Chapter 1553 - You Are Not Allowed to Regret

Chapter 1553: You Are Not Allowed to Regret

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Lin Feng was at a loss. He reached out to press his head, his ears slightly pinkish. But the next second, he glanced up with a seriousness that was unlike his usual self.

“This appointment was arranged a long time ago and I definitely have to go but I don’t have any regrets. I’m going there to reject her. At the very least, I would have to make it clear to her. Previously, that girl added me on WeChat through her grandpa. If I explain it to her, I won’t be wasting her time. Going forward, I won’t go on any other blind dates. Since we are together, I won’t mess with someone else and the same goes for you. The Yun side will definitely arrange a blind date for you. Compared to me, Yun Hu, shouldn’t you be thinking about it more? You are the only child in the Yun family and you are engaged in a different industry. Are you really suitable to be with me? You should know me well enough. You said that you like me but you have never allowed me to interact with your circle. I did some research when you went abroad and there are many people who like men but continue to harm women. There are many women that are lied into a marriage and there are many men who feel that they are forced to live in such a manner in order to pass on their family line. I can’t understand it. If it was me, I would accept that I like men since I like you and you are a man. I wouldn’t harm any other girl even if I died lonely and my mom didn’t understand me. I would still hold the same belief. Perhaps, my mom will be very disappointed. When I was young, she had asked what sort of wife I wanted. And my grandmother, she loves me very much and has given me everything I wanted. She allowed me to play esports when I wanted to and allowed me to stay in school for another year when I requested it. Because of that, I’m afraid of telling them about our relationship. My mom has always been open-minded but even the most open-minded parent will cry when they hear such news. She is the person I let down the most in my entire life. Now, the Lin family has fallen and it is because I was too selfish and wanted to continue playing esports. But at the end of the day, I am no longer suited for it; my hand speed can no longer keep up and I cannot put all my heart into it anymore. I’m not afraid of the negative comments online saying that I can’t make it anymore or that I am a disappointment. Those aren’t what I’m afraid of. I’m afraid that I will no longer be passionate about the things I am doing. Besides, my mom and my grandmother need me. I understand that my mom has different faces at work and ordinary people won’t be able to handle her but I would rather be the one participating in diners and events. I probably will never be able to fulfill her wish for me to marry and have kids, but there are some responsibilities I wish to uphold. I will be extremely busy; will you be able to tolerate someone like me? I probably have to travel around to discuss projects and likely have to patronize the clients. Perhaps, all I will think about is money. When the time comes…”

“I will be there when the time comes.” Yun Hu glanced down, placing a hand on his head. “After saying so much, haven’t you considered the connections I can provide when you go around discussing your projects? If all you think about is money, I can provide you with funding and don’t all men have to patronize their clients? Besides, I like you as you are. Did you really think I fell for your face? Even though it is rather enchanting.”