Chapter 1565 - Untitled

Chapter 1565: Untitled

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Bo Jiu paused for a second when she got asked this question. Then, she lowered his gaze and smiled. Her black earrings shimmered slightly. She sounded a little naughty as she said, “I’ve taught you for such a long time so I’m already your master, right? Of course I’m serious.”

Little Mo Bei’s ears turned redder when she heard this. Her little face was filled with seriousness. “I will work hard and beat them up.”

“Okay. Go ahead.” Bo Jiu tidied the child’s collar personally.

Coco watched Little Mo Bei leaving while carrying her keyboard. Her back view was cold and haughty. He turned around and said, “Why do I feel that your disciple doesn’t act like you. Little Spade, you have an abundance of facial expressions but Little Mo Bei is expressionless. She looks more like our captain, especially her fighting methods. She will kill the other party ruthlessly without saying a single word. She’s like the second generation of our captain.”

Brother Mo glanced at him sideways and smiled. “Brother Mo did guide her before. I wonder what results she will achieve after she combines my style of playing and Brother Mo’s style of playing.”

Coco was stunned when she heard this. “She learned everything?”

“How is that possible?” Bo Jiu smiled and continued, “Little Mo Bei has her own style of fighting. We just guide her with our experience.”

“Why do I always feel that when you smile, someone is going to get unlucky?” Coco opened his mouth and bit the rabbit’s ear.

Bo Jiu had one hand in her pocket. Her silver hair moved. “That must be your illusion. I’m just anticipating my obedient disciple’s cute style of fighting.”

“She kills people the moment she enters the arena. How is this style cute?”

Bo Jiu smiled until her eyes became crescents. “The word ‘cute’ depends on who you used it on. It has nothing to do with the style of playing.”

Coco felt that he mustn’t offend Little Spade in the future. As someone who managed to take down their captain, she was honestly scary.

The competition hadn’t started.

The current members of the Supreme Alliance were already seated.

Besides a few necessary staff members.

The only people present were the participants.

There were four teams and twenty participants in total.

Some players passed the internal assessment. While some had high rankings in the game so the Supreme Alliance chose them to take part in this competition.

Two teams would enter the finals.

This meant that for the first round of competition, it would be a team fight.

The first four players of the winning teams and the MVP of the losing teams would enter the finals. So there would be ten players.

There was nothing wrong with the competition rules.

The first match was a test of a person’s teamwork. Then, for the finals, it would be a battle royale mode. The other nine people would all be your enemies.

This was a test of personal ability.

The player that was the MVP for all the matches would directly become a professional esports player.

This was indeed different from the rules in the past, but the system was perfected.

The rumors weren’t true. However, different people have different views about the competition rules.

People who understood the game would know that this set of rules were better for choosing talents.

The four temporary teams entered the arena.

The first group would compete first. The second group would compete later.

This time, Mo Bei didn’t become the three trainees’ opponent.

They drew lots and split into different teams based on the number they drew.

Hence, Mo Bei was on the same team as the three trainees, but even so… The performance of the three trainees was apparent.

Everyone knew that Mo Bei specialized in playing an assassin. Yet, one of the three trainees chose an assassin hero the moment he entered the lobby.

The wealthy young master Coco wanted to curse like Lin Feng when he saw this scene.

“What’s happening? These three trainees never played an assassin hero during their training.”

Although they were all trainees of the Supreme Alliance these three trainees thought that they weren’t being given enough attention.

Actually, from the Supreme Alliance’s point of view, every single trainee that underwent their internal assessment was their future fresh blood. Hence, it was impossible for them not to analyze every single person’s specialized position as well as their data.

What the three trainees thought wasn’t true, but there was one thing they needed to know. Only the best people would receive special treatment. This was a common scenario.

If the three trainees thought that Mo Bei was given special treatment because she knew how to make Spade Z happy. There was nothing they could talk about.

Sometimes, a genius could be likable. It was just human nature. Also, this genius had her entire mind on esports.

Bo Jiu liked this kind of person. When she entered the game, she didn’t cower in fear. She fought viciously and her force of presence was overpowering. After she finished playing, she would focus on her studies. She was never lazy and wouldn’t have any other unnecessary thoughts.

After that issue occurred.

The media wouldn’t just interview those three trainees. These three trainees wouldn’t be the only ones that received offers from other teams as well.

Bey’s results were good. Even if no one knew who Bey was. Many people still called Mo Bei and there were definitely people who gave her offers.

Even when she was at the Qin Group, Bo Jiu would see Little Mo Bei holding an old phone, the kind that people gave as a gift for topping up your phone credit, and sending a message.

She glanced at her casually and saw this sentence: ‘I’m sorry. I will not leave the Supreme Alliance. It has nothing to do with money.’

The reply from the other party came quickly. “Bey, you should really consider this carefully. Although there’s still a distance between us and the Supreme Alliance, I can promise you that in three years or less, we will definitely become the most powerful team in this industry. Based on future progression, I feel that you are more compatible with our team.”

“Your team doesn’t have my captain or God Z. You are not the Supreme Alliance.”

After sending this message. The child continued asking her how to have the highest finances in the entire game using the shortest period of time as though nothing had happened.

Bo Jiu always felt that getting finances was very simple.

It was probably from that moment that Bo Jiu had the thought of taking her in as her disciple.

But, obviously those three trainees didn’t understand what their difference was.

Was it just their skills? That wasn’t the case.

From the heroes they picked this time, we could tell that. They wanted to suppress and isolate Mo Bei purposely. They kept emphasizing how much they loved this industry, but in reality, they just wanted to pull Mo Bei down. They wanted to make sure that the person who was the biggest threat to them had no chance to enter the official team at all.

“If you don’t jungle, Little Mo Bei, what can you do?” Feng Shang was starting to alter his stuttering. Hence, when he spoke, he spoke in short sentences.

Rao Rong had experienced a similar situation in the past before but he never expected the same thing to occur in the Supreme Alliance. He just smiled and said with slight contempt, “This method is really irritating.”

“But, it’s easier to make people remember you.” Uncle Yin was a seasoned player so he knew what the other party wanted to do with a single glance. “Anyone that took the assassin’s position will most likely become the MVP of the game. As for the other two people, one of them chose an aid that has controlling skills while the other chose an ADC. This meant that the MVP of this match will definitely be given to one of them. After all, once the team battle starts, the skills of these three heroes are highly compatible. Besides, they chose this way of playing to lower Mo Bei’s presence in this game and ensure that she won’t get the spotlight. They want her to become the fifth in rank of the winner’s team and get disqualified…”