Chapter 1564 - I Will Take It For Real

Chapter 1564: I Will Take It For Real

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Bo Jiu tilted her head slightly. “Change in the rules of the competition? When did that happen?”

“What happened to the team spirit you mentioned in the past. Everything is about a person’s personal abilities now.”

Bo Jiu raised her eyelids when she heard this. “You seem to have some misunderstanding regarding the Supreme Alliance. The criteria of the Supreme Alliance has always been someone who can kill other people in the game like me. Or, it can be someone like the Almighty who can carry the entire game alone. This is the kind of person we hope can appear. If not, why would we hold a competition? You can just play at home yourself.”

“You… forget it.” The person didn’t want to continue explaining. “So many things have happened but you don’t even know how to self-reflect.”

Bo Jiu smiled.

Coco wanted to say something but Bo Jiu stopped him. He wanted to ask them to leave, but Coco knew that it would be useless.

As compared to this, Bo Jiu was more interested to know who brought them in. She glanced sideways and saw the three figures not far away.

So this was what happened.

Bo Jiu turned and wanted to lift her leg.

The person behind her spoke again. “Is keeping quiet all you can do when dealing with Lin Feng’s issue?”

Bo Jiu’s hand was still in her pocket. “Lin Feng has retired. What can we do besides keeping quiet?”

“Impressive. You push all the blame to us. If he didn’t do anything wrong, why would he retire!”

Bo Jiu smiled. “Anything we say can be misunderstood. What’s wrong with keeping quiet then?”

“You… I will definitely let more people see your true face.”

Bo Jiu turned her head and raised her feet again. “Do whatever you like.”

Another person shouted at this moment, “We supported you for so long but I’m not sure what we are supporting now. Are you sure that a person who can carry the game will stop the Supreme Alliance from going downhill?”

“I’m not sure.” Bo Jiu’s voice was composed. “However, I have already met this person. I shall use this chance to introduce her to you. My disciple, bey, the person that entered the team with her face, based on rumors. I do like her but I didn’t choose her to inherit the Supreme Alliance. She will take as much responsibility as she can bear. The Supreme Alliance is never a team that binds someone.”

“Is that why you are so irresponsible towards the Supreme Alliance!”

Bo Jiu didn’t reply to this sentence. This time, she really left. However, when she walked around a corner, she saw a small figure.

The small figure wasn’t wearing her own clothes today. She was wearing the training uniform of the Supreme Alliance. The logo of the Supreme Alliance was printed on it. As always, she was carrying her schoolbag. There was a red switch keyboard in her bag.

In the past, she never had any expressions on her face. Coco would pinch her face whenever he saw the little figure and call her little poker face. Yet, this small figure was actually smiling now. Her ears were red too.

Coco appeared to be frightened. He pulled Bo Jiu and said, “Big Spade, quickly go and see if Little Mo Bei is having a fever. That child keeps smiling. Oh my god! I always thought that she doesn’t know how to smile!

Bo Jiu was speechless. “If you’re a human, you will know how to smile. Why are you so excited?”

“What the f**k, your reaction is too calm. I need to take out my phone and take a photo of Little Mo Bei.” Coco was hugging his rabbit so he wasn’t able to take out his phone. He stuffed the rabbit in Mo Bei’s arms and grabbed his phone. “I need to send this to Lin Feng and the other uncles. Little Mo Bei looks so cute when she smiles. She’s so vicious when she kills people but her personality is so cute.”

Bo Jiu lifted her hand and rubbed Little Mo Bei’s head. She was smiling. In her mind, she thought, ‘That’s because you didn’t see the Almighty smiling when he was a child. He’s much cuter. You will want to hug him.”

Little Mo Bei was blushing but her expression was still a little cool. It was hard to change her normal expression. She looked up and said to Bo Jiu, “Vice-captain, when did I become your disciple? I will take it for real…”