Chapter 1545 - Let’s Start

Chapter 1545: Let’s Start

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“Not bad.” Yun Hu looked through the items randomly but there were many thoughts running through his mind.

When Lin Feng heard that he was praised, he started to explain, “This is recommended by the boss. I am a popular esports player and didn’t take off the mask the entire time I was shopping for the items.”

This explained why he was dressed in such a manner. Yun Hu had a vague idea after hearing his words. “I never knew you had such thoughts.”

Lin Feng coughed lightly. “Since we have to decide the position, it’s best to deal with it soon.”

When he heard that sentence, he was reminded of the message Spade had sent him. Based on his understanding of a certain someone, if someone hadn’t provoked him, he wouldn’t have thought about it at all. It seemed like he really should treat her to a meal after today.

Lin Feng couldn’t see through his thoughts but since everything was prepared, he decided to go through the motion. “Should we take a shower separately?”

“Sure.” Yun Hu suddenly laughed. Since he offered himself so willingly, there wasn’t reason to reject him.

Seeing his quick reply, Lin Feng found a set of pajamas and threw it over to Yun Hu before he went to another bathroom. He watched the ‘lesson’ once more.

After he was about done, Lin Feng looked into the mirror and said, “With such dominance and good looks, Yun Hu definitely wouldn’t be able to handle it.”

Bo Jiu would definitely have smirked if she heard it. He was indeed good looking – but dominant? Sorry, but not a bit.

Lin Feng left the bathroom with absolute confidence. In order to take down Yun Hu, even his steps were more aggressive than usual. However, the moment he saw Yun Hu, his aggression deflated like a pierced balloon.

Yun Hu appeared right at this moment. The pajamas he wore were a little small.

Hence, he didn’t button the top two buttons, leaving it open and thus exposing the enviable curve of his neck. Lin Feng felt a little jealous. When did he go to the gym?! Shouldn’t a professional gamer be unusually pale and weak? To look like he did… Where was his professionalism? What had happened to the fat homebody that only knew how to game?

At such a moment, Lin Feng ignored his background and the days they had lived in the dormitory when he would wake him up and go for a run every morning. What had he said back then?

“Let me sleep a little longer.”

That had basically been how it went. He hadn’t thought waking up early was something professional gamers should do.

Look at their captain! He was bad tempered in the morning. Anyone who dared to wake him up in the morning had to be prepared for an additional hour of training.

But Lin Feng finally understood. Once they were in bed, they would see the results. Getting up in the morning for a run was really useful!

As Yun Hu had just finished his shower, the black hair on his head was still wet and beads of water fell onto his face drop by drop, gently flowing down into his neck. Under such situations, his eyes seemed to be growing deeper and deeper.

Unknowingly, Lin Feng felt his heartbeat accelerate a little. He hadn’t felt anything a moment ago.

At this moment, Yun Hu took another step forward, his gaze lowered. “Shall we start? Mmh?”