Chapter 1550 - Yun Hu and Lin Feng

Chapter 1550: Yun Hu and Lin Feng

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“What is considered sensitive and what is considered insensitive?” Bo Jiu decided to ask first so that she would be able to prevent this person from getting jealous when the time came.

Qin Mo lowered his gaze. His tone was still calm when he said, “You ask too many questions.”

Bo Jiu wanted to open her mouth but Qin Mo leaned forward and engulfed the person entirely with his kiss.

He was able to make someone quiet with this action and at the same time, make sure that she had no time to care about any other things. Hence, Bo Jiu missed the message that Lin Feng had sent.

Actually, when Lin Feng saw the question Little Spade had sent, he had been thinking about how he should answer it.

Tell her the truth? How was that possible! This would affect a man’s reputation! Don’t reply to her? Little Spade would think that he didn’t take the person down. If he said that he was unyielding, it was a little unbelievable as well.

Lin Feng moved his fingers and typed a few words. “I’m taking care of Hu currently. His waist is hurting. That’s all.”

This reply was more believable, right?

Yesterday, he was still thinking of boasting about his techniques this morning. Now he didn’t even know how to boast even if he wanted to. But no matter what, he wouldn’t tell Little Spade that he was the one at the bottom!

After Lin Feng sent the message, he decided to rest for some time. With his condition now, he wouldn’t be able to meet anyone.

When he came in just now and his mother asked him, he said that he was sick and feeling uncomfortable. This was all he could say. He couldn’t tell him that he slept with Hu and he was the one at the bottom.

Thinking about this, Lin Feng remembered that scene last night again. When that person lowered his gaze, why didn’t he reject him?

He felt as though that person had a magnetic field around him. His aura was of lethal attraction to him. Should he say that that fellow was too handsome or was it because of that person’s techniques…

Lin Feng shook his head in an attempt to remove the image from his mind. But before he could shake it off, his phone rang. The caller ID told him that it was Yun Hu.

Lin Feng froze abruptly when he saw the name. Immediately, he silenced his phone! He looked at his phone as though it was some dreadful monster. Even his eyes became bigger.

But as a straightforward and simple-minded man, his ego told him that if he didn’t dare to pick up the call now, he wasn’t a man.

All he did was to just have s*x. All he did was fail being the one on top and becoming the submissive one. All Yun Hu did was using everything Lin Feng bought on him. Nothing wrong with that, right?

Anyway, he was already home now. Why did he have to be afraid of Little Yun Hu, who was a few kilometers away? There was no need to be afraid at all! Pick up the call!


Lin Feng prepared himself mentally and took a deep breath. He put the phone beside his ear and pressed the call button. Then he lowered his voice purposely so that the other party could tell that he was mature and composed. “Hello.”

That was right, at least his force of presence was on point! He didn’t get suppressed by Yun Hu! This was Lin Feng’s assessment of himself.

He heard the other person replying, “Running away after you sleep. Almighty Lin, is this how you want to play?”

Why was he calling him Almighty Lin?

Lin Feng believed that that fellow did it on purpose. He was just about to explode in anger when Yun Hu’s tone changed and he continued, “Do you feel uncomfortable anywhere?”

“I’m alright.” Lin Feng moved his body awkwardly.

Yun Hu’s voice remained calm. “The moment I opened my eyes, you were gone. I thought that I had a dream yesterday. After all, I’m used to having this kind of dream for the past few years.”

Lin Feng: … Do you feel very righteous for thinking of having s*x with me for so many years!