Chapter 1554 - The Sudden Flirt

Chapter 1554: The Sudden Flirt

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Lin Feng coughed at the sudden flirt. “You don’t have to tell me that I’m handsome.”

Yun Hu smiled and did not speak any more but his eyes remained on his face.

Lin Feng turned his head. There was a faint flush behind his ears. “After meeting her tomorrow, I will tell manager Feng that I plan to retire within these two days. In the future, I will be running the company and attending classes at school concurrently, so I won’t have time to go back to the team. But I am still very happy. At least I waited until after the recruitment. When I saw Little Mo Bei, it seemed as though I was seeing the past Luoluo, Little Spade, and Captain. Talent really exists and Supreme Alliance probably wouldn’t just fall apart, right?” Towards the end, Lin Feng lowered his head, his black hair falling forward to cover his eyes.

No one liked talking about retirement. If it was possible, they would want to fight another match even if there was a lot of criticism. There would be immense pressure for every competition. But after all these years, he seemed to have gotten used to it.

After all, there was a group of people that would always accompany you. From when you were still a minor to the time you entered adulthood – from when you were ignorant to the time you grew into a man with defined features.

If it was possible, Lin Feng really didn’t want for them to break up.

“Mmh,” Yun Hu replied faintly as though he was telling it to himself. “We won’t break up.”

He knew that Lin Feng’s decision was because he had chosen him over esports. He gave up playing for another year to take up the Lin family’s responsibility.

It was to pay for being together, Yun Hu couldn’t dispel his guilt.

That day, he stayed over but nothing happened. Even though Lin Feng’s heart was racing, he was comforted to have Yun Hu here.

They slept on the same bed, with their heads leaning against each other, just like the times when they had studied and trained together.

Back then, they had been Supreme Alliance’s trainees and had just wanted to take part in a competition one day. Now, everything was fulfilled.

Lin Feng received Bo Jiu’s text the next day. It was just one sentence, “Guess whether I believe what you said, Flower Lin.”

Lin Feng lowered his head and aggressively snapped a picture of Yun Hu, sending it over. “He is still in my bed but I’m already awake. I won’t say anything more but you should know.”

After sending the text, Lin Feng took out a suit. After having dinner with the woman, he planned to head over to the company to attend a meeting as a bottom-level manager.

Just as he wanted to remove his shirt, the person behind him suddenly opened his eyes, his gaze black and deep.

“You’re awake so early?” Yun Hu’s voice was slightly hoarse, probably because he had just woken up.

Unknowingly, Lin Feng hesitated. Although it wasn’t the first time he changed in front of him, now it seemed awkward. It seemed as though his gaze was burning his back. Even Lin Feng’s face heated up. Forget it, he would just ignore him.

Lin Feng pulled the hem of his clothes with both hands and quickly lowered his head. After his head emerged, the shirt was still hanging on his arm.

He could feel the sound of the footsteps coming close. There was a faint but overwhelming aura. Though before he could turn behind, the back of his spine was branded by a soft warmth…