Chapter 1546 - Used on Himself

Chapter 1546: Used on Himself

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“Start?” Lin Feng’s face turned hot. The aura from the other party was engulfing him.

Yun Hu lowered his gaze. “Everything is already prepared. Are we not supposed to start?”

“Of course, we need to start.” Lin Feng moved his right hand and pushed the person against the wall. His voice was a little hoarse. “But I will be the one who starts it.”

Was this a joke? As if he hadn’t been kissed by Yun Hu before. Every time he kissed him, his waist would turn weak and his mind would be blank. There was no way he was able to take over the initiative. It was better for him to lie down directly. Hence, even if they were to start, he should be the one taking the initiative.

Yun Hu didn’t know what Lin Feng was thinking. However, to Yun Hu, if Lin Feng wanted to take the initiative, he wouldn’t reject it.

“Sure, you can start.” Yun Hu’s gaze lowered slightly as he spoke.

Lin Feng moved a little closer to him. But for some reason, he felt that there was something extremely weird about the situation. It was probably because his heart was beating too quickly. His heart was racing so quickly that he actually felt that the aura from Yun Hu’s body had already tainted his body even though he hadn’t touched him.

Yun Hu noticed Lin Feng’s hesitation. He started to clench his hand slowly into a fist. Until now, he was still worried that this fellow was unable to accept this relationship.

The reason why Lin Feng had the interest to do this was because he hadn’t understood what everything really meant.

In the past, he had always been the one who kissed Lin Feng voluntarily. Lin Feng would be forced to accept it. But could Lin Feng really accept a man as his partner, not just mentally?

“No.” The instant Lin Feng said this word, Yun Hu felt as though someone slashed his heart forcefully.

He calmed his breath so that Lin Feng wouldn’t be able to see his emotions. “Normally, this kind of matter…”

“What makes you think that I can’t do it?” Lin Feng raised his eyelids again. His skin was very fair so the pinkish tint surging on his neck could be seen clearly. But he didn’t lose in terms of force of presence. “Close your eyes. Hu, don’t you have common sense? Who opens his eyes when he’s being kissed?”

Yun Hu paused abruptly for a moment. Then he smiled. “I forgot about that. I will close my eyes now.”

So, this fellow was actually feeling shy. He even said something like ‘don’t you have common sense’. Fortunately, he was feeling shy. If he really couldn’t accept it, what should he do?

Whenever Yun Hu thought about this, his heart would contract suddenly.

But right at this moment, Lin Feng lowered his gaze. He pecked Yun Hu’s lips lightly. If Yun Hu’s eyes had been opened, his gaze must be very deep. He controlled his urge to respond to Lin Feng. That was because they hadn’t reached the end. If he couldn’t control himself now, he wouldn’t be able to get the sweetest segment.

Lin Feng only kissed Yun Hu once. Then he seemed to be addicted. His breath got heavier and heavier and he leaned over once again. However, this time, he didn’t know which component went wrong.

All Yun Hu did was respond to him but Lin Feng’s brain seemed to have stopped reacting. His heart pounded faster than any other moment of his life and his breath wasn’t the least stable.

By the time he regained his senses, the other party had already grabbed his waist violently. But all this didn’t seem important in front of kissing.

Lin Feng had to admit that this fellow’s kissing technique was really good. Maybe it wasn’t just his kissing technique; the flames that were ignited on the places where his hand touched couldn’t seem to be extinguished.

Numbness kept coming from his tailbone. It made his legs go weak. Below him was the soft cotton blanket. When the watch on his wrist pasted on his skin, Lin Feng shuddered. Then his important part was grabbed by someone.

Lin Feng just said a word, “No.”

The person leaned over entirely. His voice blew past his face and landed on the back of his ears again and again. “You will like it.”

Indeed, he liked it very much. No one wouldn’t like to be treated like this. The feeling was entirely different from his own hand. Lin Feng wasn’t able to describe it. He could only feel his thoughts flying away. Then he no longer had the ability to think – much less talk about who was the one taking the initiative.

Between his fingers and his breath, he was able to feel that warmth as well as the warm breath that landed on his shoulder when he lowered his gaze.

The temperature of the entire room was rising.

Lin Feng didn’t have the chance to look at himself now, from the resistance at the start to now, when he hoped that everything would last a moment longer.

Yun Hu’s gaze was deep as though he was suppressing something. When his kiss landed on the side of Lin Feng’s ear, he still remembered to grab that thing.

At this instant, Lin Feng was already floating in the air. He stared at the ceiling as his body was still engulfed in the extremely numb lingering warmth. Suddenly, his body was lifted up. That instant, he did feel pain.

Lin Feng’s eyes turned wide open in an instant. At that moment, he said, “What the f*ck!” He wanted to push that person away!

Yun Hu stopped at the same time too. There was so much perspiration on his forehead. “I’m sorry. I’m probably unable to stop now.”

Lin Feng’s eyes widened by another half a circle. Instantly after that, he felt the kiss from the other person. The person showed no signs of stopping.

Not only that, he even felt that Yun Hu was going to engulf him completely. Once he got used to this, for some reason, more and more numbness started surging up his body. Lin Feng’s entire body was soft as though he was picked up from a pool of water.

His thoughts were in a mess when the voice beside his ears said, “You were right. This model is indeed good to use.”

Lin Feng felt the strength of the other party. There were other things mixed in it. More numbness could be felt.

Lin Feng remembered the sentence the owner of the shop said to him in a mysterious tone, “You can try this on your boyfriend. There will be unexpected results.”

Lin Feng finally experienced what this unexpected result was. He wanted… He wanted even more.

Yun Hu also realized that this thing was different from the ones normally used. He only stopped for a second. Then he didn’t hold back his strength anymore.

In the full-length mirror, one could see a handsome young man with snowy-white skin being hugged around the waist from behind by another man. His black hair drooped down and he raised his head up as though he wasn’t able to handle it.

Yun Hu didn’t have a split second of hesitation too. He lowered his head and gave him a kiss that went right into his bones.

He didn’t plan to let this person go. All the way from the start when he knew what Lin Feng wanted to do, he had already thought this way.

This was what Yun Hu had planned. You could say that he was despicable or scold him with other words. But as long as he was able to get Lin Feng, nothing was more important than that.

Lin Feng finally got to experience what it felt like to walk into a trap willingly. But everything was too late now. How would he know that the things he prepared so meticulously would be used on his own body? Also, who was the one who had said that the one who took the initiative wouldn’t be at the bottom?

It was impossible to say that Lin Feng didn’t feel frustrated.

But how should he put it? He did manage to enjoy it. It wasn’t as hard to accept as he had thought. It just felt extremely awkward. That was why before the sun rose the next morning, Lin Feng escaped…