Chapter 1540 - Lin Feng Wanted to Do Something to Yun Hu

Chapter 1540: Lin Feng Wanted to Do Something to Yun Hu

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At first, the owner of this shop didn’t notice Lin Feng. Normally, all the people that came to buy his goods were normal. But Lin Feng’s attire made it hard for the owner not to notice him.

He watched the person as he came in. There was a franchise hotel beside him. The owner wondered if this person was a robber. But then he remembered that his shop was a nighttime items shop. What was there to rob in his shop? The owner calmed down.

Lin Feng wanted to find his items and then leave quickly after paying for it. However, this was his first time in this kind of shop so he wasn’t able to find the item even though he searched online already.

“What is this? What is this?”

Lin Feng’s ears turned a little red as he looked at the items in the shop.

Damn it, was it so advanced now? In the past, they had just watched a video. Now, there was a whole array of items and he didn’t recognize any of them.

No matter what, he had to buy something dom. Yes, he had read online that they should buy better quality and smoother ones. That way, Yun Hu wouldn’t feel so uncomfortable.

The more Lin Feng thought about it, the more he felt that he was so thoughtful and smart. In this aspect, a man should be able to learn without a teacher!

When facing this customer who wanted to learn without a teacher, the owner held a cloth in his right hand and a box of things in his left hand. He was wiping the items. He wondered how long this person was going to look at the items in his shop.

“Boss.” Lin Feng grabbed his collar tightly as he took a box as though he was a thief and pushed it forward. “Pack this up for me.”

The owner noticed that his script was a little different from other people. He took a plastic bag and wanted to put the box inside.

“A transparent plastic bag?” Lin Feng opened his eyes wide. “Do you have black plastic bags? The kind where you won’t be able to see what’s inside?”

The owner thought to himself, “Do you think that you’re a lady buying pads at the supermarket?”

“Let me see if there’s any.” The owner felt that this person was probably buying such items for the first time. The owner was still able to put himself in his customer’s shoes. “Do you want to put your collar down? I’m the only one here. The mask is enough to hide your face. There’s no need to pull your collar up. Also, the weather is hot.”

Lin Feng shook his head. “I’m alright like this.” He mustn’t be recognized. Someone was fooling him to reveal his face again.

In the past, Supreme Alliance had organized an annual party. When he had dressed up as a lady, everyone had said that they wouldn’t take photographs.

Now, he was out here to buy s*x products. He noticed that there were surveillance cameras outside.

In the future, if the headline of a famous esports player being caught visiting a nighttime item shop came out in the news, his reputation would be destroyed!

Since Lin Feng said this, the owner didn’t force him. He looked through the boxes for a long time before finally finding a paper bag. “You can’t see anything through this bag too.”

“Okay. Thank you.” Lin Feng decided to pluck up his courage. “Boss, do you have that thing in your shop?”

The owner couldn’t see his expression. Through Lin Feng’s words, he seemed to understand something and took out a whip. “The newest model. People who used it said that it’s good. It doesn’t hurt when they get whipped.”

Lin Feng was dumbfounded for a second when he saw the whip. “I mean, erm, do you have that, something more comfortable and doesn’t hurt too much? That thing.”

“Brother.” The owner smiled. “There’s a saying I’m not sure if I should say. Whether it’s comfortable or not depends on a person’s technique. However, you came to the right place. This, all ladies love it.”

Lin Feng grabbed his collar and froze for a moment. He decided to be honest. “Boss, truthfully, I’m planning to use it on my boyfriend.”