Chapter 1562 - Agreed

Chapter 1562: Agreed

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Lin Feng’s fingers froze. He didn’t say anything.

Mother Lin sighed when she saw her son acting like this. “I will tell them that my son went for the blind date because he wanted to explain things clearly with Miss Liang. He wants to tell her that they are not suitable. He has never thought of lying to her. However, the Liang family revealed such a personal matter to other people. In that case, in the future, the Lin family will not share any resources with the Liang family.”

Lin Feng trembled. He raised his head. His gaze fluttered a little and his voice was hoarse as he said, “Mom, you’re so beautiful.”

“Don’t be too happy. I still can’t accept your relationship with Tiger.” Mother Lin started crying. “Why do the two of you always let your family worry?”

Lin Feng was most frightened of his mother crying. He didn’t know what to do for a moment before he stretched his hand out in a flurry and hugged Mother Lin. “Just this one thing. In the future, I will not let you worry anymore.”

Mother Lin didn’t say anything.

Lin Feng knew that it would take an extremely long time to accept this thing. He also knew that he had a good mother. He was born into a happy family, but he knew that this matter was really difficult to accept.

If it was just someone you didn’t know, it would just be a matter of sexual orientation. However, once that person was someone close to you, how could they accept it?

They were open-minded so they knew that this path was difficult to walk.

Many people said that if a man loved a man, that was true love.

In reality, very few males understood responsibility in this kind of relationship. Even if they had a boyfriend, they would still play with other people.

You could imagine what would happen when the love between them disappeared.

What Mother Lin was afraid of wasn’t the two of them liking each other. She was afraid of what would happen if they stopped liking each other.

Lin Feng lowered his gaze when he heard this. “I will not fool around. I will not play with other people either. If he stops having feelings towards me, we will go our separate ways. Even if I feel uncomfortable, I won’t regret walking this path.”

After listening to his speech, Mother Lin understood that she wasn’t able to change anything.

At the same time, as a mother, she felt something strongly. This child in front of her had really grown into a man. A man that was able to bear any responsibility whether it was good or bad.

After the mother and son finished their discussion, Lin Feng planned to visit his grandmother.

Grandma Lin still lived in the old quadrangle dwellings.

There was a huge locust tree planted in the courtyard.

Based on what Grandma Lin said, she didn’t want to leave this place because the old people were all here. Also, she was able to relieve her younger days when she lived here when her husband was still alive.

Lin Feng would always come to visit her once every day.

Today, Grandma Lin was still waiting for her grandson to peel oranges for her. That was when the boy from the Yun family came.

Grandma Lin raised her eyelids and said, “What happened? Did you go and fight with someone again?”

There were some wounds on Yun Hu’s forehead. However, it wasn’t because he fought with someone. His father smashed the jade Pi Xiu in his house in his rage.

“I didn’t fight with anyone.” Yun Hu smiled as he spoke. To allow Grandma Lin to have a clearer look at him, he bent one of his legs slightly and squatted down. “Shall I peel an orange for grandma?”

Grandma Lin laughed happily. “Did Feng’er create some trouble outside again and asked you to stand in for him?”

“This time, it wasn’t him. It’s me.” Yun Hu peeled the orange as he lowered his eyes and said, “My father felt that I did something wrong so he kept scolding me and calling me a brat. I thought about it. I was the one who did wrong. That’s why I want to come and apologize to grandma.”

Grandma Lin lifted her hand and touched Yun Hu’s head. “Why will you cause any trouble? Ever since you were young, my Feng’er is always the one causing trouble. You don’t have to speak up for him. You have always been like this. Your father has become muddleheaded. They have stayed high and above for too long so their temper grew bigger. Your Grandpa Lin was like this in the past too. He always carries a bamboo cane and hit Feng’er and you would always block him. Haha, your Grandpa Lin was so angry he asked the two of you to stand against the wall. Do you remember?”

“I remember.” Yun Hu stretched his hand out and passed the peeled orange to the old lady. “Grandpa always said good things for us at the side.”

Grandma Lin ate a piece of orange. It was very sweet. “At that time, the entire courtyard said that I doted on my grandson too much. I feel that the two of you are very close.”

“Yes.” Yun Hu passed a piece of napkin to the old lady. “However, this time, it’s different. I really did something wrong. I dragged Lin Feng to do a crazy thing together. Grandma, do you remember that when I was young, you asked us what kind of partner we want? I didn’t say anything back then because I was worried that I can’t have this person. Now, I want to ask someone from you, grandma.”

Yun Hu paused for a moment. “Grandma, can you give Lin Feng to me?”

Grandma Lin wasn’t very well-educated. After all, this was how most of the people at their age lived. But, things had already gotten to this stage, and combining what he said before, Grandma Lin understood what Yun Hu meant.

The orange in her hand dropped and rolled three times on the ground.

Grandma Lin froze for some time before replying, “It’s right for your father to hit you.”

Yun Hu agreed with what she said.

Grandma Lin got a little agitated. “But you are both males. You and Feng’er. If you’re just playing and haven’t…”

“Grandma, you should know that I liked him ever since I was a child.” Yun Hu’s voice was very calm. He maintained his half-squatting position without changing.

Grandma Lin stopped talking.

After some time, the people outside seemed to have started playing their card game.

Grandma Lin finally shifted her gaze back to his face. “I want to wait for my grandson to tell me personally. You can go back first.”

Yun Hu lowered his voice and said, “Grandma, I came here because I know that he will come and look for you to tell you about this. However, if he is the one who informed you about it, he will definitely prepare himself mentally and think about many things before he speaks. He will definitely feel bad too. He has had a hard time recently. I want to be the one to talk to you because if you are really very angry, you can vent your anger on me first. By the time he comes, you won’t be so angry anymore. Also, I have to bear full responsibility for this. He could live a normal life but because of me, he has to walk on this path.”

Grandma Lin heard the sentence, ‘if you are really very angry, you can vent your anger on me first’.

She remembered the two of them when they were young. The child from the Yun family would always stand in front of her grandson and take the beating from her husband.

In the past, her husband felt a little sorry. After all, he was hitting other people’s child.

Anyone that saw them would know that these two children were very close.

After her husband passed away, Grandma Lin had this thought. Even if the Lin family went downhill and many people started to treat them differently. Tiger wouldn’t treat them differently.

Indeed, that was the case. Recently, Tiger would always come after her grandson visited her. Her supply of food and necessities never stopped.

The blood-related grandson of the Zhang family who lived opposite her couldn’t even do this. Every time, besides coming back to have a meal, he wouldn’t even touch his grandma for a second.

These two children always touched her heart. But, at that time, Grandma Lin only thought that something happened between the two children. After all, they never come together.

Now, from the looks of it, they did think of bearing the responsibility or letting each other down. They thought about it carefully before being honest with her.

Grandma Lin looked at Yun Hu. “If I don’t agree, will I become an obstinate old lady?”

Yun Hu’s gaze froze for a second. Then, he smiled and replied, “You are Lin Feng and my grandmother. You are not an obstinate old lady.”

“You have always been a smart child.” Grandma Lin was still worried.

Yun Hu understood the elder’s intention. “I will not use my cleverness on him. When the time comes, I will help him to tackle other people.”

Sometimes, an elderly could act like a child. “Who knows if you mean what you said.”

“Grandma, you can just watch over me and make sure that I don’t do anything to harm him.” Yun Hu lowered his head and started peeling oranges again.

Grandma Lin glanced at him. His position never changed. She seemed to be sighing. “I always wanted a great-grandson.”

“This is a little difficult.” Yun Hu and Lin Feng’s style was totally different. What he said was always realistic and practical. “However, there’s a way to do it. I have already contacted my friends in the medical industry. We can do surrogacy.”

“Surrogacy?” Grandma Lin asked, “Will that be alright?”

Yun Hu’s tone was very calm. “Grandma, don’t worry. Surrogacy is very common nowadays. As long as both parties are willing to do it, there’s nothing wrong with it. I have already made the necessary arrangement. I have sent the things to them too.”

He raised his head and continued, “I used Lin Feng’s one. The first child will take the surname ‘Lin’.”

This was the sentence Lin Feng heard when he came in. He didn’t walk any closer but he knew what Yun Hu had done. He carried a bag of fruits in his hand and stood frozen on the spot.

Grandma Lin didn’t say much when she saw her grandson. Her eyes turned red and she just said one sentence, “Stupid brat, come over here quickly.”

Lin Feng walked over and copied Yun Hu’s posture. He squatted halfway beside his grandma.

Grandma Lin looked at the two of them. “I don’t know much but there’s one thing I have to say. Since you have decided to be together, stay together properly, and don’t have any other inappropriate thoughts. Do you understand?”


“I will.”

Lin Feng was still a little confused, He didn’t expect his grandma to accept them so quickly, but he still received some punishment.

Grandma Lin asked Lin Feng to accompany her for a few days. They would go to the temple and visit his grandpa’s tomb.

This way, the two of them weren’t able to go to the club anymore.

It was almost that time of the year again. Which meant that the new internal selection match within the Supreme Alliance was starting soon.

Maybe it was because too many things had happened recently, hence, the match this time was different from the previous years.

As compared to the grand competition held the previous year. This year, the Supreme Alliance didn’t reveal any information about its participants to the media. Everyone could only see the game ID.

The top three most talented trainees would be chosen to become official members of the Supreme Alliance. This was the main aim of the competition this time.

However, the voices asking for a reasonable explanation from the Supreme Alliance had become louder than the voices of this competition.

There were also some people saying, “The Supreme Alliance is going to become outdated soon. In the past, they were so arrogant. Now, they don’t even dare to say anything. What a joke. I heard that they choose their members based on their appearance because it’s easier to get more fans. There’s probably nothing worth seeing in this competition. They are just using the match as a form of public relations. I really respect them.”

“I have heard so many things recently so I am completely disappointed in them already. I must have been blind in the past.”

“Who hasn’t been stupid before? Didn’t they say that an assassin was chosen because he looks good? Hmph, is this how the Supreme Alliance treats fans who watch their games? I’m waiting for them to die.”