Chapter 1566 - Start Of The Payback

Chapter 1566: Start Of The Payback

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“If that’s the case, Little Mo Bei is in a bad position.” Coco was both angry and worried. He wanted to bite those three trainees like the bunny ears in his arms.

“This is indeed a difficult match. It isn’t the fight that is hard but rather defending against her teammates.” Rao Rong leaned back, unwilling to watch.

Perhaps he should retire as well. Because the people around would gradually change. When everyone has changed, the team might not be the Supreme Alliance anymore.

As someone with a bad record. Rao Rong only managed to continue playing because he had made a major contribution.

At the end of the day, he wasn’t like Coco and the others. He has experienced the darkness that has long existed in their industry. Hence, as soon as the signs appeared, he would subconsciously avoid going close.

He will probably game for another half a year.

After half a year. Lin Feng would retire. Qin Mo and Z would probably stop as well.

That wasn’t bad. They remained together and would leave together.

Even so, Rao Rong didn’t wish to see people who used such tactics enter the Supreme Alliance. Unfortunately, based on probability, these three people were likely to come in.

The disparity in strength between the two teams is too drastic so their team would definitely win. And those three would definitely still stick together in the second mixed team battle. At that time, they might even claim to have team spirit.

More importantly, the person that was supposed to show herself would have lost in such a place.

Rao Rong tightened his grip, perhaps his thoughts were too sinister, but he didn’t have a choice.

It was because of his experiences. He would unknowingly consider a lot. The facts have proven itself.

Rao Rong didn’t think too much.

The three trainees glanced at each other, the arrogance in their faces explaining everything.

Esports fans watching the live stream noticed it as well. “Strange, the previous time I watched the Supreme Alliance internal selection video, Bey specialises in assassins. She played very well and had a winning streak, taking the lead. In the end, she emerged as the top single player PK and became the Supreme Alliance’s trainee. Why did her teammates rob her spot at this moment? I really don’t understand what this teammate is thinking. His playing style isn’t countering the opponent, it is countering Bey.”

“Can those who don’t know anything stop talking rubbish. I don’t understand. Is emerging first in the single player pk that great? Why must they give her the assassin position? If she wants the assassin position, she can just get into Spade Z’s good books. That’s how the Supreme Alliance works anyway. Since Bey is so good at sucking up to others, it doesn’t matter how she plays, since she will remain anyways. They had even called her a genius. Now look at what happened? Even if he chose a character that is against Bey, if she is really that good, she can play any character. Let’s see if the Supreme Alliance respects the competition rules or allows her to choose the character again. If it’s the latter, apologies, I will no longer be a fan of the Supreme Alliance. After such a long time, this is really a disappointment.”

“I don’t know about the others but a good professional gamer should know how to fill up the seats, calling it counter is a bit too much. This is a temporary team after all, everyone is trying to win and wouldn’t deliberately counter their teammate. If she doesn’t even know how to make up the seats, it just means she isn’t professional…”

Before that person could finish his sentence, with a ‘Ka’ sound, the live stream showed that player Bey had chosen her character for the game!