Chapter 1558 - Bo Jiu Asks for a 1V3

Chapter 1558: Bo Jiu Asks for a 1V3

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The girl stilled and the smile at the corners of her mouth became a little stiff. But she didn’t want to give up like this and shook her hands. “Wouldn’t you know if we are suitable only after we interact with each other? I have liked you for a very long time and watch all of your games.”

“Since you watch all of my competitions, you should know who I like.” Since she watches all his competitions, she should have an understanding of this area. After all, there have been people pairing him with Yun Hu.

There was a change in the girl’s face. “Don’t tell me that the rumors online are true? You and Almighty Yun, you guys… aren’t just brothers?”

“In the past, we were indeed brothers but now, we’re lovers.” Lin Feng’s gaze wavered, looking serious. “I hope you can keep it a secret and for the others, I wouldn’t be able to reciprocate your feelings. I’m grateful for your support.”


The girl couldn’t control herself and bolted upright. “You don’t have to thank me; I won’t like you anymore. I never expected that you would like guys. What’s the meaning of this, are you cheating our feelings?”

That was when Lin Feng realized something was wrong and that he had mistaken something. “Miss Liang, you seem to have misunderstood.”

“Forget it, you can treat it as I misunderstood.” The girl grabbed her bag and walked out. Her affection for Lin Feng was a joke. Since he liked guys, why hadn’t he admitted it when his fans had asked him about it? And he hoped she would keep it a secret. He was afraid that the character he had built would collapse after others found out about him.

The girl was frustrated and gossiped with her close friends.

When Lin Feng had said those words, he hadn’t expected the consequences.

Although he didn’t expect to be understood, at the end of the day, he was too naive. He was probably dumb from playing too much games, which was the reason he had forgotten his position.

Because of the other party’s identity, it made him feel that it was alright to tell her, and that she would look at it rationally. But that wasn’t how things went. He only realized the issue when Yun Hu came to pick him.

At that time, Lin Feng wasn’t in the best mood but he didn’t show it to Yun Hu. After all, such instances would probably be a common occurrence in the future. But the consequences were far worse than he had expected.

There was a tip off online. “A famous esports celebrity is gay but agreed to a blind date. He is a scam.” Such a header would naturally attract attention.

There were a bunch of comments asking for the identity.

“I really don’t dare to say this, I’m afraid of being torn apart by fans, hence, I will mention it briefly. Everyone can make a guess. He used to be mediocre, but subsequently, he was called an Almighty. It was probably because of the popularity of his CP, the 2v2 that constantly played, the Champion team this year.”

“F*ck, that’s impossible.”

“Feng? Yun?”

“Is it Lin Feng and Yun Hu?”

“My Almighty Yun has always been amazing.”

“That means it’s Lin Feng?”

“Seems like it.”

“That’s impossible, my Almighty Lin would never do such a thing.”

“What a joke, why don’t you ask your Almighty Lin if he is gay?”

“Actually, I had always wanted to spill the tea on Lin Feng. I heard that the fan meet from before was arranged by him.”

“That’s impossible, I always thought that Supreme Alliance was good.”

“Supreme Alliance isn’t bad but I stopped liking him ever since I found out he constantly claims to be earning a living off his face. Gaming is about skills, not the face.”

“That is clearly a joke, can’t you be objective?”

“Fine, why don’t you ask if he is gay?”

This would definitely escalate. There were many small reporters at the ground floor of the Qin Group building.

Some trainees who had long been upset about the selection system seized the opportunity. They were full of dissatisfaction no matter who came to ask. “Every one of us hopes to join the best team in China but this team behaves differently behind the scenes. Their recruitment is based on appearance and not skills. That is because handsome players can garner more fans easily.”

“That’s fine but what’s with this? The team doesn’t look like a team at all. It’s all personal but yet, they said they would give every player a fair opportunity. Did they really think we are clueless? Senior Lin wasn’t skilled before but didn’t he also enter the team through Almighty Yun?”

“You’re asking how we feel? Disappointed; it’s a great disappointment.”

“Do you know how Lin Feng is feeling right now?”

“I don’t know. He isn’t with the team, probably thinking about the public relations aspect.”

In reality, they were wrong. Public relations had always been handled by Feng Yi, not the team members themselves. Lin Feng had thought about explaining the situation but Feng Yi told him, “You won’t be able to explain it.”

The atmosphere in the team had changed. Even Little Mo Bei, who had been eating mantous every day, had noticed it. But that didn’t affect her training.

Those that were standing guard downstairs had tried to interview her. At that time, no one knew that in the near future, this short-haired kid would become the game genius Bey sought after by everyone. Hence, the reporters didn’t even turn on their camera when they asked about her thoughts of her senior’s actions.

They probably didn’t know about Little Mo Bei’s personality.

Little Mo Bei glanced at them, with her keyboard on her back, her face cold and noble. She didn’t say a word. Yes, she didn’t say a word. Hence, there were opportunities for the others to speak.

When Little Mo Bei heard those words, the short legs that had stepped onto the stairs were retracted. Just when she was about to rush over to say something, she was tugged back by a figure standing at the corner.

In the evening light, she could still see her silver hair, the long arc of her jaw, and her handsome face. She bent down with her finger on her lips, gesturing for her to keep quiet. It was Almighty Z. She was handsome.

Little Mo Bei didn’t understand it and thus only followed behind Bo Jiu silently for a while before she paused.

Bo Jiu glanced over and smiled. “You want to say something?”

“Mmh,” Little Mo Bei said.

“It’s useless.” Bo Jiu stuffed a hand into her pants pocket, her eyes dark. “Little Mo Bei, you are still too young. Your Brother Lin Feng just regarded someone’s affection as a true affection. This is something everyone will encounter, so don’t become the faith of so many people. It’s too tiring. Soon, he can be himself. As for the other things, it is up to you to prove whether Supreme Alliance recruits trainees based on their appearance or their skills. Is a 1v3 okay? If it isn’t, I’ll teach you some moves.”