat, meat, meat, alcohol, alcohol, alcohol.” Bo Jiu stared into the child’s eyes before continuing, “Let’s forget about alcohol. Let’s just eat meat.”


Little Mo Bei agreed with her. Her ears were still red.

Bo Jiu said that she wanted to eat for two main reasons. First, she was a food lover naturally. Second, it might be because of what Lin Feng said. This child didn’t have much money for her food expenses.

There was a cafeteria in the Supreme Alliance training ground for all their trainees. Although the food was cheap, this child hadn’t eaten any dishes in the afternoon. She had only eaten a piece of plain steamed bun.

Bo Jiu glanced sideways. She placed one hand below her chin and looked at Little Mo Bei again. There were no expressions on her little face but this child seemed very happy.

Was she very happy? That was good.

She was really similar to the Almighty when he had been young. Her way of displaying happiness was so unique too.

In another place, Lin Feng had a different reaction. He took a deep breath and firmly walked into a shop selling those kinds of things. At this time, there weren’t many people buying products to use at night. He purposely chose this timing.

He even put on his full battle suit. He wore a black mask and even zipped his jacket up all the way so that he could cover his face. After all, he had fans too. It was very easy for him to be recognized!