Chapter 1567 - Full Range

Chapter 1567: Full Range

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The top road warrior!

That is known to be the most stressful position, because under normal circumstances, the position would be faced by two enemies.

The assassin is required to come and assist often, otherwise, it could collapse easily. However, according to the formation, this was indeed the position Mo Bei had to choose. After all, the team lacked a guard on the top road.

But even so, some people who had watched Bey’s video began to say: “Can Bey play the top road?”

“She doesn’t have a choice, that’s the only position left.”

“Haiz, are you going to say that someone robbed her position again?”

“She would have to play whatever role the game assigns her to. That is Esports.”

“But if Bey can play the top road, she would be an all rounded Almighty! I really want to watch this!”

When the three of them saw the character that Mo Bei had chosen, their smile thickened. Everything was going as they had planned. They knew that Mo Bei could only jungle and had never played any other roles before.

They weren’t jealous. They just couldn’t stand it when some people became famous because of their appearance and connections.

Isn’t she good at gaming? She can show how amazing she can be if she doesn’t use the assassin role.

“Swoosh!” The sound effect started to play.

The competition has officially begun!

Coco focused on Mo Bei, and the entire map. She was used to playing the assassin role and wouldn’t be that comfortable playing on the top road. That would apply even if her fundamental manoeuvring is good. After all, not everyone can be like Little Spade or Captain who could play any position.

After all, there weren’t many people who could perfectly display their game sense, hand speed and talent altogether.

There weren’t many that had Captain’s precise judgement, calculating even the time taken for a freeze spell. Moreover, it wasn’t possible for Little Mo Bei to learn all those in a short period.

Coco started to panic, turning over towards Bo Jiu. She supported her face with one hand and had a lazy and listless expression. “Little Spade, why are you so calm?”

“How else should I react? Take the stand personally and trash them?” Bo Jiu smirked. “I would like that but Captain doesn’t allow it.”

Coco leaned over. “The assassin definitely won’t go to the top road to support Little Mo Bei and Little Mo Bei’s skills won’t be able to jungle. What sort of training did you give her?”

“Mmh, a conventional team gamer like you definitely wouldn’t understand how hard it is for an ordinary gamer like us to win.” Bo Jiu laughed evilly.

Coco smirked. “Ordinary gamer?” Hard to win a game? FC king of Zone C, shouldn’t you blush over such a lie? How many gamers wanted to cry when you just came out… you won every game.”

“Let me talk about my experience as a new comer.” Bo Jiu spoke with a rare seriousness.

When Coco saw that, he prepared to listen carefully.

Bo Jiu turned her handsome face, her eyes extremely dark. “When my teammates snatched my loot, I would take the lines to grow my finances. That would be most suited for Little Beibei in the top road.”

“It feels like you had expected such a scene to have trained her in advance.” Coco’s eyes lit up.

Bo Jiu denied it humbly. “How can that be.”

“The more I look at it, the more possible it seems.” Coco mumbled. The next second, his pupils constricted. “Little Mo Bei sent out a signal for the team to gather but no one went! F*ck, what sort of playing style is this, three people in the top road?”

Bo Jiu glanced over, her gaze deepening. “They are preparing for a tower kill and from the signal, no one will be supporting Mo Bei.”