Chapter 1549 - In the Future If We Had a Child

Chapter 1549: In the Future If We Had a Child

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“What does a young child like you understand? Some people came here because they purely like esports.”

These trainees seemed to dislike this child.

“Go where you are supposed to be. You don’t have any expressions on your face all the time and you’re extremely arrogant. You only act like this because you showcased your skills during an unofficial match and got recruited. We are different from you. We reached our current position through much hard work while you have never experienced any setbacks before. You just know how to build a good relationship with God Z. Your style of playing is a copy of other people. You don’t have any skills of your own. If I was to say, the vice-captain shouldn’t be a female, even if it’s God Z. Her way of choosing members is disappointing. How did she choose you? This is a joke. Why are they still saying that opportunities are given to people who work hard? If Supreme Alliance uses a fake setting to build their team, they won’t go far,”

The little figure’s expression turned obviously colder when she heard the last sentence. “Since Supreme Alliance is so bad, why did you still come? After you come, you say bad things about the club. Everyone starts playing games because they love it. God Z chose me because I play better than all of you. If you are unwilling to let it go, you can fight with me. However, I know that people like you who talk behind other people’s backs will always be like this. You claimed that you worked really hard but the things you focus on are never esports. If you really liked gaming, you would be training at this time. You wouldn’t be gossiping here. You said that you aren’t jealous. My reply is still the same. Anyone who doesn’t want to win can continue playing games for fun. Why do they have to become professional players? Every single professional team wants to stand at a higher position. No one wants to lose. You joined Supreme Alliance because Supreme Alliance is very popular, so you want more people to know you too. Hence, is there any reason for you to complain?”

“Come on, we are different from you. We don’t just want to get famous.”

The little figure’s expression was still very calm. “Different from me? Indeed, I’m different from all of you. What I want is very simple. I want to win. I hope that Supreme Alliance will stay in that position forever and won’t get pulled down by anyone. This is my motive for becoming a professional player. Along the way, I can earn some money and support myself. To those people who have never thought of entering the finals of the National League, they shouldn’t give up their studies. After all, only the people who have walked this path before know how hard the esports’ route is. Isn’t it normal that Supreme Alliance doesn’t want you? All of you are mocking Supreme Alliance not because you don’t want to get famous. You just know that during the division matches, you won’t be able to be the first. You also know that you won’t become famous either.”

“How funny. Do you think that we are like you? Do you think we lack so much money that we need to use this to prove ourselves? Forget it, I won’t speak to an idiot.”

The little figure glanced sideways at them. “Since you know that I’m an idiot, don’t create a side account and say bad things online about God Z while pretending that you’re a fan”

From Bo Jiu’s angle, she could see that the person’s face was green. He probably didn’t expect this small figure to know his secret. The person’s expression changed instantly.

The small figure retracted his gaze. “This isn’t a world where you will rise just because you pull someone down. Of course, you will say that you have never thought about this before but you just felt angry because you feel that God Z’s method of doing things isn’t right. Whether it’s right or not, we will wait until the final match ends to talk about it.”

After she finished speaking, the little figure turned her body. She didn’t seem afraid that those people were taller than her. She spoke calmly, “I will win and then beat the shit out of all of you.”

“You!” The person wanted to hit Little Mo Bei. When the person beside him reminded him that there was a surveillance camera above his head, that person gave a dark glare.

The trainees didn’t notice that. Bo Jiu saw this entire scene though.

From that day onwards, many rumors started spreading. They said that the youngest trainee of Supreme Alliance was too arrogant and didn’t know how to cooperate in a team at all. When she started to get known by other people, she got proud and always said things that slapped her own face.

Some fans claimed that right from the start, they were disappointed in the ways Supreme Alliance chose their members. They felt that this wasn’t Supreme Alliance they knew.

Some even said that Spade Z chose her members by looking at their faces. Others mentioned that she received some bribes.

Another bunch of people came out to express their disappointment.

In the end, that child seemed to be anxious.

This was why Bo Jiu had had her eyes on Little Mo Bei at the start. This young child was indeed likable but this child was too straightforward. She would snap easily.

At first, Bo Jiu had thought of reasoning with the child but when she had looked into that pair of eyes, she had given up the idea.

Either way, they were still present. They were still able to raise the child. Also, no one was able to predict how long Supreme Alliance was able to go. After all, the circle would change.

Bo Jiu placed her hand under her chin and gave a lazy smile. Feeding the child always gave her a sense of achievement. On the other hand, Qin Mo sat at the side. His aura was colder than it normally was.

Little Mo Bei didn’t sense the change. After she finished eating, she went for training. Qin Mo glanced at the child before retracting his gaze. He grabbed Bo Jiu and walked towards the office.

Bo Jiu was still sleepy. This was the only bad thing about waking up early. When she walked into the office room, Qin Mo raised his eyebrows and looked at her. “You like children?”

“Yes.” In the past, Bo Jiu had had no special feelings for young children. However, ever since she had discovered someone on the other side of the window, for some reason, whenever she saw this kind of young child who didn’t speak much and was cold-looking, she would let down her guard against them.

In the future, she would forget that a child could be a trap too because of this emotion towards them. But now, she seemed to have straightened out her thoughts again. It was probably because she met Little Mo Bei, who was really similar to the Almighty when he had been young.

Most young children were like angels, especially this kind of expressionless young child. Her ears turned red whenever she teased her and she had her own unique sense of judgment. She wouldn’t go along with the majority and had really a mysterious presence.

Qin Mo walked in slowly. He placed one hand beside her and leaned down towards her. “Since you like her so much, you can give birth to one yourself.”

Before Bo Jiu could react, Qin Mo opened his mouth again. His tone was calm. “After you enter university, we will go to Fifth Avenue and live there. There won’t be random people around who need you to feed them. It’s a good place to prepare for pregnancy.”

Bo Jiu wanted to ask Brother Mo if he was actually jealous. But the Almighty lowered his head and kissed her lips. His aura wafted around the tip of her nose.

She could hear his voice faintly. “In the future, if you want to feed other people again, please consider your husband, Mrs. Qin.”

Bo Jiu smiled. Her silver hair moved slightly. “Okay. However, Brother Mo, if you are always jealous, you might even be jealous of our child if we really have one.”

Qin Mo lowered his gaze. His thin lips landed on her face. He remained composed as he replied, “That will depend on how sensitive he is.”

Bo Jiu: … He replied so seriously…