Chapter 1561 - Retirement

Chapter 1561: Retirement

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Feng Yi extinguished his cigarette butt. He stood tall in his suit as though he hadn’t changed at all. “Alright, let’s announce your retirement first.”

Almost the entire team received the news. That included Yin Wuyao who was watching Coco and the others eat instant noodles.

It instantly became quiet. It seemed like at this moment, they would no longer show their emotions regardless of what they faced. All that was left was silence. That included Coco.

Yin Wuyao was the only one that spoke. “I had wanted to discuss retirement with Feng Yi, it would be better to announce it together.”

Coco stilled, followed by a “Mmh.”

Xue Yaoyao buried her face, probably worried that her emotions would show.

Feng Shang was using his phone, his fingers tightening.

Yin Wuyao lit a cigarette. “This is normal.”

Even though it was normal and they had expected it, it was still difficult to accept.

The news had been sent out. In that instant, both good and bad comments came flooding in. There were some who were reluctant and there were others who accused Lin Feng of being guilty.

It was as Feng Yi had predicted.

Regardless of the noise, at that moment, Lin Feng didn’t seem to care.

It was like a snowball, growing bigger and bigger.

The comments started to recap everything Lin Feng had done, with him being gay forming the majority. The others that were all exposed didn’t have to be verified.

There were many fans at the bottom of the company building, asking for an explanation. The reporters were there as well because they knew it was the day the Supreme Alliance confirmed their new member.

Many of the trainees were waiting for the battle.

Of course, they hope to interview Lin Feng. It would be a hit regardless of what he said.

It’s a pity he didn’t appear.

Lin Feng didn’t consider being interviewed. He was kneeling at the Lin’s, watching the figure on the sofa with just one sentence. “Mom, i’m sorry you wouldn’t be able to have a grandchild.”

Mother Lin is always in corporate wear and in this moment, she took a deep breath. Ever since night time, she wasn’t sure how to describe her emotions.

It wasn’t because Yun Hu is bad, she had watched him grow up after all. Instead, she couldn’t understand how he ended up like that?

“I remember that you like girls. Feng, can’t you change it? I know that you and Yun Hu have a good relationship, but you are both too young. It is very likely that you can’t differentiate your current relationship, you…”

Mother Lin met his eyes. He was her son after all and knew that he was saying he couldn’t change.

“I can’t accept it.” Mother Lin reached out and held her head. “Let’s not dwell on whether I can accept it. After your father passed away, your grandmother has been waiting for you to form a family. I have been covering up the matter, preventing the Lin’s clients from letting your grandmother know but how long can it be hidden?”

“I’m sorry.” It seemed like Lin Feng didn’t have anything else he could say.

Mother Lin stood up. “I have to head back to the office, the Liang’s are very angry and we have to renegotiate the contract.”

“I’ll go.” After kneeling for so long, Lin Feng’s legs were slightly stiff when he stood up.

Mother Lin swept him a glance. “Forget it, what are you going to say? Are you going to acknowledge this matter?”