Chapter 1551

Chapter 1551: Untitled

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“Let me buy some medicine for you.” Yun Hu lowered his voice from the other end of the phone again. He sounded a little hoarse. “You need to apply some medicine on that spot to relieve the pain.”

At first, Lin Feng felt alright. Now, however, his face turned red because of what the experienced man said. He turned his head and replied, “There’s no need for that. I will be fine after sleeping for a while. Also, I’m not there anymore.”

“Where are you? The Lin family?” Yun Hu asked seemingly casually.

Lin Feng replied, “Yes.” They weren’t in the same place so the other person couldn’t do anything to him.

However, much to his surprise, Yun Hu’s next sentence was, “Wait for me.”

Lin Feng: … I hope it’s not what I think he meant.

Before this thought left Lin Feng’s mind, he heard a commotion from below the stairs. He confirmed that it was Yun Hu.

Besides bringing medicine, Yun Hu also brought two packs of fruits. They were all fruits that Mother Lin liked to eat. Mother Lin was extremely delighted to see Yun Hu. “Yun Hu, why are you free to come and visit today?”

“I came to see godmother.” Yun Hu was always good at talking.

Mother Lin’s smile turned brighter. “Didn’t you just come and see me last time? Don’t go back home today. I will make fish tonight for dinner.”

“Sure,” Yun Hu replied. At the same time, he pretended to ask casually, “Where is Lin Feng?”

“He’s sleeping upstairs. I don’t know what’s wrong with this child recently. He’s acting so strangely. Not only does he want to stay alone but he also doesn’t let me into his room when he’s having a flu.” Mother Lin shook her head. “He’s really an adult now. He knows what it’s like to feel shy.”

Lin Feng heard his mom’s words through the door frame. He highly suspected the identity of his mother because she was inviting a wolf into their house.

Lin Feng jumped up from the bed. He wondered if he should lock his room. If he didn’t, he would find it really awkward to see Yun Hu now. If he locked it, it would seem too intentional though.

Just as Lin Feng was hesitating, a slightly low voice floated over from the bottom of the stairs. “I will go up and take a look at him.”

“Go on, go on.” Mother Lin was really happy. “I will go and cut some fruits.”

Lin Feng: 

His mom was sending him into the mouth of a wolf. In the past, she had done it. Now, she was still doing the same thing.

Lin Feng felt that he would not recover from his “flu”. Since he wasn’t able to evade it, he decided to be more open about it. He had made up his mind. He could lose everything but not his ego. What was there to be afraid of!

When Yun Hu walked in, Lin Feng quickly tidied his expression and sat back down on the chair. He pretended that he wanted to play some games and do his live stream.

Yun Hu didn’t expect to see this scene when he came in. He thought that someone should be lying on the bed now. Why was he still playing games?

Lin Feng noticed that someone entered his room so he pretended to be cold and haughty by glancing sideways. “You’re here?”

Yun Hu didn’t say anything. He just walked over directly and placed his hand on Lin Feng’s forehead.

Lin Feng froze for a moment. His aura softened. “Can you speak? Why are you touching me?” Damn it, this was illegal.

“Touching you?” Yun Hu raised his eyebrows and then leaned forward instantly while lowering his gaze. He placed his forehead against Lin Feng’s. This made Lin Feng remember what had happened last night again. What the f*ck!

“I’m not having a fever.” Lin Feng lifted his hand and pushed the person away. But when he was doing this, he pulled the muscle on his waist. It was so painful his body tensed up.

Yun Hu could tell that he was uncomfortable. He placed his fingers automatically on the back of Lin Feng’s waist. This action looked as if he wanted to hug Lin Feng in his arms entirely.

Lin Feng felt the temperature on his face rising. But the strength of the kneading on his back was just on point.

In shallow waters, shrimps made fools of dragons. If he was given a chance to do it again, he would definitely not be the one at the bottom. Next time, when he saw the boss of that shop again, he must ask the other party to give him something normal.

He would never buy those that were able to flame one’s desire anymore. That was the thing that made him lose all his strength to resist. This was a huge blunder on his end! That was right, it was a blunder!

Lin Feng would never admit that his technique wasn’t as good as the other person’s.

“Next time, I will get it back.”

Yun Hu raised his eyebrows slightly when he heard this. He seemed to be hiding a smile on the edge of his lips. “Sure.”

Next time? This kind of thing depends on your ability. This fellow still hadn’t understood his position. But that was alright because Yun Hu was extremely agreeable to let Lin Feng have this kind of wish. Normally, though, only those people that couldn’t realize their goal would call it a wish.

“Go and lie on the bed.”

Lin Feng immediately took a huge step back when he heard these words. “What the f*ck, why do you want me to lie on the bed?”

“Apply the medicine.” Yun Hu looked at the person and continued calmly, “What do you think I want to do?”

Lin Feng felt a little awkward – just a little. He replied, “Don’t say such ambiguous things in the future. If you want to apply medicine, just say that you want to apply medicine.”

Yun Hu glanced at Lin Feng. “Okay.”

Lin Feng still felt a little awkward.

The person took some ointment and wanted to apply it to Lin Feng’s neck. “For the swelling.”

In his heart, Lin Feng thought, “So you know how lethal it was when you kissed me.”

But he didn’t say it directly. Instead, he insisted on doing it himself.

Yun Hu didn’t say much either. He placed the ointment in Lin Feng’s hand before he looked at the messy bed.

This person must have been pretending just now. Play games? How was that possible?

Yun Hu shifted his gaze and it landed on Lin Feng’s body again.

Lin Feng didn’t know how he should move when he got stared at by Yun Hu. Yet, Yun Hu’s next words were, “Take off your pants.”

This time, Lin Feng didn’t react impulsively. “Why do I have to take off my pants?”

“What do you think?” Yun Hu pressed on his legs with his hands. “There’s a certain place where if I help you to apply the ointment, it will be more convenient.”

Lin Feng looked at the angular face getting closer and closer to him. It was so close he didn’t have any chance of resisting. In the end, he could only cover himself with his blanket and not look at the person who was sitting at the side of his bed. The back of his neck was entirely red.

After that, Lin Feng did manage to sleep for some time. But when it was time for dinner, Mother Lin would definitely come up to hasten the two of them down.

“Hey, after Hu came, your flu got better?”

Lin Feng couldn’t explain his difficulty. “Beautiful Lady, I’m forcing myself. After all, I have to accompany you for dinner.”

“Stop being garrulous. Come down and have dinner.” Mother Lin went happily downstairs.

Lin Feng: … When he spoke, he was being garrulous. When Yun Hu spoke, he was being sensitive and mature. His mother was really… Did she choose what to say by looking at the bloodline?

From last night onwards, Lin Feng hadn’t eaten much food. Thus, he was already famished. After seeing the entire table of dishes, he couldn’t control his chopsticks anymore. There was spicy fried chicken with chilis and potato, chopped bell pepper fish head, and steamed stuffed lotus root. These were all dishes that Yun Hu and he liked to eat.

His mom always complained that these dishes were too troublesome to make so she never cooked them. This time, it was really because her real son came!

Lin Feng complained silently in his heart as he lowered his head and planned to eat like a horse. But he didn’t know what was wrong with Yun Hu. Wherever his chopsticks went, Yun Hu chopsticks would go there too as though he was purposely targeting him.

All the way until Lin Feng wanted to take a piece of chicken meat and Yun Hu snatched the food on his chopsticks away for the third time.

Lin Feng was just about to flare up when that fellow placed a piece of vegetable in his bowl and said, “You’re feeling uncomfortable. Don’t eat such spicy food.”

Mother Lin thought that Yun Hu was talking about Lin Feng’s ‘flu’ so she agreed. “Hu is right. Go and scoop a bowl of soup for yourself.”

Lin Feng remembered the information he researched on the internet. As a qualified dominant gay, the next morning, after waking up, he must cook some porridge or soup for the person on the bed.

At that time, he still planned to display his gentleness and thoughtfulness in front of Yun Hu. Now, the one drinking soup became him. You could imagine how Lin Feng felt. In front of a table of his favorite dishes, he couldn’t eat anything. It was so frustrating.

Moreover, Yun Hu was going to sleep here tonight! Although it was still early and there was plenty of time before bedtime, whenever Lin Feng saw the bed or someone rolling up his sleeves, he would remember what had happened last night. It was still awkward.

Mother Lin also noticed that her son seemed exceptionally quiet today. Maybe it was because he was sick. When she finished cutting the fruits and passed it to Yun Hu, she asked, “Can you ask him if he has any matters on his heart recently?”

Yun Hu took over the fruit platter and replied, “I think that he’s just feeling unwell. He will be better tomorrow.”

“Really?” Mother Lin heaved a sigh of relief. “I thought that he’s unhappy because of the blind date.”

Yun Hu stopped abruptly. “Blind date?”

“It’s a company that we have some business collaborations with. Their president’s an old friend of ours and has worked together with our family many times,” Mother Lin said. “The other party said that his granddaughter is a fan of Lin Feng and has always wanted to meet him. She has good feelings towards Lin Feng. Recently, we have been planning to let the two children meet each other. This kind of cementing old ties will make things easier to have business discussions in the future too. Honestly speaking, I don’t want to see Lin Feng running around. Actually, the Lin family doesn’t lack money. However, you need to understand that things have changed. Now some people just want to keep Lin Feng at a distance from them. They are probably afraid that Lin Feng would beg them to help him. These people don’t understand Lin Feng well enough. You grew up with him so you should know that he will never beg anyone unless it’s his last resort. Also, the Lin family hadn’t reached the stage where we have to beg other people. For the past few years, I have never cared about what Lin Feng did. He could do whatever he wanted. Because he said that he loves to play games, he did so. Before you went overseas, I had a discussion with him. He said that he will retire after the Asian Cup. Now he’s making the preparations to do so. As his mother, I know that he might not look like it but when the Lin family really needs him, he will be able to bear all the responsibilities. However, there’s one thing that you must tell him. Although his grandmother and I are the only ones left in the Lin family, it doesn’t mean that he has to bear everything himself. He can still do what he wants. He can play games for a few more years if he wants to. Whether it’s his father or me, our hope for him when he came into this world, the initial hope that we had was that he could live his life the way he wants.”

Yun Hu’s gaze turned deeper and deeper as he listened to Mother Lin. There seemed to be an endless depth in his gaze. He did feel guilty towards Mother Lin. But even compared to his guilt, he really couldn’t leave that person.

Normally, the happiness that all parents could think of was to see their child getting married and have children.

This matter would never happen on Lin Feng. If it really happened, Yun Hu didn’t know what he would do. That was because the moment he thought about that person going on a blind date, he felt as though someone had placed a huge rock on his chest. It pressed against his heart until he felt uncomfortable from just breathing…