Chapter 1552 - Take Responsibility for Sleeping with Me

Chapter 1552: Take Responsibility for Sleeping with Me

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When Yun Hu was just about to speak, he raised his eyes and saw the figure standing at the entrance of the stairs. He shook his head at him. It was very slight but it made Yun Hu understand that today wasn’t suitable for coming clean. But just because he understood, there seemed to be a bitterness in his mouth. The taste was from the tip of his tongue to his heart.

Yun Hu watched as Lin Feng turned and walked back to the room and comforted Mother Lin. However, under such circumstances, Yun Hu wasn’t even sure what Lin Feng said.

Just as Mother Lin had said, others might not understand Lin Feng but he understood him best.

That person might seem carefree but he knew better than anyone what it meant to be responsible. Even until this day, Yun Hu could still remember how stubborn he had been.

Both of them had not been tall when they had been young and had often been bullied because of this. Speaking of which, Lin Feng had always been standing in front of him.

It wasn’t because of how strong he had been at that time – but he would always say to those people, “You are not allowed to bully Yun Hu.”

Lin Feng would do the same even if he couldn’t defeat them.

At the beginning, Yun Hu had thought that he was stupid. He had clearly looked like a little kid but yet, he stood in front of him. Didn’t he know how to run first?

He had asked him this before. In the end, Lin Feng had opened his eyes wide and asked back, “Who’s going to protect you if I leave?”

At that moment, Yun Hu had felt like he had met a very important person.

He had only been five or six years old but all he had wanted was to be with that person.

Who said that each of us came to this world as a lonely individual? This feeling couldn’t be dispelled. Even if you had loving parents, in the dead of night, you still wanted someone that treated you well.

Lin Feng’s grades had always been unstable ever since young. But every time, in order to be assigned to the same class as him, he would work harder than anyone else.

All the things you got weren’t brought to you naturally. Even though in the eyes of many, living a luxurious life was good enough, when you had a luxurious life, you would want friends and even someone who was more than a friend.

When they had been younger, he hadn’t thought about being lovers. After all, he hadn’t experienced the awakening of love yet. But compared to being lovers, the idea of ​​being with each other for the rest of their lives had run past his mind countless number of times.

Hence, Yun Hu was afraid. He was afraid that Lin Feng would back down because of his responsibilities. So, when he entered with the fruit bowl, Yun Hu didn’t say a word. He directly pushed him against the wall, kissing his lips fiercely.

He hadn’t nagged at him and instead, followed that strength, and said solemnly. “Even if lightning strikes, you must not regret. Lin Feng, you have to take responsibility for sleeping with me.”

Lin Feng paused for a while and finally cursed. With difficulty, he could only push his forehead against him and let out a low growl. “You slept with me, don’t go too far.”

Yun Hu didn’t end the topic but lowered his head. His voice was still low. “I won’t let you go on a blind date. If you really go, I will destroy all your relationships just like when I was in school. I will take away anyone you fancy. You should know that this sort of thing isn’t difficult for me.”

Lin Feng opened his mouth. “Back then, you did it on purpose.”

“Yes.” Yun Hu’s eyes dimmed. He seemed to be gambling everything. You could call it confidence, self-centeredness, or that he had dragged Lin Feng into the most difficult path – but he couldn’t let go.

In the past, he had told himself that he just had to be by his side but when you really had someone and had tasted the sweetness, you would understand that the talk about seeing him happy was just bullshit. His happiness could only be given by him.

Lin Feng watched his expression and a familiar feeling engulfed him.

He remembered when Yun Hu had shown such an expression.

It was the first time he had gone to KFC on a study date with a girl he had liked. At that time, they had always done their homework on the second floor of KFC; unlike high school students now, who could study in cafes.

After finishing his homework, it had only been right for him to treat her to a meal.

He had already wanted to start gaming in the first year of high school. So, he had been very interested in arcades. Moreover, the girl had wanted to play too. Hence, they had gone upstairs after their meal.

Initially, there hadn’t been much intimacy but after he had caught a doll for the girl, she had blushed and given him a hug.

At that moment, Lin Feng had been in a daze and hadn’t thought of how to react. That was when he had seen Yun Hu not far away. He hadn’t been wearing his school uniform but Supreme Alliance’s team uniform. He had stood afar, with one hand in his pants pocket, looking at him silently.

Lin Feng had felt embarrassed at that time. After all, he had still been young and would feel shy to be seen with a girl by his best friend.

In addition, Yun Hu had sent a text asking him where he was and he had replied saying that he would be back soon. However, it had been more than an hour since Yun Hu had sent the text.

Lin Feng had originally wanted to stop Yun Hu. But he had turned as though he hadn’t seen him.

Lin Feng remembered that Yun Hu had been showing the exact expression as he was right now.

Later, the girl had gone from sending daily texts to sending one every three days, one a week and eventually, she had only texted him when she had been bored.

Lin Feng had only had thoughts on joining the team and hadn’t thought much about this area. However, he hadn’t completely ignored her as well and would pick out a gift for her on her birthday.

On that day, however, Yun Hu had brought his girlfriend home. It had been that girl.

Lin Feng had been startled. But what he had felt more strongly had been the rivalry from his own brother. He had even spoken to Yun Hu about it afterwards. “Let me know in advance if you like anyone.”

He remembered that Yun Hu had only tilted his head and taken off his uniform. “Why? Are you afraid she will look down on you after I fall for her?”

Back then, Lin Feng had been furious but he hadn’t beaten his face directly. “I’m being serious, I just think that you should treat the girl seriously in a relationship. Besides, if you let me know about the girl you like in advance, I won’t make a move on her. Isn’t that good? F*ck.”

“That’s good but what are you going to do if I constantly fall for the girls you like, Lin Feng?”

“You… you…”

“I’m kidding, I will let you know in advance so that you don’t end up hating me. I’m really sorry about what happened this time. I only found out that you like her the day I saw you guys playing in the arcade but I couldn’t control it.”

Lin Feng had always thought that the words ‘couldn’t control it’, meant that he had made a move on her because he had liked her too much…