Chapter 155 - Putting Highness Jiu’s Face on Pillows!

Chapter 155: Putting Highness Jiu’s Face on Pillows!

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All fairy tales were indeed lies.

The boys carried their schools bags and sadly said goodbye to their goddesses.

Some girls were unhappy inside. After all, they were young and at such an age to care about these things.

Xue Yaoyao felt the most helpless. After all, she was treated badly before regarding the issue of changing seats.

This time…

The facts proved that this time was different.

Two girls walked over of their own initiative and smiled to her, “You like Highness Jiu, right? We do too! Wanna sit together?”

At that moment, Xue Yaoyao understood how important and crucial it was to be handsome in this world, but there was one person who could impact the entire world around him with “his” charisma and frank values.

Therefore, they called “him” Highness Jiu. He was a unique existence.

Fu Jiu heard them talking and walked up to the three of them with one hand in her pocket. She smiled and gave them each a lollipop while they were rearranging the seats.

Unlike Xue Yaoyao, those two girls were even more excited, and the lollipops in their mouths tasted extra sweet.

Like what His Highness Jiu said, girls should eat more sweets and be kinder to others. Even if they couldn’t be kind, at least they shouldn’t mock others. Showing respect to others was showing respect to yourself.

They had all learned, and they were proud of it.

In fact, they had privately discussed sending someone to get His Highness Jiu’s WeChat, but it seemed that His Highness Jiu didn’t like to be disturbed.

Sigh… Why wasn’t Highness Jiu a star? Then they could be “his” fans more openly, and they could also make some merchandise like a pillow with “his” face on it…

With this in mind, the two girls became even more talkative.

After hearing all that, Xue Yaoyao said to them firmly, “Don’t worry. One day, your wishes will come true!”

When the pillows came out, she would be the first one to buy them!

In fact, since she was not sitting together with Xue Yaoyao anymore, Fu Jiu would rather sit by herself. Then she could also hack the Internet during classes.

After all, playing games was only a temporary thing. Once she’s done solving He Honghua’s troubles, she still needed to go back to her good old hacker kingdom.

Fu Jiu observed her surroundings, and she found that the seat at the back wasn’t too bad. It was next to the window in a dead corner. Although this was a disadvantageous place for a good student, it was the perfect spot to work for her.

Fu Jiu walked over with a smile, took out her black school bag, put it on the desk, and sat down right there.

Nobody expected that Fu Jiu would choose such a seat. That was the seat for the students who were forgotten and abandoned by the teachers.

Fu Jiu actually used to be there before, because she ranked dead last in class.

But later, He Honghua donated a lot of money to school in order for her to study better, so she was allowed to move to the front.

Why did she return there herself?

The students looked at one another, but they didn’t say anything.

Even the physics teacher didn’t understand what was going on.

Although the English teacher praised Fu Jiu last time for a long time, in the heart of the physics teacher, Fu Jiu was still that student who ranked dead last among the whole class.

It was not discrimination; it was just that the physics teacher thought that good seats should be reserved for good students.

“Okay, since everyone has chosen their own seats, let’s start today’s lesson.”

The physics teacher clapped his hands, and the rest took their attention back. Jiang Feiyang looked at Fu Jiu, but he still didn’t approach her after hesitating for a while.

Xue Yaoyao stood up in a whoosh after seeing this. “Sir, I want to sit in the back too.”