Chapter 1548 - Untitled

Chapter 1548: Untitled

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When Little Mo Bei was suspecting if she saw his expression wrongly, Qin Mo walked over towards them slowly. He stretched his hand out and pulled Bo Jiu’s collar at the back. “Don’t force a child to eat something she doesn’t like.”

Bo Jiu tilted her head. Her gaze changed for an instant before she looked back at the child in front of her. “Little Mo Bei, do you like to eat eggs?”

Little Mo Bei looked at the gaze her captain was giving her. Then she looked at the face of her idol that was enough to make her ears turn red. Her voice was clean and serious when she said, “I like.”

“Have more of it then.” Bo Jiu took another piece of egg and passed it to Little Mo Bei.

Qin Mo squinted. He didn’t say anything but the cold aura around his body caused the all-rounded assistant to push his glasses up his nose bridge. Was his young master jealous?

Actually, he hadn’t reached the jealous stage. It was just that in the past, someone had always accompanied him. Yet, she seemed too concerned about this child in front of her now.

It was true that Bo Jiu treated Little Mo Bei differently. After all, if it wasn’t for this young child, she wouldn’t have been able to enter the arena so quickly at the start. In addition, the overall aura of this child was really similar to the young Qin Mo. Hence, Bo Jiu would definitely show more care towards her.

However, after caring about her, she realized that this child was different from other people. She always worked alone and would spend the least money on food. She didn’t like to talk. And when she trained, she was more hardworking than anyone else.

Playing esports was really a test of your talent in this area. Not everyone who liked to play games was suitable for this industry.

Some people played well naturally. As for some people, no matter how much they trained, they still ended up not being as good. That was why some people needed to think carefully before giving up their studies to play esports. After all, not everyone could enter this industry.

You needed to have enough psychological endurance and the talent, and you needed to know what the most crucial factor when playing a game was. You needed hand speed and the ability to predict.

That was why Supreme Alliance had many layers of screening when they were recruiting people. Even if this method of screening would cause other people to think that Supreme Alliance looked down on normal people; once they became the champion, they would continue to use this method.

Every industry had its glamorous side and a side unknown to the public. Even if it was Supreme Alliance, not everyone would like it. Those people that didn’t manage to succeed even until now either were in awe of Supreme Alliance or waiting to see them go downhill.

Hence, when these people knew the criteria Supreme Alliance set for their recruitment, they mocked them before they would say, “Let me give my words here in case the fans of Supreme Alliance said that I’m envious of them. I play esports because I really love it. It doesn’t matter if I win or lose or if I become popular or not. I’m just playing for fun. I just can’t stand some people who start looking down on ordinary players after they become champions. Who on earth are they?”

These words would definitely spread among the trainees.

When Bo Jiu was in charge of leading these people for the past two days, she did hear some of this gossip. She knew that some of these people felt that they weren’t given enough attention so they were thinking whether they should enter Supreme Alliance.

When Bo Jiu heard of such things, she would just lean against the wall and smile. The corners of her lips were lifted up to become a crescent. She didn’t seem to care if these people stayed or left.

But when she was about to leave, she saw a small figure appearing in front of those trainees. That small face was as expressionless and calm as always. “If he doesn’t want to win, why did he enter the esports industry and become a professional player? If this is just his interest, he can just stay at home and play. His saying is contradictory.”