Chapter 1543 - Yun Hu Found Out

Chapter 1543: Yun Hu Found Out

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Although it had been just a kiss, Yun Hu had started to suspect that there was something wrong with him. If there wasn’t anything wrong, why would he be feeling something he shouldn’t for that certain someone who was also a boy?

Yun Hu had dreamt about him the entire night but he had still been oblivious.

The second day, he wondered if he had fallen somewhere. Otherwise, why did his head hurt so much?

Ever since then, he had considered distancing himself to find a solution. However, Lin Feng had thought he was upset about breaking up. Towards him, Yun Hu had always been helpless.

Originally, he had thought that Lin Feng would become better after getting together but he didn’t seem to be that self-aware. That was why there were opportunities for others to get close to him again and again.

Yun Hu looked at the screen that darkened and lit up. He reached out his hand to pick up the phone and walked to the bathroom, “Your phone keeps ringing.”

When Lin Feng was nervous, he liked to wash his hands. He had the tap running and was planning how to tackle Yun Hu when he heard his voice.

He used more strength and the water grew stronger. “Phone? Help me answer it.”

“Mmh.” Yun Hu replied. Internally he thought, “That’s what you told me to do.” He answered the call without hesitation and placed it to his ear.

“Hello.” It was a low voice, and he could hear the flipping of a document. “Are you free to have dinner and talk about the work procedure?”

Yun Hu wasn’t in a hurry, he waited for him to be done before replying, “Apologies, I’m not Lin Feng. He’s in the washroom and it isn’t convenient to take the call.”

That was an obvious pause on the other end. “Young Master Yun?”

“It’s me.” Yun Hu didn’t mind letting the other party know his identity, especially in a moment like this.

The man laughed, sounding like a gentleman. “This hour, is he washing his hands in the toilet?”

Yun Hu narrowed his eyes because he had guessed it right. The darkness in his eyes thickened. Just how thoughtless was he? Even an outsider knew of his habits.

Yun Hu glanced up calmly. “No, he is showering.”

The man on the other end paused for a moment too long. “I guess it really isn’t a convenient time to pick up the phone. I’ll wait for him. Young Master Yun, could I trouble you to pass him the phone?”

“Alright.” Yun Hu’s voice was still calm but in reality, he wanted to crash the phone in his hand. He wanted to see how that guy was going to answer this call when the phone was smashed. But that was just a thought.

Yun Hu hung up the call and had originally planned to return Lin Feng his phone. But when his gaze landed on the phone, his arms retracted.

“How to force someone taller than you?”

“The basic requirement for a dominant.”

“The detailed steps on being a dominant.”

“Let me share how I took down my boyfriend.”

Yun Hu read through the search bar and finally landed on a point. “Decide the position, start from today.”

Yun Hu paused, the color in his eyes changing entirely. Was this what his post meant? That explained why he had kept making him drink. He had wanted to make him drunk to do something to him.

Yun Hu’s fingers were still but his lips were upturned.

On the other end, Lin Feng had finally wiped himself dry. The moment he came out, he saw Yun Hu holding his phone, seemingly reading the search bar. Wait a minute, the top page’s preview… F*ck.