Chapter 156 - Academic Trash!

Chapter 156: Academic Trash!

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The only seat available in the back was the one next to Fu Jiu’s.

It couldn’t be any more apparent who Xue Yaoyao wanted to sit with.

The other two girls both supported her. After all, sitting in a corner like that still felt a little bit outdated. Plus, the teacher didn’t say anything about it, and the rest of the students pretended that they saw nothing.

In school, the better your scores were, the higher you could hold your head up—they all knew this rule.

They didn’t want to see His Highness Jiu sitting in the corner, but they really couldn’t make any moves.

The physics teacher apparently didn’t understand what the students were thinking, and his voice became colder, “I’ve made it very clear that a boy can’t sit with a girl. Student Xue, you should know your situation well; getting into a good university is your only way out. Don’t be unrealistic! Spend more time on books and sit down!”

Xue Yaoyao wanted to say more.

Fu Jiu looked up and gave her a look of ‘leave it be for now’ and smiled at her, indicating that it was fine for her to sit there.

But… the physics teacher had strong prejudice against her.

If it was just about studying, Fu Jiu wouldn’t look for any trouble with the teacher, but this was about principles.

She wasn’t sure if it was all because of that god’s tutoring for the whole night, but she miraculously understood a lot during this class, but the physics teacher didn’t know how to emphasize the key points while teaching. He was simply worse than that god as a teacher.

Perhaps the problem wasn’t the teacher’s ability. The Almighty was just too brilliant and mighty.

Fu Jiu thought about the materials that she saw at Qin family’s study again—criminal psychology, logical reasoning, forensic knowledge—these books weren’t for ordinary people…

Fu Jiu was fondly thinking her own thoughts off in her own world. Xue Yaoyao then realized that judging from “his” face, the young man was fine, and she stopped worrying.

She knew that the students and teachers alike all firmly believed that His Highness Jiu was a total academic waste. She knew how it felt to be isolated, so she didn’t want His Highness Jiu to taste that either.

But after all, His Highness Jiu wasn’t her.

That person had a strong heart that nobody could compare to, and he never once cared about this so-called isolation and discrimination.

Just like right now. “He” was holding “his” jaw with “his” hand as he listened attentively while taking down notes. “He” didn’t seem to give a d*mn about where “he” was sitting.

There would come a day when people would finally know about His Highness Jiu’s true identity, and they would know…that “he” was never an academic waste!

There were benefits to sitting alone. Fu Jiu played games during class extra well and smoothly, and she didn’t need to watch out for anyone. She was using that god’s account now, so things would become messier if someone saw it.

Usually, if you didn’t add that person as a friend in the game, it would be hard to locate that player.

But this was nothing for Fu Jiu. Using microdata control, she directly locked down on <Awarding You a Slap of Pleasure> and sent a chat window to him through the alliance’s platform, “You there?”

Feng Shang was playing, and he was startled by the message. He thought he was poisoned or something and then realized it was his idol’s message upon a second look. He instantly cheered up. “Yeah, yeah, yeah!”

“See you at the West City internet café at 7 p.m. tonight,” Fu Jiu typed lazily, “Let’s play a round as a team.”

Feng Shang had never been in an internet café before, and he became excited just thinking about playing games together next to each other. “Cool, your-your call!”

Fu Jiu laughed, “I will take our girl teammate with me. Don’t get nervous when you see her in person.”