Chapter 1560 - He Is the Most Competent Captain of Supreme Alliance

Chapter 1560: He Is the Most Competent Captain of Supreme Alliance

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Lord Jiu… Bo Jiu didn’t need to look at that addictive face to know that the Almighty was jealous again. She originally thought that the Almighty would use this excuse to bully her.

However, he pulled the blanket and hugged her in his arms, his voice faint. “We can talk when you wake up.”

Was he coaxing her to sleep? Bo Jiu didn’t want to sleep but reading until 11 pm wasn’t like her at all as well. Pssh, she was simply too hardworking.

When Bo Jiu shifted in his arms, Qin Mo arched his brows, his handsome face close. “You don’t want to sleep? We can do something else.”

With that, Bo Jiu immediately opened her eyes. “I just wanted to ask Old Fox how he intends to solve Flower Lin’s problem.”

“We’re not solving it.” Qin Mo’s gaze landed on a spot and immediately darkened. “Lin Feng will announce his retirement tonight. How the Lin’s feel is more important to him than those rumors.”

Bo Jiu stilled. “Retirement? Today?”

“He had originally planned to retire; it was just brought forward by a month.” Qin Mo’s gaze remained calm. “This day, he has made up his mind and probably won’t be as reluctant. It isn’t anything bad since he has to take time to settle his family problems.”

“Mmh,” Bo Jiu replied, without saying anything more.

“Sleep.” Qin Mo glanced down and kissed the top of her head.

That was when Bo Jiu realized that while she might feel upset over Lin Feng’s departure, to the Almighty, it probably held a different sort of meaning. They had fought together for three years, from the time Supreme Alliance could barely survive to the achievements today.

The players from the Almighty’s time were starting to retire. Bo Jiu had thought about it before and there were others around her that had brought it up. But she hadn’t expected it to be in such a manner.

Today, Lin Feng returned home very late. It wasn’t because he was trying to avoid the problem, instead, he had been solving other matters before facing his mother and grandmother.

Not long after the matter had erupted, he told Feng Yi about his retirement as he had planned before. That was the reason Qin Mo knew about the news.

From a manager’s point of view, Feng Yi didn’t agree with Lin Feng’s retirement. “If you choose to retire now, some things won’t be classifiable.”

“They can think as they please, telling the truth is a little annoying.” Lin Feng glanced up and turned towards the large floor-to-ceiling window. There were cars moving everywhere. “If I agree to being gay, there would be other problems. Ever since I joined Supreme Alliance, it has been going on and on. I didn’t wish to continue ever since the time Captain lost his memory and they told him not to come back since it would affect the competition. This has nothing to do with anyone, I just can’t accept certain things. I hadn’t felt this way in the past when esports hadn’t been accepted. Back then, I wished for the industry to be acknowledged and because of that wish, I would constantly do silly things. The esports celebrity era is arriving and someone with my personality isn’t suited to be a public figure. I’m not suited for this industry and besides, my condition would just continue to fall.”

Lin Feng paused before he added, “You should have noticed it.”

Feng Yi didn’t reply immediately. Instead, he turned and lit a cigarette. After taking several puffs, he tugged open his collar and for the first time, he had a tired smile on his face but that didn’t affect his aura. “I noticed it but it isn’t just you, probably the entire Supreme Alliance isn’t able to get used to it. Young Master Qin has had other thoughts.”

“What thoughts?” Lin Feng had a feeling he didn’t want to hear the answer.

Feng Yi glanced over, the smoke spreading. “Disband Supreme Alliance.”

Lin Feng stiffened. “When did he start to have such thoughts?”

“We spoke about it previously.” Feng Yi seemed much more relaxed after saying it. “Some of the analysis has been right, there are faults in Supreme Alliance. You guys are considered seasoned Almighties in the industry and it would be normal to retire, even Young Master Qin would retire eventually. We can last at least one more year but that is too short and who would replace Uncle Yin or you? And who could ever replace Young Master Qin?”

Lin Feng opened his mouth but was stumped. “I never knew Captain had such thoughts.”

“From a certain angle, he has accomplished his task. He didn’t raise it probably because he was waiting for everyone else.” Feng Yi turned his head and tapped his cigarette. “Supreme Alliance started facing issues early on and many teams had offered him money and resources in order to woo him over but fortunately, Qin Mo has money and doesn’t feel helpless like any other professional player. He remained in the team and has never thought about leaving. When the funds were depleted, he used his own resources.” Feng Yi laughed lightly. “In reality, his original motive for entering a professional team was simple; he said that the person he was looking for loves to game. Hence, he could be seen by that person in a professional competition. Even until this day, there are people doubting his original intentions, believing he doesn’t really like the industry. But that doesn’t matter. In my heart, he will always be the most competent captain of Supreme Alliance. Lin Feng, do you still remember what he told you when you joined the team?”

Lin Feng stilled. “I do. Back then, Supreme Alliance was having troubles with recruitment.”

“Yes, it wasn’t easy because I didn’t have connections since the Fengs’ connections are all in the entertainment industry and also because he was still a high school student. Other than him, Supreme Alliance didn’t have any other outstanding player and wasn’t worth mentioning compared to the other teams…”

“But back then, he told me and Yun Hu that he would bring us to the National League if we joined,” Lin Feng continued for him, his heart burning.

Feng Yi laughed. “Isn’t it cool? And he managed to accomplish the promise he made to us.”

Lin Feng lowered his gaze. “Yes, he has done it.”

“Hence, I won’t stop you from retiring even though as a businessman, I don’t wish for Supreme Alliance to lose their best double player at its most profitable period. However, while there may be love from many at the top, there would also be another voice telling you not to lose, not to do certain things because it will cause false rumors to form. Your private life would be magnified and you would become everyone’s topic. Just as you had said, the celebrity era has arrived. The Supreme Alliance members are tired and need to have a good rest…”