Chapter 1544 - Do You Want to Use It on Me?

Chapter 1544: Do You Want to Use It on Me?

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Without any hesitation, Lin Feng snatched the phone over from his palms. He tried to hide it but it was obvious from his expression.

Yun Hu glanced up, watching the person ahead of him with a deep gaze. From the looks of it, it must be real. This guy wanted to push him down?

Lin Feng coughed softly from his gaze and began to explain forcefully, “I just checked it out. After all, I have a boyfriend and have to know the process in advance. Not everyone has an endless learning spirit like me.”

For him to use endless learning spirit on something like this made Yun Hu believe he had started to sprout rubbish from guilt.

“If you really want to know about the process, I can teach you.” Yun Hu took a step forward. When he came close, there was a faint smell of alcohol, mixed with the original smell from his body. Unknowingly, it actually smelled nice.

But even then, Lin Feng could still sense the danger. “You don’t have to teach me; I already know it.” What a joke, did he still think he was a naive little boy that could be tricked easily?

He had already asked around. Under normal circumstances, if someone wanted to teach you the process, you should never agree to it. After all, it was very likely that you would end up enjoying it so much, you would become the person being suppressed.

He still knew about that!

“Is that so? You know it all?” Yun Hu came forward. “Then do you want to try it on me?”

Of course! He volunteered so willingly! Indeed, Yun Hu made so much sense! Lin Feng laughed, placing a hand on his shoulder like brothers did. “You also think it’s time for us to divide our positions, right?”

Getting along like brothers didn’t make Yun Hu feel that something was wrong. After all, the other party was a man, so he didn’t expect him to be shy.

“Yes, it’s about time we divided it.” Yun Hu followed his words. When he turned his eyes to the side, his eyes were a bit deep. He had never thought that something would happen so soon. Since Lin Feng was too straight, he was afraid of messing up. But now, it seemed that a certain someone wasn’t very resistant.

If he didn’t make use of such an opportunity, he wouldn’t have any chance in the future. He had always wanted to make him his. The thought made his eyes darken and he started to move. “But you have to buy something.”

Lin Feng felt very prepared at this moment. “No, I bought everything.”

“You bought it?” Yun Hu raised a brow.

Lin Feng didn’t think having his thoughts exposed was a bad thing since that was the manly thing to do. It wasn’t embarrassing to decide the position.

In the past, he had had way too many concerns. But now that he had thought things through, he placed the bag in front of Yun Hu. “It’s all here, a complete set.”

Yun Hu glanced at the bag. He basically knew everything inside. After all, everything Lin Feng searched for, he had already searched when they had still been in school.

Ever since he wanted a certain someone, some thoughts couldn’t be stopped. He would never have guessed that Lin Feng would have posted such things in his newsfeed. Or had he just searched in advance but didn’t have much thoughts?

Yun Hu’s gaze deepened. It seemed as though something that had been suppressed for a long time was going to be released…