Chapter 1559 - Bo Jiu and Qin Mo

Chapter 1559: Bo Jiu and Qin Mo

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Hence, that night, Bo Jiu brought Little Mo Bei back to the Qin’s. When Qin Mo saw the small figure following behind her, his hands that had been untying his sleeves paused slightly.

Madam Zhang was exceptionally pleased. “Where did this little hunk come from, he’s so good looking.”

Little Mo Bei was still carrying her red keyboard. After hearing Madam Zhang’s words, her ears turned red. Bo Jiu placed one hand on Mo Bei’s shoulder and smiled heartily. “Haha, Madam Zhang, Beibei is a girl.”

“A young lady?” Madam Zhang took another look at Little Mo Bei. “On closer look, she is indeed much cuter than those mischievous little boys.”

“Yeah, Beibei is very obedient, but her expression is a bit cold, which is just like Brother Mo when he was a child. It makes me want to pinch her.”

Hearing these words, Little Mo Bei turned her head; all she could see was the clear smile of that person, which was very warm. Little Mo Bei wanted to look a little longer but her captain walked in their direction.

Even though he was dressed casually, his aura was still overwhelming. Little Mo Bei bowed and greeted him. “Captain.”

“Mmh,” Qin Mo replied faintly. He didn’t say anything else but his gaze sent her a message, probably telling her not to look at someone she shouldn’t be looking at.

Little Mo Bei remained emotionless even after receiving such a look but inside, she thought to herself, “Her seniors had been right, Captain’s possessiveness towards Almighty Z was extremely strong and obvious.”

“Let’s go. Bei, let me have a closer look at your gaming habits.” Bo Jiu still had a lazy smile on her face.

Little Mo Bei nodded, following behind Bo Jiu obediently. Qin Mo’s deep gaze narrowed and his long legs followed.

Bo Jiu had originally wanted to train Mo Bei in private. Thus, she didn’t understand why the Almighty wanted to follow them. He even sat opposite them; his long legs were slightly folded with a magazine on them.

Bo Jiu glanced up towards him but didn’t mind. She sat beside Little Mo Bei and watched as she entered the game. The big and small duo were both sucked into the game.

Once Little Mo Bei understood Bo Jiu’s explanation, she took a step and attacked, completing a counterattack despite her low HP.

Bo Jiu reached out to caress her head. “Good job. Come, Beibei, let’s celebrate, smile.”

The Almighty could no longer sit still. Before Little Mo Bei could react, he reached out and held onto Bo Jiu’s wrist. “It’s dinner time, I instructed Madam Zhang to make more food.”

When she heard that, Bo Jiu’s eyes lit up. She turned towards the hanging clock and stretched lazily, a few strands of hair shifting. “It’s indeed dinner time.”

Little Mo Bei stood up, prepared to leave. But Bo Jiu held her down onto the wooden chair. “It’s time for you to take in some nourishment. Mantou won’t help in growing tall and Madam Zhang is an excellent cook.”

Little Mo Bei couldn’t reject her idol’s passionate invitation and the captain didn’t seem to have much opinion on it either.

Qin Mo really didn’t care about the meals. But a certain someone was too concerned over that little kid. Qin Mo wouldn’t say much since he would have to consider the little kid’s pride.

Hence, Little Mo Bei watched as the captain brought Almighty Z to wash her hands. During the meal, her captain placed a chicken wing into Almighty Z’s bowl. The ravishing and devilish Almighty Z was only in charge of eating.

Little Mo Bei hadn’t expected Almighty Z to behave in such a manner at home. Almighty Z was much more relaxed in front of the captain; even her smile was different. Little Mo Bei didn’t know how to describe it but she liked the atmosphere.

After the meal, the two of them walked back to the study room to continue training. Ever since before, Little Mo Bei felt like the things in the study room weren’t very consistent.

Half of the books were mostly related to psychology. On the other side, there are two desktop computers and four notebooks. On the floor, there were some models that she couldn’t name.

Later, when she went to get a drink, she found out from Madam Zhang that the Qin family’s study was not like this before. The captain had emptied most of the room for Almighty Z and allowed her to put her things there.

Little Mo Bei hadn’t experienced relationships but in middle school, she had seen her classmates having feelings for each other. She thought that the best love was the one her captain felt for Almighty Z. He was such a cold and abstinent person, yet he allowed another person to occupy his private space even though the things placed in the study did not match the overall style.

Captain allowed Almighty Z to place her things there and even kept candies on his desk.

Little Mo Bei glanced down. As a fan, she knew that Almighty Z loved eating lollipops when she gamed. He must have prepared the candies for Almighty Z.

Little Mo Bei fell into a daze and was almost chased after by someone in the game. She moved the mouse slightly and bumped into Bo Jiu’s arm.

That was when she realized Almighty Z had fallen asleep. Just as Little Mo Bei was hesitating whether or not to speak, her captain, who had been on the sofa, had already walked over. He bent down and carried Almighty Z, glancing at her without emotion. “The training will end here. In the future, you can find me if you have any problem.”

“Captain, did you think I was taking up Almighty Z’s time?” Little Mo Bei pulled up her courage and asked.

Qin Mo glanced at her and replied faintly, “This has nothing to do with time, you are taking up my person.”

Even though Little Mo Bei usually wore a poker face, at this moment, her expression was indescribable.

Qin Mo stood there holding the person in his arms, with his back facing her, his legs long and slender, and his eyes slightly tilted. “Even if she doesn’t teach you, you should be able to win in a 1v3. Supreme Alliance’s talented newcomer isn’t just a name.”

“Mmh.” Little Mo Bei carried her bag pack. “I will do well.”

“There is a file on the table,” Qin Mo spoke faintly. “In addition to the formal contract, there are some problems in your playing style. Don’t find her anymore. After you’ve read it and when you are in the team, get her to drink more water, understand?”

Little Mo Bei understood his intentions. He didn’t want her to find Almighty Z privately and for her to keep her in check in the team. From that day onwards, Little Mo Bei was in charge of getting Bo Jiu to drink water.

Of course, those things were only in hindsight.

At the Qin’s, the moment Qin Mo bent over and placed Bo Jiu on the bed, she woke up. Her silver hair was a little messy. She reached out and rubbed her left eye lazily. “I fell asleep? Where’s Beibei?”

“Lord Jiu, don’t you think you have been neglecting your boyfriend recently, mmh?”