Chapter 1563 - Competiton Started

Chapter 1563: Competiton Started

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Because of this, the value of their interview climbed higher.

Some people said that they would give everyone the truth. That was why they waited at the club.

Whether Lin Feng appeared or not, this situation wouldn’t change.

By right, other people weren’t allowed to enter the Supreme Alliance. However, the three trainees that were interviewed felt that they were doting on their fans so they thought that it was alright to call them in. After all, if they weren’t guilty, why wouldn’t the members of the team face outsiders?

This competition would be on the live stream.

The members of the team were all present.

They were discussing what criteria they needed to choose the official members this time.

First, the person needed to have teamwork. Of course, the most important thing was his personal ability.

Every team would need a solo king. After choosing this kind of person, he would then integrate into the team and build his relationship with the other members.

This was a criterion that every team had when choosing their members. Yet, obviously, the three trainees didn’t agree with this rule. They thought that the team was being biased in choosing their members.

What happened to the philosophy they promoted when they were advertising their team? Didn’t they say that the team was more important? Why did they always lie to people?

The three trainees discussed with one another and told the fans they brought in about this matter.

Coincidentally, the fans were looking for an explanation. When they heard their answer, they were disappointed, sad, and a little infuriated.

The trainees felt the same way too. If they chose the official members based on these criteria, the first place would definitely belong to that arrogant ‘bey’.

Why was a child surpassing them? Because that person knew how to make Spade Z happy.

Speaking about this, they were already disappointed in Spade Z.

This time, their goal was extremely clear. They worked hard for so many years so they mustn’t be demoted just like this. The three of them were on the same team. They would think of a tactic later. As long as they were able to pull other people down and stay till the end.

Time slowly passed and the opening of the match got closer and closer.

However, at this moment, someone released photos showing the inside of the Supreme Alliance team. They said that there was something wrong with the rules of the competition this time.

When Bo Jiu and Coco walked over, those people that came in were still taking photographs.

Bo Jiu placed one hand in her pocket and glanced sideways. She asked the assistant standing beside her. “Which department are they from? We have already told everyone that no one is allowed to take photographs internally.”

“I’m not sure about this either.” The assistant was puzzled too. “I will investigate this.”

Bo Jiu looked over at the other side and placed her gaze on the people’s faces. She spoke slowly, “There’s no need to investigate anymore. These people are not from the Supreme Alliance.”

At the same time, these people saw Bo Jiu and Coco too. As their gazes landed on them, they walked over.

The assistant wanted to stop them, but it was obvious that he wouldn’t be able to. If he called security, more rumors might appear on the internet. They might say that the Supreme Alliance didn’t care about their fans and the bodyguards of their idols pushed people.

This kind of news appeared many times.

If Bo Jiu was alone, she might not even bother about these people. She would just walk away directly, but she was representing the Supreme Alliance now. She couldn’t do things based on her emotions.

She felt quite frustrated.

Bo Jiu stood there without saying anything. She just lifted the corners of her lips slightly. When she looked at these people’s phone screens, there was a faint devilish look in the depth of her eyes.

The people probably understood what this smile meant.

The person who sent the photo opened his mouth immediately. “How disappointing. We have waited for the Supreme Alliance for so many days but you didn’t even give us an explanation. Now, you changed the content of the competition. Is this how your rules work?”