Chapter 1556 - I Like You

Chapter 1556: I Like You

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“Almighty Lin, why don’t you let me enjoy it now?” Yun Hu replied and glanced down.

That was when Lin Feng realized his legs had been lifted up by him. He took a step back but was blocked by the closet.

Some of the clothes inside slipped off the hangers, making noises. This kind of hidden space made probably it easier for the proactive party to take action.

Lin Feng’s breath was taken away before he could stop him. This time, Yun Hu used more strength than before. It was like swallowing him whole. Even his breath was heated.

Men thought with their bodies. In the past, Lin Feng hadn’t believed it at all but now, he did. Sometimes, there wasn’t any room for thinking. It was too hot and stiff; Lin Feng wanted to help him.

More importantly, Yun Hu wanted him to expose this side of him. He smiled with a faint tease. “You can only meet her for less than an hour and give me a call once it is over. I will be waiting for you nearby. Even if she is pretty, you can’t develop any feelings for her. Once this is over, delete her from your WeChat.”

“Yun Hu, Boss, is this the right time to say such things?” Lin Feng was so hot that all he wanted was a relief but the person with the power had stopped moving in such a moment.

Yun Hu blocked his hand from trying to help. His voice was faint when he said, “I’ll help you if you agree; you should know it will be much more comfortable if I help.”

“F*ck!” Lin Feng was going crazy. There was a flush on his handsome face and his breath was heated. “I agree, I’ll just meet her and delete her WeChat when I get back.”

Yun Hu hugged the person who seemed to be fished out of the water, exerted strength on his hands, then lowered his eyes, and kissed him on the neck.

He was the only one who could see him like that. When the emotions poured onto Lin Feng’s handsome face, he was the only one who could see it – no one else, regardless of whether they were male or female. He wouldn’t be able to tolerate anyone else seeing him in such a state.

Yun Hu lowered his gaze and seemed to be talking into Lin Feng’s ears. Lin Feng opened his eyes, and then, as if his whole body was relieved, he leaned against the closet. There was still residual heat on his body.

But because of the other party’s breath, the words became very clear. “I like you, Lin Feng, I like you.”


Lin Feng raised his arm and pressed down on his fringe. It would be wrong if he didn’t reply to that confession. “Me too.”

Yun Hu, who was kissing his left shoulder, came to a sudden stop. His eyes swayed and suddenly became unfathomable.

Lin Feng’s half bent legs stiffened because that ‘thing’ was pressing against him.

“Hey, it’s early in the morning, you…”

Yun Hu held him down but didn’t move. Instead, he spoke into his ears, “You did it on purpose, you knew it wasn’t the right time, that’s why you flirted with me.”

“It was just a reply.” Lin Feng opened his mouth. “Who knew that would happen. Did you take some drugs?”

Yun Hu’s voice became more and more hoarse, as if he was restraining something. “I don’t need drugs to want you. Let me tell you something; I thought about what to do if you hadn’t agreed. I would probably wait another five years, when the Lin family would need all the resources provided by the Yun’s. When the time came, I could put forward the conditions in exchange for the resources; I would be able to do whatever I want with your body…”