Chapter 1547 - Untitled

Chapter 1547: Untitled

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Lin Feng didn’t go anywhere special after he escaped. He went directly back to the Lin family.

There were so many marks on him it was definitely impossible for him to go back to the construction site. One look and other people could tell that his waist and legs were uncomfortable. Also, his throat was extremely dry.

Last night, Yun Hu hadn’t planned to let him get a good sleep either…

Lin Feng grabbed his blanket and pulled it over his head when he thought about this. It was really f*cked up.

Speaking of it, putting himself in Yun Hu’s shoes, he wouldn’t let the other person get a good sleep either. But when he was the one who was unable to sleep properly, everything was different.

He only knew recently that Yun Hu’s zodiac was a dog, the little wolfhound kind of dog. This was a trendy phrase nowadays. Lin Feng had never expected that one day, he would use this phrase on Yun Hu.

He didn’t have a fever. Actually, when he had woken up, Lin Feng had realized that his body was clean. It was probably because after he had fainted after doing that thing last night, Yun Hu had carried him as he had washed himself up.

Lin Feng clenched his fist tightly. His face was still red. The aura from Yun Hu was etched so deeply on his body that even until now, the moment Lin Feng closed his eyes, he was still able to hear that fellow panting as well as his low voice and heat…

What the f*ck!

Lin Feng moved and planned to get up to have a bath again. However, right at this instant, the phone in his pocket rang. It was a message from Little Spade. It was her daily inquiry. “How was everything yesterday? Did you take down Almighty Yun already?”

When Bo Jiu sent this message, she was sitting in the cafeteria of the Qin Group. She supported her chin with her hand lazily. Ever since they took in new members, the Qin Group set up this small cafeteria specially for them. This was to allow these young trainees to have a balanced diet. After all, esports had slowly gained the approval of more and more people. The age of the trainees got younger and younger too.

At the start, Bo Jiu didn’t care much. She loved to sleep. When she was in school, she would lay on the table without any worry and replenish some sleep. We all knew that hackers worked at night.

Thus, in the morning, it was understandable that she would feel sleepy. Bo Jiu planned to find a random place to sleep when the trainees were eating but she saw the small figure again. The young child held a steamed bun in one hand. There was a cup placed beside her, which was filled with hot water. She was reading a book and chewing on her steamed bun while drinking some hot water at the same time. There was no expression on her fair and clean little face.

That was probably because she was still underage and her size and height were small too.

Bo Jiu always felt that from this angle, the little child seemed exceptionally cute. Her fingers paused slightly and she felt a lot more energetic. Hence, she stood up with one hand in her pocket. Her silver short hair flowed down and she kept her phone. Then she carried her dining tray and walked towards the little figure. She stopped opposite the little figure.

At first, Little Mo Bei was chewing her steamed plain bun. When she saw the person sitting down opposite her, her ears turned red for some reason.

Bo Jiu raised her eyebrows. “Why are you only eating steamed buns? When I was your age, I could eat five green bean meat buns.”

Just as Little Mo Bei was about to open her mouth, Bo Jiu directly raised her chopsticks and took a piece of egg. She placed it in front of Little Mo Bei’s mouth.

Little Mo Bei’s gaze fluttered a little. There was still no expression on her little face.

Bo Jiu smiled lazily. “Little Mo Bei, why are you in a daze? Come, open your mouth.”

No one was able to reject their idol. Little Mo Bei was the same too. However, when she wanted to open her mouth and eat the food, the figure of their captain appeared not far away. His shallow gaze was looking in their direction and it seemed a little unfriendly.