Chapter 1542 - First Kiss

Chapter 1542: First Kiss

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Yun Hu put down his cup as if nothing was wrong and he didn’t see through Lin Feng’s intention. He asked casually, “What is in the bag? The bag in the photo you took and posted in your moments.”

Lin Feng paused abruptly. Why did Yun Hu have to talk about this? Couldn’t he talk about something else?

“Nothing. Have some drinks, have some drinks.”

Yun Hu lifted his eyelids. He looked at that person’s fluttering gaze. It seemed like the thing in the bag was the main point. What on earth was it? Why did he react so abnormally?

Yun Hu was a smart person but even he was unable to guess what Lin Feng was thinking. After all, this straight man Lin Feng was very straightforward sometimes. They sat on two sides of the dining table and ate their meal half-heartedly.

Lin Feng kept thinking why this fellow wasn’t drunk yet. He was on his fifth cup of plain water. If he did any more cheap tricks, it would be too much. Most importantly, it was too quiet. The quieter it was, the guiltier Lin Feng felt. In the end, he stood up and said, “I’m going to the washroom.”

He had drunk many cups of water so he needed to relieve himself.

Coincidentally, the second Lin Feng went in, his phone rang. Yun Hu held his glass with one hand and looked at the caller ID. His gaze turned deeper. These two people still kept in contact?

However, that was unavoidable. His position in the Lin family was Lin Feng’s mentor. Even though this was what he thought logically, emotionally, he was still unable to accept it.

Sometimes, Yun Hu questioned if his possessiveness was too strong. If that person didn’t have any thoughts about Lin Feng, everything was fine. When he knew that the other person had other intentions, Yun Hu always felt uncomfortable.

For instance, in senior high, there had been a lady that would blush every time Lin Feng caught her pigtails. At that time, the only method he could think of was to divert the lady’s attention.

That was why he had chased her. It had been a ridiculous method but at that age when he was unable to say the truth, that was what he had done. In the end, the lady had finally agreed to be his girlfriend.

Yun Hu could tell that the person had been stunned for a moment before using his fist to bump his shoulder. “Not bad, Brother.”

Yun Hu still remembered what he had said at that time. “Don’t blame me.”

The person hadn’t seemed to understand what he meant. “Blame you? Why?”

“I can tell that you have feelings towards her.” This had been Yun Hu’s reply. In the past, he had been a little crafty.

Lin Feng had touched the back of his head and grabbed his hair. “Seriously? I do have some feelings towards her but she chose you. I only have good feelings towards her and I don’t have any other thoughts. Now, I’m just thinking about how to win during the competition.”

After Yun Hu had heard this reply, he had quickly broken up with the lady. No matter what request the lady had given, he had satisfied her.

He was a bad guy indeed. However, both parties had consented. The lady had gotten a few bags from him and wanted him to tell everyone that she was the one who broke up with him. Yun Hu didn’t care about who broke up with whom.

Sometime later, he had received a benefit he had never thought he would get: a consolation from that person.

Just like today, Lin Feng had prepared some wine and dishes for him. Then he patted his shoulder and started drinking. “There are many ladies out there. She broke up with you because she doesn’t have the good fortune to stay with you.”

After he had finished speaking, he had gotten drunk. That was the day he couldn’t control himself and kissed Lin Feng…