Chapter 1557 - I’m Going to Get It Back

Chapter 1557: I’m Going to Get It Back

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“F*ck!” Lin Feng interrupted. After regaining his strength, he pulled his collar over with one hand. “If you dare to do that, I will destroy you.”

Yun Hu laughed lightly. “I didn’t have to wait five years.”

Lin Feng had more to say but Yun Hu glanced over and another kiss fell on the former’s lips. “I can do it now. It’s a good state.”

Lin Feng fanned himself. “Bullshit, I haven’t gotten back at you.”

“Why don’t you get it back now?” Yun Hu just stretched out his hand.

Just then, there was a knock on the door. Then there was the action of pushing the door.

Lin Feng froze but Yun Hu reacted quickly. He shut the closet doors and turned his head over.

It was Mother Lin. She didn’t enter. After opening the door, she asked, “Aren’t you going down for breakfast? Where is Lin Feng? Hasn’t he woken up yet?”

Yun Hu’s figure blocked her. He smiled. “He is in the bathroom.”

Mother Lin nodded and added, “I made your favorite egg noodles.”

Yun Hu turned his hand. “I’ll come down after washing my hands.”

“Alright,” Mother Lin replied, heading downstairs happily. As a strong career woman, she didn’t cook often but when the children were around, she would casually whip up a meal.

Yun Hu really went to wash his hands. After he was done, he told the gloomy Lin Feng behind him, “It’s all your stuff.”

Lin Feng really felt that he deserved a beating. He was thinking of getting it back even when he was brushing his teeth.

They left at around the same time. Mother Lin told Yun Hu to come over when he was free.

Yun Hu sat beside the driver seat and turned. “Then I will come over often and disturb Godmother.”

“You’re not disturbing.” Mother Lin said. “Treat it as your own home.”

Lin Feng fastened his seat belt and added, “Mmh, you’re the biological son, I was the one that was picked up.”

Mother Lin smiled and didn’t forget to remind Lin Feng, “Behave yourself when you meet the girl today. Learn from Yun Hu, understood?”

“Mmh.” Lin Feng looked up. After a moment’s thought, he decided not to tell her there wouldn’t be a good result.

He drove the entire time and didn’t say much. When he alighted, Yun Hu reached out and held onto his right hand. “I’ll come get you after changing.”

“Alright, hurry in.” Lin Feng could sense his unease and sometimes he thought that he was pretty amazing to be able to make someone like him uneasy.

The blind date was set in a very high-end coffee shop. Lin Feng wasn’t late and had arrived early. He ordered two drinks and paid in advance.

Just like Yun Hu had said, he was very eye-catching in his suit and white shirt, especially when the collar was pulled apart. He was especially handsome when he lifted his arm to look at his watch.

The girl that just arrived blushed. She took a deep breath and called out to him. “Almighty Lin.”

Lin Feng turned and saw the girl standing there with a smile. “Miss Liang? Have a seat.”

The girl was very excited. After all, this wasn’t just the closest she was to her Almighty but also an opportunity for them to develop into lovers.

She prepared for a long time and had asked her grandfather to tell him. It was all for today. But she hadn’t expected his next words the moment she arrived. He said, “Miss Liang, we aren’t well suited.”