Chapter 1555 - Kiss

Chapter 1555: Kiss

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It was a kiss. It was like a breeze passing by but Lin Feng’s shoulders trembled heavily. His hands were a little soft and even his neck became red. “F*ck, what are you doing?”

“Kissing you.” Yun Hu didn’t stop because of his frustration. He moved his lip up by half an inch, placing it behind his ears.

Lin Feng didn’t know how to react. Then his waist was swept up from behind and he was about to be kissed again. Who could withstand that? He was going to be aroused by the kiss.

Yun Hu seemed to have noticed his reaction and chuckled deeply, going closer.

Lin Feng reached out to push him away, removing his shirt and tossing it aside. “Don’t act like a ruffian early in the morning.”

“Ruffian?” Yun Hu watched him, a deeper meaning in his eyes. “Dominant Lin, aren’t you going to get it back in two days? Such a kiss shouldn’t affect you at all.”

The words Dominant Lin made Lin Feng feel sweet inside. He wore the white shirt, looking formidable. “Of course, it won’t affect me.”

“Since it doesn’t affect you, why don’t I kiss more…” Yun Hu placed his arm on his side while his right hand held onto the closet. His head tilted to the side and he kissed Lin Feng.

Such a space was more suited for doing bad things because their breathing could be heard clearly. One breath was louder than the other.

Lin Feng had that feeling again; the air seemed to be sucked away, the soles of his feet were light, and his heart was beating so fast it made him blush. He could hear the rustling of clothes.

“Lin Feng.”


“You’re aroused.”

That light laughter was like a flame, burning away his thoughts.

Yun Hu originally wanted to leave his mark on this person, especially when he was going out to see a girl. After all, he was more than aware of Lin Feng’s charms.

Usually, he looked like a little brother but with his height, the long legs and narrow buttocks would make him popular on any live stream app. He was the type of guy that little girls were into at this moment. Not to mention the way he looked when he wore a white shirt, suit jacket, and watch.

Yun Hu admitted that he was jealous. Hence, he didn’t control his strength and thus the kiss on Lin Feng’s neck was deeper than usual.

Sometimes, even Lin Feng found it unbelievable. He was clearly a straight man. How could he indulge in his temptations so quickly? Did Yun Hu secretly learn this behind his back?

Or perhaps… Lin Feng made use of the break to glance up, panting slightly. “Where did you learn these from? Does Chu know these?”

Yun Hu passed slightly and laughed lightly, placing his right hand on his thighs, “Why? Are you jealous?”

“F*ck, no, I was just asking casually.” Lin Feng’s gaze started to wander. “It felt foreign to see you in those places.”

Yun Hu lowered himself. It was as if he was talking into Lin Feng’s ears. “It is true that others often send me people; there are more of such instances in entertainment venues, but I have never touched any of them. With a cream cake like you around, I have no desire of having leftovers.”

Lin Feng smirked. “What’s with the analogy? Besides, we can’t be certain who the one who is eating is. Once I’m back, I will let you enjoy the cream cake!”