Chapter 1541 - Drink Some Alcohol to Boost His Courage

Chapter 1541: Drink Some Alcohol to Boost His Courage

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Use it on his boyfriend?

For an instant, the owner’s expression was indescribable. However, as the owner of this shop, he had met many different kinds of people. Thus, he stabilized his facial expression and took out all the things Lin Feng needed.

Lin Feng noticed that the owner took the items out of pre-packaged boxes. There was still a huge pile of packages waiting to be delivered at the side. He leaned over and asked, “Boss, you can deliver these things too.”

“Normally, people don’t need deliveries for cases like yours, most people order online. After all, no one wants other people to discover them.” The owner was still very open-minded. “Hence, we will paste the word ‘snacks’ on the boxes.”

Lin Feng felt some regret when he heard this. Why hadn’t he thought of buying these things online?

“Boss, can you give me your contact?”


“I think that I will still have to buy these things in the future. At that time, you can deliver them to me.”


They finished their discussions and Lin Feng managed to buy the things he wanted. Hence, he was still very happy.

When the owner sent him out, he coughed softly. “Pardon me for asking. Are you a celebrity? Is that why you cover yourself up? Honestly speaking, based on experience, the more you cover yourself up, the easier it is for other people to notice you once you leave your house. Brother, be more natural. It’s nothing.”

Lin Feng wouldn’t take off his mask no matter what happened. He just replied to the owner, “See you again.” Then he took the things he bought and jumped into his car.

He only released his hand after he had entered his car. He heaved a huge sigh of relief before he took out his phone and snapped a photo. No one could see what was in the bag.

This made it convenient for him to post on his moments. He posted a photo along with the sentence: ‘Today is the day!’

His tone was extremely ambitious. The people in the discussion group typed questions below his post.

Rao Rong: “Today? What?”

Luoluo: “It looks like you’re planning something, Beauty Lin.”

Coco: “What’s in the bag?”

World’s Most Handsome Fatty: “Little Submissive Lin, I have a premonition. I wonder if I should tell you. Forget it. God says I shouldn’t tell you.”

Amidst all the teasing, Bo Jiu’s reply was the most conspicuous. She said, “All the best to you. I have high hopes for you.” It perked up everyone’s curiosity. What was the matter Lin Feng was talking about?

The most interesting thing was that even Yun Hu commented. He sent a couple of question marks before asking, “Where are you?”

“What the f*ck!” Lin Feng was probably feeling guilty so when he saw that message, he almost dropped his phone.

After he had calmed down a little, he tapped on Yun Hu’s thumbnail and sent a message to him. “I’m outside. I’m going back now. Do you want to come to my house?”

Yun Hu was a little surprised that this person dated him voluntarily. Ever since that time, Lin Feng had been using all sorts of reasons to reject him when he asked him out.

“Okay. I’m near the Lin Residence.” Yun Hu added another sentence after he sent this message. “Do you need me to pick you up?”

Lin Feng tilted his head and sent a voice message back. “There’s no need for that. I’m not at the Lin Residence. I’m at my own house. It’s near the company.”

“Your own place?” Yun Hu spoke these words a little slowly. He was a little unhappy when this person went out to stay alone without telling him.

The most important thing was that he heard that Lin Feng’s house was near the office. Did this mean that the person who introduced the place to him had already gone there…

Yun Hu couldn’t explain what feeling that was. But someone still didn’t seem aware that he had a boyfriend. If he hadn’t texted him, when was Lin Feng planning to tell him that he had a house outside?

Humans were always not satisfied.

Before Yun Hu got together with Lin Feng, he felt that if he were able to stay beside Lin Feng as his good brother, he would be happy. If that person didn’t hate him, that would be the best ending he could get.

After they had entered senior high, Lin Feng had brought a lady back to see him. Yun Hu had realized that it felt extremely painful. The more he had thought about it, the more he couldn’t bear with it. That was why he had decided to be blunt with him.

Unfortunately, at the last moment, when he had seen Lin Feng’s astounded and disgusted expression, he had become afraid. He had been afraid that Lin Feng would push him away entirely and that they couldn’t even be good friends anymore.

That was why he had thought of many methods, including finding a young man to act as his boyfriend.

Now, thinking back about it, had he given other people more chances to get close to Lin Feng with doing all this?

Love was something that couldn’t be hidden. No one was able to control and bear with it.

Yun Hu wasn’t any different; he wanted to tell the entire world that this person belonged to him. He wanted to get this person as soon as possible.

He had thought of many methods and tactics. He had even thought of using the project he desired to talk to him. That was why he hadn’t rejected his friend when he had helped him to bring Lin Feng over.

Yun Hu suppressed the emotions in his eyes forcefully. He moved his fingers and said, “I haven’t been to the place where you’re staying alone.”

Lin Feng was indeed a straightforward person. He didn’t realize that this was a huge matter. “I will send you the location.”

“Okay.” Yun Hu kept his phone and raised his eyes to look at the young master who wanted to call for a gathering again. “You can leave first. I need to do something.”

Someone said, “Don’t be like this, Young Master Yun, let’s go together.”

“That’s right. Let’s go together. We gathered specially to welcome you back.”

Yun Hu placed his hand in his pocket and laughed softly. “Almost one month had passed since I came back. You welcomed me back almost every day. That’s enough. You can leave without me.”

Since he already put it this way, the other people couldn’t force him to stay anymore.

Yun Hu was always a thoughtful person. Before he drove off, he asked Lin Feng, “What do you want to eat tonight? We can buy some food outside and bring it back.”

“There’s no need for that. I have bought everything. You can come over.” Lin Feng purposely bought an extra bottle of white liquor. This was the best thing to boost his courage. However, when he drank later, he needed to take extra care. He just needed to ensure that Yun Hu was a little dizzy. He mustn’t get drunk first.

Lin Feng’s plan was very good. You could say that he had made ample preparations. All his plan lacked was execution.

Fortunately, Yun Hu wasn’t a lady so he didn’t need to prepare a candlelight dinner. Lin Feng was extremely down to earth. He placed a few stir-fry dishes on the dining table. The important thing today wasn’t eating, it was drinking.

To prevent himself from feeling guilty after he saw the real person later, Lin Feng took out his phone and looked through the tutorial again.

Honestly speaking, there was still a little resistance in his heart. But for some reason, the instant he remembered that that person was Yun Hu, everything seemed to become easily acceptable. When he thought about this, the doorbell rang suddenly.

Lin Feng froze. He immediately closed the screen on his phone and stood up. He tidied his thoughts before opening the door as though nothing had happened. Yet, he didn’t dare to look at the person outside with his eyes. “What took you so long?”

On the other hand, Yun Hu sized him up. “I was with the other people from the courtyard. Why are you in this attire?”

“What attire?” Lin Feng finally realized that he hadn’t taken off the disguise he had worn when going shopping. “Cover yourself in spring and freeze in fall. I’m wearing more clothes to prevent myself from catching the flu.”

“Do you have to dress as if you’re robbing a bank to prevent yourself from catching the flu?” Yun Hu laughed softly. “Your face is red because you’re hot, right?”

Lin Feng agreed with what he said. In his heart, he was thinking, “What do you know? My face is red because my heartbeat accelerates when I think about sleeping with you later.”

But Lin Feng would never say this out. Up until now, he felt that everything was going smoothly.

“What occasion is it today? You even bought liquor.” Yun Hu walked over and saw the bottle on the table. He raised his eyebrows slightly.

Lin Feng pretended to be mysterious. “Luoluo is going to retire soon so my mood has been down lately. I want to have some liquor to relax.”

“Your mood has been down?” Yun Hu glanced sideways at him. Their height was similar but in terms of presence, they were incomparable. This probably relied on their appearance. After all, Yun Hu’s face was angular and handsome. “I feel that Little Spade and you seemed quite happy when matchmaking Luoluo and Xiao Jing.”

Lin Feng remained silent for some time. “Ah, I almost forgot about this. Speaking of this, I didn’t expect Luoluo to like that poker face man. This is so unexpected.”

Yun Hu pretended that he didn’t notice someone was changing the topic. Instead, he sat on the dining chair and played along with Lin Feng. “Indeed, I didn’t expect it.”

Lin Feng thought to himself, “He’s finally following the script!”

He quickly took the liquor bottle and poured a full cup for Yun Hu. Then he poured a sip for himself. “One shot?”

Yun Hu looked at the amount of alcohol in Lin Feng’s cup and then looked at his own cup. “One shot like this?”

“Don’t bother about the details.” Lin Feng raised his cup as he spoke.

Yun Hu didn’t mind drinking more. He just pulled his collar with one hand. His gaze was a little unpredictable.

Lin Feng saw Yun Hu drinking the alcohol directly. He couldn’t urge him to drink more obviously. Some things required tactics. “Have some food first. Let’s continue drinking after eating.” Lin Feng played a piece of braised beef on Yun Hu’s plate. He pretended that he wasn’t looking at the other party but in reality, his eyes kept glancing in Yun Hu’s direction.

Yun Hu ate the piece of braised beef calmly. However, he took out his phone from his pocket using the other hand and swiped it twice without showing any emotions.

At this moment, Lin Feng was focused on what he planned to do so he didn’t notice Yun Hu’s action. He didn’t know that in this second, Yun Hu sent a message to Bo Jiu. “Spade, do you know what is in Lin Feng’s mind recently?”

Bo Jiu was sitting in the club and watching the trainees playing games. When she received the message, she placed her hand under her chin and replied, “This is a good thing for Almighty Yun. You saw him already? Enjoy it then. After everything is done, don’t forget to thank me.”

Her reply was a little strange but it also told him indirectly that he wasn’t able to get any specific information from Little Spade.

Yun Hu’s gaze landed on the person in front of him again. Lin Feng raised his cup. “Hu, come, let’s have another drink.”

This time, he was even more outrageous. One cup was filled with plain water and the other cup was filled with white liquor.

Could this person’s intention to make him drunk be more obvious? Did Lin Feng think that he wasn’t able to see his small actions?

Yun Hu didn’t reject this cup of liquor. But after he picked up the cup and was drinking the liquor, he intentionally tilted the cup so that more than half of the liquor spilled on the floor.

His alcohol tolerance wasn’t low. He could even say that it was very good. But compared to that, he had a stronger desire to know what this person planned to do…