Chapter 154 - Fu Jiu Was Never A Useless Trash

Chapter 154: Fu Jiu Was Never A Useless Trash

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Hearing those words, Xue Yaoyao was completely bewildered, and her heart felt like it was pierced through by those words.

<Spade Z>.

That was the newcomer king who won countless FC’s when he first came out.

He was a god of Zone C who had set countless new records, but no one had a clue about his whereabouts.

That was the top existence who broke all the rules, but he was independent and never brought into any team.

Xue Yaoyao had heard of this name many times, sometimes even while playing games. After she had often seen the person in the ranking list, she told herself, look, not all people without money would be buried by the world .

<Spade Z> was such an example!

What surprisingly beautiful finger techniques. The proud king!

All the e-sports media in Jiang City wanted to get firsthand information concerning this person.

But he was invisible.

Someone said that Spade Z must be ugly, so he was afraid to show his true face. Otherwise, how could he refuse to accept the interview when it was such a good chance to be famous? Even if he did a live report, he would also get an income of about ten thousand.

There were also people saying even if Spade Z was not that ugly, he must not be young. Looking at his highly skilled operation and the mastery of all kinds of combos in the game, he must be an uncle type kind of man.


It was him!

Xue Yaoyao covered her mouth.

She never thought that the person she treated as her idol would be their Highness Jiu!

Even if Xue Yaoyao was already been sitting in the classroom, her mindset didn’t recover.

If the girls in the school knew this, they would go crazy!

Highness Jiu, he was not a nouveau riche or a waste at all!

He was not only gentle and handsome. He was also a supreme master in <Hero>.

Xue Yaoyao turned her gaze to the side, and she looked at the clean and beautiful side profile of the youngster. She spontaneously murmured, “If black fans knew what Spade Z looked like, it would definitely directly trigger an uproar in the game, and those journalists would also withdraw their suspicions regarding <Spade Z>’s appearance too. Highness Jiu, why didn’t you accept the interviews?”

“Because it’s not the right time.” Fu Jiu twirled the carbon pen with a light smile on her face as she brewed a black-bellied thought.

Xue Yaoyao didn’t know exactly what Fu Jiu was planning to do. She thought tjat she needed to calm down to digest this exciting news.

From when she started playing <Hero> to today, she had never thought she would see Spade Z one day, because she clearly knew that it must be a master unlike ordinary people.

But now, she was unexpectedly accompanying him to form a team and play in the professional tournament!

What kind of feeling was this? Those who had never played games wouldn’t really understand.

Her heartbeat lost its rhythm, and even her blood was boiling. She seemed to have finally started her own dreams. It was all within her reach for the first time, all thanks to this youngster …

Fu Jiu didn’t understand what kind of influence she had on Xue Yaoyao. She was busy reading some physics questions that that god had pointed out to her yesterday.

Em… The monthly examination was coming in a few days. Everything would depend on it!

“Ring ring ring!”

The bell for class rang.

The physics teacher came in, but he didn’t call out names to make people answer the questions as he did before. Instead, after looking around at them, he coughed lightly and said, “Today we are arranging seats again. Boys and girls can’t be desk-mates. Now, start grouping yourselves freely.”

The students were all puzzled!

Then they heard a wail inside the classroom.

“Are you kidding? We just had seat arrangements before. Why do it again?”

“It is not easy for me to get close to my goddess. Why can’t boys and girls be desk-mates?!”

“What about motivating our enthusiasm towards studying?”